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I am looking to buy some top up medical insurance, I have had a quote from AGF insurance for level 2 cover for 2 adults and one child with a monthly premium of €94.00 per month, this starts with level 1+ cover for the first six months then level 2 cover kicks in. Will the level 2 be sufficient for full cover, and does €94.00 a month seem a good price?

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Can anyone out there recommend an English speaking accountant that they have been very happy with. We need to set up the equivalent of a "sole trader" in France. Thanks.S&C

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Would anyone know what the right requirements you need for a pool? I have heard 3 different things, gate and fence, alarm or hard cover? Is it one of them or all 3?MC

started by: Dylan-627775 · last update: 1179828723 · posted: 1179787698

I need an english speaking insurance person, my english speaking guy has recently left and I have enough trouble understanding insurance in my own language. Anyone know of anyone?

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Are we under any water restrictions at the moment? I want to know if it's safe to water the garden.

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What age can you start driving here and does anyone know how it works?Is it similar to the UK system where you have to do a written test first?Honey

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I am considering opening a Silver Savings ( Internet only ) account with the Nothern Rock Building Society. As ( at this time ) I am still resident in the UK, does anyone know if the Northern Rock will accept a change to a French address when I move to France permanently in a few weeks time. I appreciate it does say in the small print UK residents only, but seem to remember a posting a while back stating that if you open an account whilst still a UK resident, a future change to a French address is acceptable. Has anyone done this with Northern Rock please ? Brian ( dept 53 )

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Is there anyone who can advice on moving house to another department, what amount of bureaucracy does it involve?Georgie

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I'm flying out of Nantes in a couple of weeks time, what are the new restrictions these days, still no fluids/lipsticks?

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Has anyone sold their home recently who could provide clear and accurate advice on when you must have the new pre-sales emissions tests done and also names of companies which provide this service (in Vendee) and even an approximate price. Also same for the termites and aspestos report. Do both of these reports need to be available prior to purchaser signing the compromis, as am assuming they cannot be carried out afterwards or it defeats the object ? Also, is there anything else I should be aware of or need to do? Have checked anglo info site but pre-sales emissions links are to french sites only and do not have french language skills to translate technical information. Many thanks in advance. Susie

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What is the best way to go about getting it renewed? Based in Sarthe. Many thanks

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Can someone help please - bought a house in Ernee in October 06 and have a regular influx of paperwork to UK from France some of which we manage to interpret and some we dont but the latest is beyond me. A form marked DECLARATION Modele H1 dropped through our UK door with a covering letter ; it carries the title IMPOTS LOCAUX and is stamped from the "Centre des Impots Foncier" . It is a 4 page document in a fetching shade of blue and white , looks really official but thats as much as I can grasp. Are we in trouble already for drinking too much wine or do I attempt to fill it in and hope to give the correct answers. Anyone recognise the description and can offer help we will be really grateful. Gary gary parker

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I have just recently recovered money, (via a County Court verdict) from a UK company who were paid money (stupidly by me) in the Uk for their introdcution/hand holding. This fee was not mentioned on the Acte de Vente and was held to be an illegal commission/contract by the District Judge. This only applies to french properties purchased since 1st January 2004. I know that a lot of people have also been caught out by this in the past and I would be happy to pass on details of the French Jurist who took the case for me. Send me a message and I will reply with the details. Don

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The Turkish 1 euro coin is exactly the same shape, colour and size as the French 2 euro coin. I've just heard at the bar that this is becoming a problem in the Chateaubriant area.Lottie

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EHIC card???? Do I need an EHIC card when I travel to the UK in case i become ill? i have recently read about this. Does anyone know what it is, how we get them and how we use them. What really does happen if we are back in the UK visiting family and we are taken ill? ann brown

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Hi Could anyone help please. I want to find a house clearance enterprise in Vendee. Anyone out there know of any. Thank you Del

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Could anyone tell me the position regarding French Law on child seats? Do children and babies have to be in car seats as they do in the UK. Thanks for this.Mack & Mabel

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I am planning to buy a property in 44 (Chateaubriant area). Does anyone know of any major plans that may adversely affect this area in the future. New railways, motorways, landfill sites, power lines etc?

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I've heard a rumour that a smoking ban is coming into effect in France, as it already has in Ireland, Scotland and, soon to follow, England. Is there any truth in it?

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Hi Can any one advise do I need my own Carte Vital my wife has been living in France for the last 3years and has her card I am now going to retire and stay in France. I thought that I read some where that only one of the family needs to hold the card? Thanks Jonkit jonkit

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