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Please has anyone managed to buy this black raspberry liqueur in France? If so, where?

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I'm looking for a restaurant in the area of Fontenay/Luçon that offers a vegetarian option for our friends visiting for a Thursday lunchtime catch-up in early May. Thanks in anticipation. Neil

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If you are looking for a light lunch or afternoon tea/coffee in really civilised surroundings do try this place which has not long opened in Angers.quiches,salads,one plat du jour at lunchtime and a good selection of teas and patisseries in the afternoon.Sophie's(the owner)partner supplies the cakes from his patisserie .Its already so popular that you have to book at lunchtime,a great place to relax on one of their sofas and gossip with friends or just read a book.Its not far from the Mairie (Angers town hall)down a small side street and the entrance is through a courtyard ;Le Lieu enchan'thé 32 Rue David D'Angers Opens from 1100 to 1800 Tuesday to Saturday

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Is it me or has the cost of food gone up quite a lot in the past year, I seem to be paying about 50 cents more for butter than I did same time last year.

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I have heard of a, normally, Yuletide feast involving several birds of varying sizes all stuffed in to one another, but can't remember the name of it. I can only imagine that there might be a similar bag of ingredients for sale, that is to say a "cockrell", goose and hens, but the seller terms this as a cocktail, I thought that term related to a drink not a bird dish.

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Hi, We are running some great celebrity cookery courses with john Torode, Jean Christophe Novelli + other top chefs in the Vendee, as well as Yoga retreats and food photography courses from our website biginfrance.com whilst we are mainly filling our places with Uk clients we can also offer places to people that want to either come for the course's but not stay in one of our properties. Please get in contact if you're interested. Thanks.

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Has there been some sort of disaster in the wine industry ?? Super U at Longue were selling and have been for several months a 5 litre box of Cabernet D'Anjou at 12.99 euro, it has now shot up overnight to 19.99, representing something of a 60% rise. A friend has also told me that his box of Champigny has also increased by the same amount. Any reasoning behind it??

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Anyone know where I can buy Goats Milk maybe  direct or from a supermarket .

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visited the Chinese restaurant on the roundabout near hyper u mayenne ,the food was cold very minimal ,poorly cooked ,battered prawn batter soggy ,noodles very dry no taste ,in fact all the food seemed tasteless,a total waste of time and money ,

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hello, i'm looking to buy some glycerine for making the icing for the christmas cake, i've checked out the local supermarkets without success, does anyone know where i could get some, thanks

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HiI am looking for someone that makes birthday cakes to order,using dairy free products. Does anyone know of a registered business that do this in the Lucon..La Roche sur yon region ?Thanks.

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Hi all, has anyone come across Skyr over here in France?

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Does anyone know of an English bar between Ambriesse les Vallees and Lassez Le Chateau.  Thanks

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Does anyone know of any English bars near Ambriesse les Vallees that is open on Saturday evening? Thanks

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We are looking to perhaps relocate to the Amboise region.  Coming from Costa Calida region of Spain, where food and drink prices are very reasonable and a menu of the day is in the region of €10, can anyone give us some indication of prices in the Amboise area?  This will be a huge part of a decision to move.  Many thanks  Murf56

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We have recently moved to a property where there is no mains water only well water.  The Owner said it had not been tested and does not have any filtration system.   Can anyone in similar circumstances advise how they cope.   We are relying totally on bottled water for evertything apart from  showers, dishwasher and washing machine which is proving to be very costly.   Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated.   I must admit did know people used well water but thought there was usually a mains supply as well.  

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Does anyone know of a good source of mutton, ideally home produced, in north 79/east 85/south 49?

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Showing our age but, we do like an occasional glass of sherry and in all our years here only found one bottle to buy.  As we are all in the EU does anyone know where we could buy some (nr La Ferte Mace) and why is it not available here.  I know the French do cherish their own drinks so.

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Hi all I would like to sell homemade chutneys and jams at our local vide grenier as a one off to raise money for a dog and cat refuge ie for charity. Can I do this or is it not allowed? Many thanks

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