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i will be traveling to pick up at Dinard airport on the 24th April as the trains are on strike that day the route will be will leave from Bais 53  Mayenne Fougeres Dinard lift available share petrol can pick up if not to far from route 

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anyone know a good  serious gardener, we require a complete clearance. email [email protected]

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I see we are having yet another revamp of the scene, called "SMARTEXPAT", I suspect a lot of the numpties will not make the grade, nothing "smart" about them. Anyway admin just ban me it's not a problem but learn some manners and have the courtesy to reply to e-mails sent to you,  You say that this is not the place to air criticism against admin, if you have not got the manners to reply to an e-mail it would not be necessary. Don't think I will be posting on here again death throes are under way for this site as well. Adios.

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Open Mike at The Red Lion,Desertine this Sunday 4th March 3pm onward come along show off your talent

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I have been following with interest a recent topic concerning a poster's problem regarding unfinished work by a tradesman. The works had been commenced and completed up to and including all 1st fix works, the poster then advises they had not seen anybody since. I have worked in the construction industry for 46yrs ( C&G time-served bricklayer progressing to Project Manager) and my immediate thought was 'when was the project made available for the 2nd fix works to commence' ? The topic was then picked up by numerous 'trolls' and the worker was 'slated' as being a 'cowboy / rip-off merchant' etc. There then followed the normal vitriolic criticism of anybody who is British and a 'builder'. On reading the final post on this topic earlier this morning, it seems that the client was undertaking some of the works themselves and may not actually have been ready for the 2nd fix works to commence.It amazes me that the 'client' is always deemed to be an expert in everything pertaining to construction. This is seldom the case. I would presume that the majority of 'tradesmen' working on renovation projects are rarely, if ever, issued with a full-set of construction drawings and construction programme; and I expect clients rarely  get their 'tradesman' to sign-up to a contract. Usually, whatever is required is described and accompanied by arm waving / pointing etc. The 'tradesmen' then have to interpret these gestures and vageries into their works. If this 'interpretation process' isn't what was actually required, it can mean abortive works etc, leading to additional works, and the client having to dig deeper into their renovation 'piggy bank', which  invariably contains a lot less than is required to undertake the works in the first place. I am not implying that there is no such thing as a 'cowboy builder', because unfortunately there are, which, for the true 'tradesman' / 'general builder', means that invariably,  everybody is 'tarred with the same brush'.  Perhaps prospective clients need to review their 'design brief' and ensure they get a proper contract drawn-up, which will include a construction programme, with start and finish dates, agreed payment schedules and retention periods / payments. Also, if they are not around whilst works are being undertaken, look at utilising the services of a Project Manager to make periodic checks on the works. If anybody would like some pre-construction guidance, and construction contracts PM me.

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Hi Everyone ,  thank you very much for your kind words and help , I have informed the police and been and reported it to the Mayor and told both as much as i can tell them , I have two trailers to go and look at but if these  trailers are not mine could other people who have bought a second hand trailer in the last 3/4 months please let me know , i know he advertises on these sites all the time under about 4 different names so there is probably more  names , he will also have read this posts i have put on ,. if i can find the trailer and then prove it this lowlife that sold it to them , the same with my table saw and ladders apply , i am very annoyed with myself because i bought a few tracers that you can put in cars and such and trace the item with your mobile phone , needless to say i have used them now on other tackle i have , my late wife would be fuming now , i realy could do without all this at this time in my life , the lowlife bastard ,    

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Hi to everyone ,  I have just returned from holiday to find i have had a lowlife lump of shit THIEF at my house in Couesmes Vauce , I am a 77 year old pensioner who recently lost my wife to lung cancer , life is hard enough now without this thief making it harder and worse , he stole my trailer a table saw and ladders and other bits , i know who this person is but at this moment have no proof , so if any one has bought any of these items in the last three months will you please get in touch with me as i have marked them and can easily recognise them , if anyone has  bought any of these items i will refund what you have paid and tell me who sold them to you i will pay 1000 euros if it leads to the prosecution of this lump of lowlife shit  i know he makes a habit of stealing and selling trailers he needs stopping ,  he's just going to make someone else's life miserable  in the very near future , PLEASE HELP ME TO GET THIS LOWLIFE STOPPED , If any one can help Tel no 0243049211 , if any one has bought a trailer in the last 3/4 months and its my trailer and this lowlife has befriended you watch your back he will steal from you i have experience with this man that's how it happened to me , if you want to keep it private please mail me , 

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HiI need to get to Calais for 12:00 tomorrow 1st February. I can meet up anywhere but I iive in 85240 near to Fontenay. I am willing to pay the tolls and chip in for some fuel but I rally need to get there.Thanks in advanceSteve Roundhill

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Open Mike at The Red Lion,Desertine this Sunday 4th February 3pm onward come along show off your talent or just enjoy the music

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Stolen from neighbours garden in Couemes Vauce, 6 x 4, metal sided trailer, single wheel, independent suspension old but in good condition with heavy metal tailgate with spare wheel fixed to front of trailer with screwed rod,any info appreciated please contact mairie in Couemes or my uk e mail

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Hi All,i am asking for advice again,a friend of mine has gone back to the UK due to illness,and has had to all but abandon his little house,he is in financial difficulty,and is struggling to pay for the Tax d Habitation and Tax Fonciere,Can any kind soul shed any light on what is needed to make the house exempt from paying these taxes,and to whom does he have to deal with to bring this about,i would be grateful for any help with this please,The house is up for sale and the way things are with the housing market at the moment he could be paying for years until it is sold,i am trying to help him because he is not in a position to travel over to France to sort it for himself,Many thanks Champ 53

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We have our car fully comp with CA/Pacifica and had an accident recently but Pacifica are trying to get out of paying our claim. My wife phoned to complain but was met with aggressive responses and is really stressed out now. The CA Britline was useless too. They won't deal with accident claims anymore.  Has anyone else had similar problems wit Pacifica recently.   Also, does anyone know an independent car assessor or qualified engineer who can give our car a second opinion.

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Open Mike at The Red Lion,Desertine this Sunday 7th January 3pm onward come along show off your talent or just enjoy the music

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HiMy parents are looking at the village of Ruille sur loire, and to see what amenties there. Also does it have an expat community.Thanks

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Open Mike at The Red Lion,Desertine, this Sunday afternoon 3rd Dec from 15:00 come along show off your talent and j

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.......... where all the proceeds go to the GALIA and Furry Friends animal aid organisations? If so, the following might interest you.A Christmas party is being held at 7pm this coming Friday evening (1st December) at the Salle Saint Jean, La Caillere, 85410 (up the alleyway opposite the Pharmacie at 16 Rue Grand Rue).There will be music, fun, games and food with a choice of either Chicken Curry, Sweet and Sour Chicken, a Vegetarian option if you prefer and with a desert included as well.You can reserve your tickets (€10.00 each which is inclusive of your meal) by phone on either 0251 506750 or 0251 506122.  Although we are able to provide tea and coffee (at a small extra cost) we are not able to provide anything 'stronger' and respectfully ask that you bring with you whatever else you might prefer to drink. Don't forget, your €10.00 ticket price includes your 2 course meal and all proceeds will help the animals at Galia and Furry friends.We hope to see you there but if you're not able to make it, well we wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year.

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How do I place an internet website as a desktop icon using Firefox.?For example BBC News.?

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Nowt else to do, ce soir?  An Anglo French quiz at the MCL Le Vieil Bauge, kicks off 7pm, just turn up and we can ease you into a team, or turn up as a team.  Its a Beaujolais nouveau experience with platters of local produce available to satisfy your cravings  for nibbles.  All profits to French Telethon.  3€ per person plus more for food and/or drinks.

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Anyone had any experience of sending a parcel back to UK via a courier. It appears easy and reasonably cheap the other way, UK to France, but have no knowledge of doing it this way. Thanks.

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