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Hi, does anyone know the legality of the use of gas cannons please?We have one close to our house and detonates every 30 seconds all day from 7.30 to 10pmthe crop is also well established so can’t understand why it’s being used !

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Hi, We are about to complete on a small holiday home near Gorron and are hoping to come over the first weekend in April to pick up the keys and give it a quick once over, would anyone be around on Sunday 3rd and willing to give us a quick tour?ThanksSimon & Becky

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 Is anyone using an Orange TV box alongside a Live box ? How is it connected ? I have been using one for several years without a problem. Other than being connected to the TV via a HDMI lead and an Ethernet cable to the box, there are no other connections. I have been trying to help a friend install one, made all the same connections as mine, but the box will not find any TV channels. Have spoken to Orange who state it MUST be connected to a Satellite dish and a roof TV aeriel to get the channels. Surely, if she had a dish and a roof aeriel, why would she need a TV box. Does yours work with / without a dish or aeriel ? Cheers

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Hi, I am wondering if there is anyone who is going between UK and southern Vendee who would be willing to bring a few items in return renumeration? Please get in touch Susan

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I'm looking for an english penfriend nearby where i live (Pornic). Miss speaking english, miss having english friends. My english partner passed away 5 years ago.I used to live in Dordogne and now back to square one...Pornic...Please, if interested, send me a message (sylviezucchi@gmail.com) i speak fluent english and it would be my pleasure to help in french !  reciprocity and friendship!  A bientôt, Sylvie 

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Hi everyone, I'm writing a short article on how the collapse of Flybe affects those of us living in France, especially those with a business that relies on low-cost flights. If you have a moment, I'd love to hear from anyone affected by the Flybe collapse (holiday makers, holiday-home owners too), as I know the impact will be far-reaching for those of us based on this side of the Channel. Thanks in advance for any contributions, much appreciated!

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Hi - are there any/many ex-pats (British or Irish) in the area of Chatillon sur Colmont that I can talk to, thinking of moving to this village next year and would really appreciate it if I could ask for some help & advice, merci a tous !

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has anyone had any experience of moving this year please, we are finally ready to move, but so much info out there that tells different stories about how and when

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I am looking for a plasterer to render the outside of a property. Code Postal 41400. Please message me.

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Hi AllLooking for a bit of advice please. We sold our house in October 2020 (after five years on the market). We are no longer resident in France.The house had not been lived in since 2015 although we still paid Taxe Hab etc as it was habitable. As part of the sale agreement we undertook and paid for (as is standard) the usual checks and also had a boiler service. This document formed part of the house sale.The buyers have today been in touch (via the notaire) to ask for details of the annual boiler checks and who carried them out.We did not have an annual check as not aware it was necessary (realise that is no excuse) and also because we were not living there.Can anyone advise please as to whether the buyers have any comeback at all? We did get work carried out to the boiler when needed but not annually and the service done in October 2020 identified no concerns.The boiler was working on the day of sale as checked by estate agent and our proxy and was put on Hors Gel for new buyers (at their request)Does the service carried out in October 2020 negate the fact that we did not regularly carry out an annual inspection?For info it is a condensing gas boiler on town gasMany thanks Chiffon

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We met in 2015 when you, Enid, brought a 'small black dog' over to us.  I just want you to know that the 'small black dog' is nearly 16 now and she is looking forward to her Christmas day.  I can't find your contact details to keep in touch !  I really hope this reaches you.

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Im looking for someone to teach me French around the Chateaubriant area

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anyone know when emmaus Laval is open ,if so what hours and is emmaus Le Mans the same,thanks in advance if you can help.

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OK im new here, im trying to post an item for sale ...but once ive posted the description and photo it take me to a PAY OPTIONS page, with NO option other than to hit the NEXT botton, as there is no other command on that page....the page i get says ,,   would you like to promote your listing and get more exposure .? choose package is in blue,  but nothing happens if pressed, there seems not to be any choice to click on other than the FEATURED from 18.20€ clicking on next just takes me to more PAY options....I thought you could post a FREE ad    

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Does anyone know if you can still register to be in France, pay taxes etc if we have no fixed address due to travelling in our motorhome  and not wanting a fixed address. Currently still searching our dream home

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What other Forums do you go on, I'm looking for one which has normal discussion without all the silly unintelligable one liners and smileys every five minutes, tried a few but they all seem a bit cliquey.

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Hello.We are going to start bee keeping next year (2020), we are located on the border between Pays de lal Loire and Basse Normandie (dept 53).We are looking for someone to mentor, advise and help with the supply of a suitable swarm/bees, we will be using a flow type hive.

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For over 35 years, Châteaux des langues has been an established language center based in North West France. The main activity is to offer high quality total immersions for french executives.OPPORTUNTYAs we are developping our activities in Varambon, we are looking for native english speakers (UK, US AUS, ...) or english speakers with a specific accent (chinese, indian, ...) to be part of our team.JOB BRIEFTake part in the training as a language trainer in charge of linguistic activities and one-to-one sessions.RESPONSABILITIES• Conduct one-to-one training sessions• Identify training needs by evaluating strengths and weaknesses• Make the participant feel comfortable and speak• Follow the linguistic concept of Châteaux des langues• Bring a pro-active attitude to give dynamismREQUIREMENTS• Having a serious business career• Experience in the culture of business• An enthusiastic work attitude• English humor® is a plus• A basic level of french• Auto-entrepreneur status is necessaryIN CASE OF INTEREST, PLEASE SEE OUR APPLICATION FORM : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jUUzi5j5PDXCcl8FR1P2IG2AoPvrb-K9/view?usp=sharing

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Can anybody recommend an English speaking dentist in the Mayenne area. PM me please.

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