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Open Mike at The Red Lion,Desertine this Sunday 7th January 3pm onward come along show off your talent or just enjoy the music

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HiMy parents are looking at the village of Ruille sur loire, and to see what amenties there. Also does it have an expat community.Thanks

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Open Mike at The Red Lion,Desertine, this Sunday afternoon 3rd Dec from 15:00 come along show off your talent and j

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.......... where all the proceeds go to the GALIA and Furry Friends animal aid organisations? If so, the following might interest you.A Christmas party is being held at 7pm this coming Friday evening (1st December) at the Salle Saint Jean, La Caillere, 85410 (up the alleyway opposite the Pharmacie at 16 Rue Grand Rue).There will be music, fun, games and food with a choice of either Chicken Curry, Sweet and Sour Chicken, a Vegetarian option if you prefer and with a desert included as well.You can reserve your tickets (€10.00 each which is inclusive of your meal) by phone on either 0251 506750 or 0251 506122.  Although we are able to provide tea and coffee (at a small extra cost) we are not able to provide anything 'stronger' and respectfully ask that you bring with you whatever else you might prefer to drink. Don't forget, your €10.00 ticket price includes your 2 course meal and all proceeds will help the animals at Galia and Furry friends.We hope to see you there but if you're not able to make it, well we wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year.

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How do I place an internet website as a desktop icon using Firefox.?For example BBC News.?

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Nowt else to do, ce soir?  An Anglo French quiz at the MCL Le Vieil Bauge, kicks off 7pm, just turn up and we can ease you into a team, or turn up as a team.  Its a Beaujolais nouveau experience with platters of local produce available to satisfy your cravings  for nibbles.  All profits to French Telethon.  3€ per person plus more for food and/or drinks.

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Anyone had any experience of sending a parcel back to UK via a courier. It appears easy and reasonably cheap the other way, UK to France, but have no knowledge of doing it this way. Thanks.

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Owing to recent flight changes Nantes is now easily flyable over the winter from edinburgh.  As i have lost my usual flight from bordeaux i am looking at options for fly drive. Past experience suggests car hire from supermarket is a good  option.  Does anyone have local knowledge of this in Nantes or  other useful advice. My end destination is civray, South of poitiers 

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Any recommendations for someone to make a driveway, Gorron area?

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Open Mike at The Red Lion,Desertine, this Sunday afternoon 5th Nov from 15:00 come along show off your talent and join in

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Where can I get new or used red retaining blocks (see photo in wanted section)? Ideas welcomed. Thanks.

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Does anyone know of anyone in NW 79 or NE 85 or SW 49 who either hires microtractors and toppers or provides agricultural  contracting services and has such equipment? The meadows that need topping have limited access and such access is of limited width - hence the need for a microtractor rather than a conventional tractor and topper.

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we are looking to relocate from the vendee and would like to move to where there is a community of english speaking people to talk and socialise with and wonder which town or area would be best?

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We are looking for a removal company to move us from Mayenne region to Saumur region. Can anyone help please?its a full house move!

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Open Mike at The Red Lion,Desertine, Sunday 8th Oct from 2:30 onwards all welcome please note change of day

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Can anyone recommend a heating engineer to service our boiler?  The last guy installed a new bruleur and practically destroyed the boiler casing!  So I'm looking for someone a bit less 'rustic'.  The boiler is very simple, yonks old but works fine.  So should be a simple job,  Just a clean, change the sparks and regulate.  Nothing fancy. French or English, doesn't matter to me so long as they know what they're doing.    All recommendations gratefully received.  Thanks.

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please can somebody tell me how to edit a post on angloinfo.  Dont' like this new format and so haven't used it much

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Hi peeps, any blues / rock players within traveling distance of Derval dept 44, looking for players to jam / start a band with ?

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sorry Gorron area

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Any guitarists or keyboard player fancy getting together to jam or form a band

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