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I am needing a Doctor in any of these areas who speaks English, can anybody recommend an English speaking doctor in the Gorron, Mayene, Ernee area. please reply by e-mail Thank you in advance

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Can anybody recommend an English speaking dentist in the Mayenne area please ? PM me please.

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 My husband has Parkinson's and arthritis in his back. He is an auto entrepreneur and will be 65 in July. Can he take early retirement in France?

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Hi I need  help I was supposed togo to hospital 2 years ago for an Endoscopy but the last time I had it done inLe Mans hospital it was more like a garden hose and  it was shoved down my throat,  left throat in a bad state for 4 months, thefirst time I had it was over seas in Malaysia they used a thin tube but gave me2 teaspoons of a syrup before hand which deadened the throat and he gently putthe tube in and every time he said a number I had to swallow, so the camerawent down and he took another photo, dose anyone know if this is done here , mydoctor said if I can find somewhere that does it he will give me the  prescription to go. HELP in a lot of painright now.

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Hi, just wondering if anyone could help with a conundrum I face.I have had a house in the mayenne for 5 years, with good neighbours, and would love to stay full time.i work for EDF in UK, and am thinking of taking early retirement at 56 next year. I have lived with Crohn's disease for many years, other than recovery from surgery I have never missed a day from work, but I do need daily med's to keep me going.so the conundrum is do I keep a base in the uk and carry on with the NHS or go for residency and try and get some form of insurance to help with the costs,  if it is like the states, I don't stand a chance of getting affordable cover.Thank you for you forebearance and best wishes.Jonah

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IF this is put on to your health cover what does it mean especially regarding the top up insurance.

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Is there anyone on the forum who is registered with CPAM for this?  My Dr is very unaware of anything to do with this and says I should contact them and ask.  I am sure on the AFDIAG site that it is possible but would be grateful to know if anyone has registered with them for this.  Many thanks.

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Hi all, I am looking for a (professional, paid) help with my move to France ( near Mayenne) I am a very specific case and won' t probably manage without some assistance. My and my partner's french is still poor. I (and him 63) have been planning to be without work first few months (just to renovate the property we bought in France and do intensive language courses) I wanted to be like 'voluntarily unemployed' but still contribute (social, health) to french state. Suddenly, I hapenned to be pregnant (early stage) and now I don' t know who and where will look after me (medically), what I need to do while in UK, etc. Surely I will need some english speaking doctor (preferably female) around Mayenne ASAP. We are due to move in in 2 weeks. Thanks for any suggestion x

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Hi,I am in the process of moving permanently in France and would like to know how to go about getting a carte vitale.For the past three months I've been here and with no job yet, I've been paying for consultations, etc.I've contacted CPAM and among conflicting infos I was given by different operators, I was told that I must produce:- A letter from the National Insurance Office (UK) confirming that I am registered and contributing.- marital statusetc.Yes, I've been trolling through websites (incl service-public.fr) but no joy.I resigned from my employment in the UK 3 months ago and the P45 is no good to them.  Even my P60. I still got my EU card though.PS: Only if there was something useful in France like Govt UK website. :-) 

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Can anyone please tell me if the operators on the 112 Emergency number speak English. Thanks

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Does anyone know of an english speaking Opthalomologist in the La Gerche, Chateaubriant, Chateau Gontier, Laval area please.Thanks

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REIKI FIRST DEGREETWO DAY TRAINING COURSEONLY 4 PLACES DATE:  1st – 2nd October 2016Time:  9am – 5.30pmLocation:  Le Tremblay, 49490, Breil, Maine-et-Loire(Over night accomodation is available at a reduced rate to participants)Training is delivered to no more than 3 or 4 students in a comfortable, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  There will be considerable hands on experience over the 2 days to allow you to fully connect to the energy and develop the confidence and competence enough to start practicing on family, friends, plants, pets. You will find that it brings a sense of peace, contentment and serenity helping you to feel more positive and better able to cope with every day stresses.Cost: € 150.00 – A deposit of €75.00 is required to secured your place. Balance is due on or before the 1st day of training.The cost includes your two day training.  A light lunch with refreshments available during the course on both days. A comprehensive training manual, certificate, and a crystal. Reiki monthly shares.Ongoing support and Advice: Once you have been on your Reiki First Degree course, I will be on hand to deal with any questions or queries that you may have.  I organise monthly Reiki shares which allows you to practice giving and receiving full Reiki treatments on a regular basis.fully registered and insured in France.Email: iris@airisu.co.uk

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Hello . I am looking for an English speaking AA group in Mayenne or near.Thanks

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Can anyone help please? My wife and I are on a conjoint Carte Vitale which we havee had since we arrived here 6 years ago.This often confuses the medics. I can't seem to find any official advice as to how she can apply for her own. My wife is now reached 60 years of age, does this have any bearing and has anyone else had a similar problem?

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Looking for a dentist in Vire

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Were can you have applied .... Beautiful Elegant acrylics or tips?     Dept 53 

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Hi Can anyone recommend an English speaking dentist that is taking on new patients in the Gorron/Mayenne area please? Thanks in advance!

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Hi, we have been in France for 2 months now and are looking for an English speaking doctor in Ambrierres les Vallees, Ceauce, or Domfront. I am nearing the end of 2 years of antidepressants and need a doctor to speak to.   Any help would be most appreciated

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Can anyone suggest an English speaking dentist around the Fontenay, St Hermine (85) area? Perhaps you could send me a private message. Thanks

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