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Hello all,I am new to the site and hope someone can assist.we are looking for somewhere in the Mayenne area that supplies and fits carpet, can anyone help?kind regards Brett

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Hi, I would be very glad for some advice, please. I recently had a pool done at my house in Western France. It did not go well and ive ended up with an unsolvable mess having spent a small fortune. The contractor has deceived me in order to gain the contract. He has put in writing on the devis 10 x 4.5 pool with roman steps. He has given me 8 x4 with Roman steps. He also fleeced me over several other points such as providing margelles and gave me extortionate supplementary factures. As we then became involved in dispute, the contractor did not complete and put cover on. I then in desperation as I needed a quick solution involved a Juradique (who was also a swimming pool contractor ) I understand, the process of a Juradique is to draw up a written report which both parties need to sign. He didn’t he urged me to pay the money to the pool contractor, although he admitted it was fraud and made the pool contractor pay the fees. This doesn’t anywhere near cover the loss I have endured and ive ended up paying 40,000 euros for a 8 x4 unheated pool? I do not wish to add to this with notaries fees, but feel the Juradique should have followed correct procedure. However when ive tried to complain to two organisations he is a member of, ive been met with silence. Can anyone help?

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Hi - we are looking for recommendations for an electrician who could undertake a rewiring project near Gorron (53).

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I am looking for someone to damp course some internal walls in my house , any recommendations please?

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Hi,i am looking for flag stone, natural stone suppliers who are reasonable or quarries I could buy from. Any information would be gratefully appreciated.thanks

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I am looking for a tree surgeon or a gardener who has the equipment to cut down a massive hedge. I have 21m of Leylandii trees which are approx 7.5m high. I need them cutting down in height to around 2.5m, and the off cuts removing disposing. I am unsure of rules regarding nesting birds etc. I am near Ste Hermine in dept 85. Quotes please initially as I am on a budget unfortunately. Thank you  

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We would like to sell our house online and wondered what the process is? Do we need to follow the strict rules that are necessary to advertise with estate agents?

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Hello everyone.  I am praying that someone here can help me!  My husband and I have finally found our dream home in the northern tip of Mayenne.  However, we have just received the building inspection and there is wet rot in one corner of the living room and evidence of insects in all of the bedrooms and the loft.  I understand that this is a common issue in old houses in France - but how easy/hard is it to resolve these problems and is it going to be extremely costly?  ANY advice would be very much appreciated!  Thank you all x

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above needed immediately for work on power failures around property

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Do you have an above ground or aboveground pool and need tools and products to keep your water healthy? So go now to our online store, we offer in addition to the necessary maintenance tarpaulins tailored to perfectly fit the dimensions of your pool while protecting it from the threats of each season and also against pollution . They are produced in Nantes within our factory. We also have them for every major brand of standardized pools.

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Hello,We are looking for someone to do changeovers on our Gite in the Noyant area. If you are interested or know someone who may be please let us know.Cheers,Richard

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The ditches outside my house are 100 metres long and every year we have cleared them. We are now in our early 70's and not able to do them anymore. We have been told that the Commune is responsible for clearing them. The village has recently had work done on the tower at the side of our house and the ditches are now full of water that is obviously not clearing away and the grass is growing rapidly. This is making the front of our house look very untidy. Any information would be appreciated.

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Hi all, we are moving house, and cannot believe the amount of rubbish we have gathered over  time,in the absence of a skip service in France does any one know of a rubbish clearance company or other means of getting rid of household bits and pieces please,in the Mayenne area,many thanks Champ

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HiCan anybody recommend some kind of house clearance help. We are looking to clear 3 properties in the Mayenne area which are currenlty full of furniture etc. Thanks

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We are looking to buy/rent a house in the area. Anybody selling?

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I am trying to upload a classified on services offered and it just keeps bringing me to a page that says "whoops something whent wrong" i have tried to classified with and without any pictures and it doesnt seem to make a blind bit of difference.

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