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Hi, I would be very glad for some advice, please. I recently had a pool done at my house in Western France. It did not go well and ive ended up with an unsolvable mess having spent a small fortune. The contractor has deceived me in order to gain the contract. He has put in writing on the devis 10 x 4.5 pool with roman steps. He has given me 8 x4 with Roman steps. He also fleeced me over several other points such as providing margelles and gave me extortionate supplementary factures. As we then became involved in dispute, the contractor did not complete and put cover on. I then in desperation as I needed a quick solution involved a Juradique (who was also a swimming pool contractor ) I understand, the process of a Juradique is to draw up a written report which both parties need to sign. He didn’t he urged me to pay the money to the pool contractor, although he admitted it was fraud and made the pool contractor pay the fees. This doesn’t anywhere near cover the loss I have endured and ive ended up paying 40,000 euros for a 8 x4 unheated pool? I do not wish to add to this with notaries fees, but feel the Juradique should have followed correct procedure. However when ive tried to complain to two organisations he is a member of, ive been met with silence. Can anyone help?

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Hi Suzan,

Do you have a 'service juridique' with your home contents insurance?

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Hi David, sorry for slow rely, I haven't logged in lately. The problem still exists as a result of which I do not have my guarantees either. Not sure what to do loss assessor or I know an organisation in Paris deals with injustice. I did have juradique yes, but they declined to assist saying as pool was over value of 15k it didn't cover.

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