Tree Surgeon needed or someone who can cut down and remove a massive hedge (85)

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I am looking for a tree surgeon or a gardener who has the equipment to cut down a massive hedge. I have 21m of Leylandii trees which are approx 7.5m high. I need them cutting down in height to around 2.5m, and the off cuts removing disposing. I am unsure of rules regarding nesting birds etc. I am near Ste Hermine in dept 85. Quotes please initially as I am on a budget unfortunately. Thank you  

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Matthew -Parris-992373 1624284885

The LPO recommends not cutting hedges etc between march and the end of July There is surprisingly no actual law specifying dates etc but the power has been granted to the Prefecture to specify conditions for the protection of nesting birds etc 

In addition if you intend to remove a hedgerow you need to at least submit a declaration prelable to the Mairie Personally I would check go there and check with them if you can remove the hedge and when In addition many tree surgeons might be reluctant to cut leyllandii in the summer due to the large amount of sap in the plant at this time of year as it could mess up their kit 

Matthew -Parris-992373 1624285004

Also be aware that cutting off the tops can leave an unsightly result as Leyllandii tend not to grow back very well once the apex has been removed

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Thank you Matthew. I have spoken with the Mairie and the hedge is ok to be cut down in height and i am advised that August time would be acceptable. 

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