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Never have I seen such a load of dross in all my years, there was, in my opinion, absolutely next to nothing worth watching, the same old regurgitated "Christmas specials", that we have all seen umpteen times before. There seems to be a new trend on "celebrity" programmes now, but most of the time I have to google the participants to find out exactly who they are, normally resulting in some boring soap cast member. Have the planners given up the quest to entertain people, and are just relying on some sort of repeat mode button.

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COMBLES 1419689140

Totally agree,and what about the films ?Poor BBC only have £9 +billions to work with,and once the velvet mafia has all had their bungs from the gravy train,i can see it must be a struggle.

Foxie-986308 1419691587

Most modern TVs have 'off' buttons.

We played Scrabble, and cards, and chatted, and went for a long walk on Christmas Day afternoon, and generally had a great time - it never occurred to us to find out what was on the gogglebox! 

suziepops 1419693729

Totally agree with you Hughnique.  The only programme I watched over Christmas was The Queen's Garden.  Very interesting documentary about all the wildlife and plants in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, going through the seasons.  Part 2 is next Wednesday afternoon.

Davey1200-433468 1419697313

The French TV channels were as bad as the UK TV.

Brian Stone 1419699873

In general I'd agree with the OP's sentiments, and not confined merely to the Christmas period. However, there have been three excellent programmes which we've watched, namely Kiss Me, Kate at the Proms, which was a superb presentation of Cole Porter's classic musical play, accompanied by the John Wilson Orchestra; War Horse at the Proms, which was unbelievably poignant, and That Day We Sang with Michael Ball and Imelda Staunton, a recreation of a classic recording as dramatised by Victoria Wood.

hughnique 1419761951

What a wonderful idylic life you lead Foxie, me, well just a couch potato, nothing better than a large whisky mac and a plate of sausage rolls whilst watching Mrs Brown, albeit that is getting a bit repetitive. You can have a bit too much of feck off, and, as usual, they are running out of ideas. It seems that the main broadcasters have somewhat thrown in the towel as everything is now available on line, streamed, call it what you want, so what's the point in them lashing out loads of money on the latest blockbuster, when most people have already seen it.

Glad you enjoyed your bit of highbrow Brian, whatever floats your boat, my classical appreciation is limited to Tomita, stick one of his CD's in the cinema system and hold on to the settee, great stuff. At least we can look forward to Britians got talent and The Voice, next month.

Brian Stone 1419767980

Well, you can look forward to it if you like, but it rather undermines your previous criticism.

elvis-636735 1419778161

Sadly, some people are on there own at christmas, it is the only entertainment they have, time all channels got there act together.

Brian Stone 1419805538

Just finished watching Betjemanland, an excellent critique of the late Poet Laureate.

Epanista 1419854436

Why watch TV during Christmas ? My son taught me to play chess which I really enjoyed, and we talked to one another during his stay. We visited friends, had a super time- no TV there, and we had friends we invited in for drink sand nibbles -  again no TV. We are all aware the the TV programmes are a load of repeats on most channels, but there are loads of things to do without TV at Christmas. Try it next time.

hughnique 1419862576

I can already play chess, have plenty to say, haven't got any friends  and defo don't want to nibble on sand. All in all a right sado,but as Elvis said for some it is, for one reason or another their only form of entertainment, and this has been a really grotty year for Xmas TV joy. Yes we are all aware that TV's can be turned off, but I don't foresee living life like someone in 1800 American prairie land, roll on next year, you can come round we can have a chess tournament, I'll even let you have charge of the remote control.

Ian Taplin 1419938757

It's a good job you don't have to pay the BBC every year for a tv license or you would really have something to grumble about

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