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I have just received a letter from the UK govt about voting. The 15 years is to be abolished, and the referendum is to be 28 days postal. If the piccy will paste I will put it on here.

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Unfortunately this site does not allow me to print type etc the letter from John Penrose MP to Mr Freeman MP numbered MP636348 this gives the information about the changes that are coming in BEFORE the referendum BUT you must register. The email address to get a copy of the information is the the Web address is and the phone is 02072780527 The date of the passage of the cancelling of the 15 years rule is being done and the postal vote for the referendum is now 28 days before the referendum.
Incidentally I am now about to take our council to task as they should have sent the election postal votes out 19 days before the vote, they did not, they sent it out only 8 days.

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The Worcester City Council stuff I read said that, by law, they must post the voting slips no less than four days before the election. With the state of the RM in Worcester, I doubt very much if the letters will be collected from WCC in four days, let alone posted, voted on and returned. I fully expect to be disenfranchised. But others here have been able to vote previously, so I may be pleasantly surprised. Fingers crossed.

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I know, I did a sreaw poll of about 1000 people that had attepted to vote and the failure rate was 100% hence why I wrote to the MP asking if it was a direct ploy to place all those expats, about 5,000,000 in the EU alone blocking them from voting and the UK was one of a very few that cast their expats off. Hence the response Write to your MP via email, quote the ref I have given and get him to ask the council! They do love it. I have got to do the same to mine, it may even mean that the last vote for election was totally biased and wrong Ha Ha Ha Ring the department and ask them for an even quicker response. This referendum could be in trouble if the election is seem to be wrongly administered in any great way!

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