Straw Pole - Living in France? Yes or No?

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Ok, lots of times now people have posted questions on here and then been flooded with 'don't do it' messages, to be fair often balanced by 'go for it' responses. So, quick Straw Pole. Simple question:- Living in France Yes or No? followed by the amount of years you've lived here... Me, Yes - 7 years.

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mattdelm-629010 1328547734

Yes, 5 years

babywalnut 1328548224

No, 8 years

Jessie-635126 1328548404

No, 2 years

Bunce-637742 1328549247

yes. 15 years

Jazzycat 1328549807

Yes, 5.5 years

lamartinieremick-631299 1328550282

yes 5 years

Devonian-632371 1328550696

Yes - 11 years

countessmaeve 1328551681

Yes definitely 3 years

ruskin-626296 1328552415

Yes, 7.5 years

pfilby-628664 1328552712

No. 11 years

jillieb-638617 1328553292

Yes - 18months

gate-641502 1328554794

YES ! - 1 YEAR

tashkent 1328556164

No! 9 years.

marmite-639252 1328558660

Yes (but not forever) 8.5 years

eliza-639396 1328559825

Yes. 9 months.

sour-kraut 1328560087

Big YES !! into our 6th year now :D

hughnique 1328561187

NO 6 years.

kww-640224 1328561456

yes 5 years

Reydave-638053 1328599365


Rocker47-634289 1328601577

Yes. 30 years in July this year.

AnnieD-629345 1328602139

Yes - 8 years

dug1-642053 1328603138

Yes 5 but not to work

Susiesu-635001 1329487137

No 5 years and wanting to go back home :(

SIROBS-642217 1329648876

SNAP same as Susiesu

No 5 years and trying to return to UK, somehow

mayenne(53) 1329991312

Yes 21 years

sanden-628974 1331912259

I have lived here in the Vendee for 9 years, what at first I disliked I have come to terms with, I now love the place but after being widowed last spring I am in turmoil about whether to leave for UK to be with family, or stay here and try and make a go of it. Finding new friends has been a challenge, breaking into French society is difficult. they are very family orientated, I do not wish to inhabit Brit-only bars, well I never did with my husband and as a woman wouldn't dream of it. My house is not too big to keep going, but I have a spare part only used for visitors, having to pay people to garden etc, well the long and happy retirement dream has come crashing down but I still feel better here than when I visit UK these days or even watch it on TV.

Anybody else had to make these decisions and if so how have they coped?? For me at the moment it is 80% France although it does have it's problems especially in rural areas, and there is always the to-up healthcare to consider.

bonzo-643275 1344853472

Yes, 16 years (recently checked with a notaire to make sure that even if I become completey gaga, no one, no relative or govt authority, will ever be able to remove me back to uk. He said - no way. so Im ok !!!!

bonzo-643275 1344854746

To Sanden, Im sorry about your loss, Im sure facing life alone, after losing someone you love must be more difficult that just being a full time, happy 'loner' so I add my comment in consciousness of that.

Ive learned a thousand ways to be very happy quite alone, (for decades) no matter where I live, and my best way has always been to be sure to discover everything that I really love to do! (It used to be called discovering ones 'vocation' - at every level, from hobbies - to life path!)

If there is something or some enterprise, or some charity, or some idea that you find interesting - it is that, which can, *and will* take you to the company of like minds and good companions. I would like to devise a questionaire that would perhaps help people to find their interests in these circumstances, but you can do it for yourself, even if at the moment - you feel there is nothing.

If nothing else - you might try asking at the local mairie if their are any volunteers needed - see whats on offer - and if it suits your interests and abilities - go for it. Just be sure to make NO long term committments. It takes time to discover your best paths to take, and to establish good contacts with people and activities, take good care of yourself in this and do not become deep involved in events that look doubtful. Quitting them, later, may be painful and therefore, possibly discouraging. You might think about some kind of small business enterprise - in which case the online expat forums have a great many people to talk to, about a lot of different approaches and views. You might think of having a live - in helper or temp helper, as you have space - in exchange for their work - but in this case be very careful who you accept, or try very short periods to begin with. (One of my own mistakes!).

All the best, take care.!.

Underdog-872880 1348860807

Yes, 12 years.  What kind of life could I have in UK living on nothing more than the basic pension?   Here I have a nice house in 2 acres, not overlooked paying only €141 a year tax on it.  In UK for what capital I have I might just be able to afford a flat in a building full of crackheads and be afraid to go out at night. 

hippo-908199 1396803133

No def. no lived here about 9 months luckily sold house in 4 months and off to Spain in 2 weeks.

Hope to never set foot in France again and pity all that want to get out but cant. Dont give up.

There is life out there!!!

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