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Hi , did anyone see Black Mirror on Channel 4 last night ( Monday 11th) ? I fell asleep and missed the last 10-15mins ! What happened ? I know its repeated one night at 0005 ( Uk time) so that means 0105( here) then wait until the last 10-15 mins so thats almost 0200 before I get to see the bit I missed ! Can anyone help with the ending ? 

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mayennaise-782994 1360698574

have recorded it will try and email you when I have caught up

Beckhead-643165 1360698856

Thank you , thats  very kind.

OrdinaryJo 1360712215

V. strange!  They fast-tracked to about six years later, when mum was talking to a little girl (the baby she was pregnant with but now grown up) and the daughter took "her friend" a piece of her birthday cake upto him in the attic, where he now lived, presumably permanently but away from any prying eyes.  Think this was the only way she could cope with having him around.

Beckhead-643165 1360744038

Thank you for that . I was so cross that I missed the ending but glad Ive found out what happened . Thank you again.

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