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Anybody got a chicken coop for sale they don't use know more thankyou. 

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Hello, we are moving temporarily to France in April 2022, and will be spending 3 months in Angers (until early July). Our daughter will be attending school in Angers, and we are looking for a horse share/ loan for our 13 year old. She's a good rider - walk, trot, canter and 70cm jumps. Ideally, we'd find someone who could let her have some riding experience, in return for help, grooming, horse-care and possibly a small financial contribution. Can anyone suggest a good place to start looking? Thanks.

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Looking for a cattery in or around Chantonnay 85110 area for beginning of September 2021 please.

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 can you share this please the first three are desperate to find a home, people can contact me or Ann who runs a refuge in Ezie  if they speak French, I will give them her number2 Ginger males. 1 black and white female. 2-1/2 to 3 monthsplus a couple of other adult cats that have been sterilised

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"dealer just rang ..." so just wondering how come these pictures are immediately available?

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Hi looking to buy some small bales of hay and straw, if possible to be delivered to Ernee, I would like 5 bales of good quality hay and 20 bales of straw, to be used for horses so please nothing mouldy. If you can help then please get in touch. Many thanks

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Hi, I have a holiday home near DOMFRONT and have recently bought two puppies. They have all their vaccinations and passports etc, but I understand that they must kave a worming treatment before returning to the uk.  Can anybody recommend an English speaking vet in the DOMFRONT area please, as I have phoned and tried to make an appointment with one and could not make myself understood...I obviously need to keep working on my French

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I would very much like to keep 2/3 ouessant sheep,but have no knowlege of them ,other that I would need to register. Any info would be very welcome.we are nr Gorron 53.Thank you,

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hi allim coming to view a horse in the 85660 St PHILBERT de BOUAINE area this weekend, and if i like the horse, i would like a horse vet to do some checks before i buydoes anyone know of a good horse vet that covers this area pleasevery grateful for any repliesAdmin message:If you can help, you must remember to e-mail your replies; in accordance with French regulations, names and contact details of veterinarians must not be posted publicly in the Discussions.

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HiWe have a gravel driveway - the local dogs keep messing on it - this is in front of our gates & we are not always there (based in UK) - it is a right pain, as we often have guests turning to rent our place!Does anyone know of anything we can do to stop them doing this - maybe some form of liquid that would stop them using the area for their toilet?Thanks Mark

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Ouessant sheep,We would like to have 2/3 Ouessant sheep in our orchard,but know nothing about them .Any advice would be very welcome.....They would be PET'S,not for the pot..... 

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PLEASE ,does anyone know of any chicken breeders,I am looking for a  Silver Wyandotte bantam cockeral. but have been unable to find one.....Thank you. ,

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Are there any horse owners in the Bauge area of Maine et Loire? Wanted more information on horse riding in the area and facilities. Thanks

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hi has anybody lost a white pregnant cat around gorron ?we have it in our barn 00 33 7813 196 595 English mobile Keith

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Hi i need a local vet who i can get a worming appointment with before i take my dog back to the UK, any recommendations?Merci! 

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3 Chinese geese for sale 5 months old I have pictures but trying to place ad in appropriate place is just not working !!!!20 euros for all

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Reluctantly I need to sell my beautiful horse. He is 9yo 15hh Bay and is PRE (Andalucian) crossed with a rare Majorcan Breed. Part backed and needs a kind experienced person to bring him on. He is very kind and friendly and loves lots of hugs. Unfortunately I do not have the time for him as I have 2 other horses. I have had him since 7 months so please loving homes only. Contact me for more Info.

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Looking for an English speaking dog trainer in the Chateaubriant area, someone who can help with two large dogs, one in particular is young and needs confidence...I am new to the area so all help is appreciated!

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