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Hi all, I'm posting this on behalf of a lady on AngloInfo Brittany, hoping that some kind souls may be able to contribute a small amount towards an operation for an abandoned cat. See here for details: http://brittany.angloinfo.com/forum/viewtopic/222662/0/injured-cat-dilema/ Thanks for taking the time to read this. Best wishes. Linda W

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This will be held in 22160 St Servais, about 2 hours from Rennes, and all proceeds go to the  Association L214 who strive to obtain better conditions for animals in the food chain. Request a schedule: jeanne22160@orange.fr

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Good news. The new LAARF (Les Amis des Animaux des Refuges en France) SPA and refuge volunteer network is doing so well. Angouleme SPA reported on Thursday that EVERY dog had been walked since the beginning of the week. If you'd like to volunteer at your local SPA, walking dogs, cuddling cats, taking photos, even grooming and cleaning, please contact your SPA directly, or join the LAARF group to hook up with a companion. There are plenty of kind people who will accompany you for your first visit. It really, really makes a difference to the welfare of the animals. Thank you The LAARF group can be found: Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/433692586732464/ Website www.laarf.com

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Our small (8 months old) white & tabby cat (molly) went out yesterday morning (as normal) and has not returned - her brother is very worried (so are we!!). We are betwen Desertines and St Aubin FL - if anyone sees her please contact - sher is a fearless climbrr but tends to be nervous of people she doesn't know

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In December I posted about a new group of, mainly, English speakers who have started volunteering at animal refuges around the country. We are now writing a blog about all things to do with volunteering at a refuge and related topics. If you are interested in joining us in volunteering but are nervous about going, please read today's piece written by one of our volunteers about her first visit as part of our network. http://laarf.wordpress.com/2014/01/26/volunteering-for-the-first-time-with-laarf/

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Hi ,  I am in search of a professional horse transpoter that is experienced with loading blind or special case ponies. Anyone know of one,or have used one they would recommend please ? Thanks

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Hi just moved to the area and am looking for a farrier, NOT a baredoot trimmer could you call me or  post on this site as i dont receive any emails from anglo 0243044855 thanks

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Hi, does anyone know where I could buy some Maran hens also, roughly how much they will cost.Could I get them from a Market, or would I need to find a breeder? Any help would be appreciated. I am in the Mayene area. Many thanks.

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free four concrete rabbit cages - collector dismantles and takes away   gibbs

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Hi  does anyone know where I can purchase a goat, and a lamb the lamb is wanted for rearing for food. Sounds grotty but I want to have a go at rearing my own. We have a butcher locally that will sort when needed. The goat I would like for milk as I have a skin condition that is benefited from goats milk rather than cows milk. naturallymedium@btinternet.com  Thanks  Gaile 

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Hi Everyone Does anyone know where I am able to purchase one or two turkey's to rear for christmas, I live in 47210. you can email me on naturallymedium@btinternet.com. Thanks Gaile 

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hi does anyone know the going rate to buy a sheep a already in lamb?  Thanks

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Belgium Shepherd Tavuren answers to the name Sammy but is a little nervous. He has reddy brown colouring is chipped and has a black leather collar on. Lost between Gorron and St Simeon this evening. Please email if you see him. Thanks.

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Does anyone have 2  Silkie or half Silkie hens to either give away or sale please, if possible born last year?  I live in Javron! Many thanks.

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Have you got room for a dog in your home and your heart?  Adopting a dog is really rewarding!  The refuge at Aid Animaux Chateaubriant (44 near the border with 35) is full to bursting with all kinds of lovely dogs - all shapes and sizes, different breeds and cross breeds, young and old, all needing loving homes.  Have a look on the website and see who wins your heart - http://aid.animaux.free.fr/.  Don't overlook the oldies - it can be lovely having an old dog in front of the fire, they don't ask much and it's so rewarding to give an mature dog a happy retirement. All the dogs are microchipped, vaccinated and sterilised.  Dogs over 7 years old are free to a good home (just a donation requested) and those over 10 have vet's bills covered up to 600€. Email me if you would like more details or need help with your French.

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should  have said near Gorron

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Hi our horse has arthritis and our vet said an osteopath maybe of benefit to the problem,does anyone know of a veterinary osteopath in the Chaeaubriant area that treats horses???not sure how much they would charge but any  info at all would be very welcome,many thanks.

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Hi,   Does anyone here feed their dogs raw food?  If so, could you please let me know where you purchase the food and if it is possible to buy it in bulk?  Thanks Chris

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thank you so much to those who replied.  I learnt so much about keeping rabbits for eating and rearing baby rabbits.  I now know that I dont want to go down that path despite being given hutches.  Too expensive, too much work.  I'll go to the supermarket if I fancy a stew or pie.  Once again thanks, you know who you are,

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I have had two replies to my topic about rearing rabbits.  I am rewording it as this project is very much on the same lines as the French farmers way of keeping rabbits to eat. My plan is to buy two or three live rabbits from the market to keep in hutches and fatten up for eating like the French farmers do.  I dont want them to produce more little rabbits.  Time scale for fattening is weeks rather than months.  My consumption aims at a rabbit maybe once or twice a month.  As I kill a rabbit I will replace it.  They will not be leaving their hutches so I have to provide all their food.  I'm not sure what green stuff the farmer here takes to his rabbits in his wheelbarrow.(we dont communicate as he is old and speaks local dialect which I cant understand).  A lot of farmers grow what looks like leafy cabbage on fat stalks in their veg plots.  This must be rabbit food as it looks inedible and not for human consumption.  I must ask around my French friends. I suppose the best way forward is to just try it and see if it is cost effective.  It will be fun if nothing else.  I must make sure my wife doesn't give them names and flatly refuses to let me kill them.

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