Winter fuel allowance!

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Lynn Can



A friend said the other day that France will not be getting the UK winter fuel allowance as it is not cold enough, just how cold does it have to get then? Does that also mean that anyone including me that has already been getting it will now have it stopped? Thank you very much on behalf of my friend and anyone else that is having that problem!

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dozygirl-10045474 1441130615

Discussed thousands of times on here.  We're not getting the fuel allowance any more.  End of!

Brian Cave 1441179783

Everyone should read this


It was sent to the Select Committee for Work & Pensions,

You could send your own! Please not the above - YOUR OWN WORDS.

Write to YOUR MP.  Get address here.   Find select committee for W&P also via this link.

If you have a tale of real hardship (yourself or another) in winter write about to [email protected]  to add to a dossier

Dislike IDS ?  then petition here.....



IF you do nothing - Nothing gets done.

Reveuse-918439 1441185724

Who is 'your MP' when you live in France?

Brian Cave 1441186301

That of the last place where you lived in the UK - EVEN IF it was more than 15 years ago and you have no vote..

When writing you must state that circumstance.

It is expected that in the autumn a Votes-for-Life Bill will be tabled in Parliament. Cameron has promised!

CRAZY DIAMOND-631410 1441196513

Well said Brian, 'though getting through to some folk on here is akin to flogging a dead cheval. I'm a great believer in if you do nothing, nothing changes, also if you don't ask, you don't get. HM's government really pulled a fast one when giving the reason why expat Brits in France no longer qualify for the WFA. I wrote to my MP ages ago, but unfortunately his reply was a polite, politically very correct "no".

All you out there who haven't already done so, should contact your MP. If you don't, then don't moan about losing something you're entitled to. If you have time to post on here, you have time to write to your MP.


hughnique 1441201532

I thought it was being challenged by the EU courts as being illegal to withdraw the benefit after dishing it out, it goes without saying, as Syd commented, that they really have pulled a fast one with this one. How on earth have they been able to take in to consideration all these tropical dependencies of France. 

Bentley-386430 1441203402

Well Muggins, it would not appear that this person was asking about 'meals on wheels' they were questioning if we were getting winter fuel allowance.    Many of us who have protested about this feel that in spite of your comments we have adequately paid into the system having worked all our lives paying our insuance contributions and many of us 40% tax.   It is not a favour it is an entitlement.   Do you feel this way about our pensions as well, I sincerely hope not.  

Muggins-969954 1441205041

I'm afràid in modern times it is a favour rather than an entitlement.  A small price to pay when other more important cuts are having to be made. 

dozygirl-10045474 1441216010

Agree with you Muggins.  It is a favour which is no longer available.

hughnique 1441274353

Is this the same government that gave millions to a corrupt childrens charity which folded very shortly after receiving the money, the same government that spent millions on a fence at Calais, the same government that is, allegedly, giving untold amounts in foreign aid, and yet needs to cut expenditure. Easy target , pensioners, they are a burden on the state, cashing in on their pensions which they contributed to over decades, most of them are swimming in cash, they won't miss it.???

Epanista 1441283647

Well said Syd, if EVERY pensioner expat signed the petition, as we all should, then somethig would be done. It's no good moaning if they have not signed.

pimpernelalba 1441376921

Oh wonder we're seen as whining Brits.........but if COZY GIRL thinks that this UK gov't. does anyone outside the establishment any favours, then we're on different planets !!

dozygirl-10045474 1441387446

Just using "muggins" choice of word that's all, and it's dozygirl not COZY GIRL.  It wasn't a right to receive the fuel allowance unlike a pension.

Bentley-386430 1441397348

Many people would not be alive to receive pensions or fuel allowance were it not for Nurses, Firemen and Policemen etc.    They were in a profession that entitled them to a pension at the end of their service so I do not see why they should be included in this discussion.   I could  understand objections being made to  financing the huge number of scroungers in UK but most of us have paid adequately into the system, so I certainly would not feel at all guilty about taking my fuel allowance and certainly do not consider it a favour.     Incidentally I was not employed by  any of the organisations handing out 'fat pensions., nor am I a pensioner swimming in money, just liviing on a state pension topped up thankfully by my own which I paid for out of my salary each month and like many others in the same position most annoyed at having this taken away and having to see so much money wasted in other directions.

brian2bin 1441467983

At the end of the day it has been stopped you are not getting it but if £200 is the differance between living here and freezing you came to the wrong country.

corbeliere 1441474607

Only the Police pay into their own pension scheme at a rate of 13% of their wages, at least that's what it was when I served. If you weren't a Cop then you have not funded their so called fat pension. I would imagine that the Firebrigade is the same. I won't comment on the others as I don't know how theirs are funded.

As for the WFP decision, it is a disgrace in the way that it was calculated. For that reason alone, I think it should still be payable.

phillipbur-636736 1441535131

Hi, yes fire service was same  13%, which was a huge chunk from my piteous pay, especially with 3 kids. A neighbour of our, with compairable house/family ect but unemployed was 10 % better off than us. Struggled for years to pay into the system, to be crapped on by a useless goverment, time the whole lot were rolled up and dumped! So much for WFP. Could be that i speak English!

[email protected] 1441732057

I used to work for a Government Department but have got a small pension that I contributed to in 2 ways (i) through the deuction made under Widows and Orphans fund - just a Civil Service way of deducting pension contributionswhilst saying it was non-contributory and (ii) paying taxes that we all pay  I have stated before the WFA was supposed to be a one off payment for one year only to save the Brown treasury fully funding that years pension increase. It was then decided it was a great wheeze and has saved millions since it's introduction -that percentage increase year on year on everyone's pensions would have cost far more. Now it can be removed from us first and then gradually from other pensioners I suspect. It  paid one quarter of our wood bill over here so yes I will miss it but I thnk more annoying is the fallacy still going round that it should be a permanent part of an increase in the pension. Also the fact that the British Hot colonies are not included in the equation for working out who should get it. I used to work with people whose annual pensions are 10 years of my annual wage and if they have their main residence as the UK they still get WFA. Because of how things work the Government still take £27 per month tax of me as I have a Civil Service pension as added to the State pension it takes me over the threshold whereas it wouldn't here in France. I would have lots more than £200 if I didn't have to pay that. Stll ove here I have had both hips replaced in the last year whereas the UK wouldn't do it in over 10 years of growing agony so I'm not going back.


fea 1442078412

I think it's appalling that the Government can arbitrarily deny pensioners their rights, just because they live outside the UK.  And even more annoying when you think of the underhand way it was done.  Lots of expats in France still pay UK tax (I'm not one of them) and it must be even more galling to them.  BUT, worse than that is the denying of  pension increases to those that live outside the EU.  There are pensioners in places like Australia who receive pensions that have withered on the vine and are now worth just a few pounds a week.  Why?  They paid in the same as everyone else.  It's not just this Government, but past ones as well.  They're all guilty of hitting soft targets.  We can't vote after 15 years so we don't count.  Shame on them I say.   As for me, well my husband is suffering from cancer and last winter we needed the heating on 24/7 because he'd lost so much weight he couldn't keep warm.  That extra bit of cash helped a great deal.  I know it's not a lot, and having it withdrawn won't stop me burning the extra oil this winter to keep him warm..  But as folks who are below the tax threshold it did make a difference. 

mushrooms-10050297 1442161550

Something to look forward to. !

brian2bin 1442422262

The uk will give you a heap of money , a home and a paid for mobile phone however to qualify for that you must not have paid a penny into the system and be a migrant so we all lose out as per.

Muggins-969954 1442423519

You are obviously not one of the thousands on social media who say the UK should be doing more  for migrants then. 

brian2bin 1442424842

I am certainly not they have taken our fuel allowance and given it to well off migrants as far as i can see .I do not have an i phone and designer clothing .I am one for getting UK sorted out with homes for the homeless and decent pensions for our own citizens .Only after our house is in order then we can help others.

corbeliere 1442429757

Well said Brian. I fully agree.

CRAZY DIAMOND-631410 1442449776

You fully agree with what?


CRAZY DIAMOND-631410 1442450392

Lynn Can and all the others out there, have you written to your MP yet? Come on, let's be knowing. You were bitching about the fact your WFA may be withdrawn, so what have you done about it since posting on 01 September?


buster-784461 1442586172

If you are of 'modest' income you should be getting the lower electric charge .

Tarif de Première Nécessité (TPN)

fea 1442671628

Thank you for the link Buster Normandy.  I'm not sure I'm reading this correctly.  If you are a couple with two children and have a net income of less than 2034 euros PER MONTH then you qualify for a reduction in electricity costs of up to 140 euros per year.  OR if you have a RFR equal to 2174 euros per part.  But is that 2174 per month or year.  Because if its per year than I doubt anyone would be able to live on that amount but if its per month, that means someone without children gets a better deal.  I'm confused.

rene1950 1452348367

A bit long winded but just copied from a Telegraph item: I'm going to give it a try..


Sir Roger Boaden

The idea is that if enough MPs sign the prayer to register their opposition to the rule-change, the Government may decide that the matter merits a Parliamentary debate. He has already gained support from five other Members of Parliament. In an email to Mr Boaden, Sir Roger, the MP for North Thanet, explained how he hopes to halt the rule change.

“The statutory instrument was laid on Dec 10 and there are 40 days for Members to pray against it. Allowing for Christmas recess that takes us to February 9 and we now need as many signatures of MPs – particularly Conservatives – to be added to the prayer as possible," he wrote.

Sir Roger urged those interested to write to their own UK Member of Parliament at their last UK address and ask them to sign the Early Day Motion 695 (

“Interested parties should indicate the personal effect that the removal of WFA will have upon them," he advised.

“There is no guarantee that this will prove successful, that parliamentary time will be provided for a debate or that the Coalition will heed the outcome of any such debate if there is one but the cause is just and it is worth a try.

“There is a widespread and fallacious view that expat UK citizens are all stinking rich and sitting on yachts in Nice or Cannes drinking gin and tonic. Many are, in fact, living under harsh conditions, cold, unable to return to the UK and on the poverty line. To suggest otherwise and then to use French Caribbean territories to 'massage' the winter temperature figures is, frankly, offensive."

livingthepeace 1452350734

If Brussels is already looking into it, why not write to your MEPs too and give it extra strength?


Unless of course, it's too much hard work and much easier whining on forums!!!

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