The Ladies’ Circle

Every Thu


The Ladies’ Circle meets on the 4th Thursday of each month in the commune of Mouillerons en Pareds. Its purpose is to share skills and talents in an atmosphere of friendly fellowship – and what a lot of talented and interesting people we have found among the group. Together we decide on our programme for the year.

Sessions may be led by one of our members, or, from time to time, we have a craft afternoon where everyone brings something that they are working on, so we may find out more about fresh hobbies that we may be interested in pursuing. We have had talks on and introductions to, for example, bees and making honey, dolls and doll’s houses, drawing and watercolour painting, making soft toys or sweets or sausages. We have got together to make table centres for Christmas and icing flower decorations for cakes. The Ladies Circle is not exclusive to members of the Church and there are members who do not go to any church. Contact Joan Stewart