Sale or exchange wanted

Posted by: Barry-Overall-894846 · 1488802621

I Have a house in Southern Ireland on the gateway to Connemara, in a very scenic area surrounded by mountains, it has the possibility for six bedrooms or can be configured in many ways, library, office, hobby rooms etc,  there is 2 and a half acres but could be sold / exchanged with less, it is a eco home so has solar tubes, heat recovery system, bio mass boiler, very well insulated, central vacuum system.  There is a garage and a large workshop next to the house.

I am open to selling or exchanging as we wish to move to France, the exchange can be less value in France and made up with other money, This house was valued at 380,000 euros in 2015 but I am willing to negotiate nearer  350,000 euros for a quick sale / exchange.

Feel free to contact me for photos and more information