Maya John Prigioni

Hello, my name is Maya John Prigioni. I am a trained counsellor with a Bachelors degree in Psychology (India), a Masters degree in Psychology as well as a Diploma in Counselling (U.K.) and a Certificate in Cyber counselling (Canada).

This has equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to counsel people from various walks of life specially expats from different continents facing day to day problems adjusting to completely different cultures. Even though my theoretical model has been eclectic so far with more focus on Carl Rogers Client Centred Therapy, I do draw upon some of the other approaches as and when need be.

I am an ethnic Indian married to a European and bringing up two children with a mix of Eastern and Western values. Therefore my thought processes and response to situations have evolved exponentially over fifteen years. My educational background and counselling in different countries helping clients deal with everyday situations as well as working with and counselling marginalised people with different needs have equipped me with skills and processes that are needed to interact with those who seek me for cyber counselling.

Such a background also gives me deeper insights and more sensitive analytical tools. Therefore, I am able to bring quite a different perspective that would bring about a markedly positive change in my clients with different psychological needs.

Because my counselling is web-based I can offer my services to expats around the globe.