The Natural Dermatology Clinic
Specialized in natural dermatology treatments. Opening Times: Monday 09:00-18:00, Tuesday to Friday 09:00-19:00 and Saturday 09:00-13:00. 10 Harley Street, Westminster, W1G 9PF.
The London Dermatology Centre
Skin cancer, hair loss, acne, rosacea, trichology, scar and keloid treatments. 69 Wimpole Street, Westminster, W1G 8AS.
Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth
Focusing on skin diseases such as skin cancers, moles, psoriasis, contact dermatitis and skin conditions arising from other diseases. 60 Grove End Road, St. Johns Wood, Westminster NW8 9NH.
The London Skin Clinic
Rosacea, acne, rashes, vitiligo, skin cancer, removal of skin tags, hair loss and skin lymphoma treatment. 108 Harley Street, Westminster, W1G 7ET.
Chase Farm Hospital
Provide dermatology treatments. Opening Times: Monday to Friday 10:00-12:00 and 13:30-15:00. The Ridgeway, Middlesex, Enfield, EN2 8JL.
London Medical
Cosmetic and paediatric dermatology, skin cancer, nail fungus and psoriasis treatments. Opening Times: Monday to Friday 08:30-20:00. 49 Marylebone High Street, Westminster, W1U 5HJ.
London Dermatology Clinic
Mole removal, skin tag removal, wart removal and cyst removal. 123 Cannon Street, City of London, EC4N 5AX.
Cosmedics Skin Clinics
Specialized in skin treatment. Opening Times: Monday 12:00-18:00, Tuesday to Thursday 09:30-20:00, Friday 09:00-18:00, Saturday 09:00-17:00 and Sunday 10:00-16:00. 4 Disraeli Road, Putney, SW15 2DS.
The Angel Laser Clinic
Provide medical and cosmetic dermatological consultations and treatments. Opening Times: Monday to Friday 09:00-20:00, Saturday and Sunday 10:00-18:00. 144 Liverpool Road, Islington, N1 1LA.
Chelsea Outpatient Centre
Skin cancers, mole evaluation, psoriasis and eczema treatments. 280 Kings Road, Kensington and Chelsea, SW3 5AW.
West London Dermatology Centre
Treatments for acne, psoriasis, vitiligo and melasma and cosmetic improvement of lines. Opening hours: Monday to Wednesday, Friday 10:00-20:00, Thursday 10:00-18:00 and Saturday 10:00-17:00. 227-229 Chiswick High Road, Hounslow W4 2DW.
The London Skin and Hair Clinic
Provide skin, hair, scalp, nails and genitals and paediatric dermatology treatments. 19 Cavendish Square, Westminster, W1G 0PL.
Wilbraham Place Practice
Specialized in skin, scalp, hair and nails treatments. Opening Times: Monday to Friday 08:00-19:00 and Saturday 09:00-14:00. 9A Wilbraham Place, Kensington and Chelsea, SW1 X9AE.
The Phytoclinic
Natural dermatology treatments. 8 Harley Street, Westminster, W1G 9PF.
European Dermatology London
Provide medical and cosmetic dermatology treatments. 10 Harley Street, Westminster, W1G 9PF.
The Physicians’ Clinic
Micrographic dermatological and photodynamic surgery, cosmetic dermatology and laser treatments. 13 - 14 Devonshire Street, Westminster, W1G 7AE.
Chase Lodge Hospital
Treatments for eczema, psoriasis, skin tags and allergies. Opening Times: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 08:00-19:00, Tuesday 08:00-19:30, Friday 08:00-17:30, Saturday 09:00-12:00 and Sunday 10:00-14:00. Page Street, Mill Hill, Barnet, NW7 2ED.
Wimpole Aesthetics
Skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal and corrective skin treatments. 48 Wimpole Street, Westminster W1G 8SF.
Skin Care Network
Specialized in dermatology treatments. Opening Times: Monday to Friday 08:00-20:00 and Saturday 08:00-13:00. 3 Church Passage, Wood Street, Barnet, EN5 4QS.
Simply Skin Medical
Specialized in skin cancer and surgery, vulvar and aesthetic dermatology treatments. 25 Upper Wimpole Street, Westminster, W1G 6NF.
Health & Aesthetic Clinic
Provide hair removal, skin tags, and laser treatment. 374 Shooters Hill Road, Greenwich, SE18 4LS.
Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic
Skin consultation and treatment. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00. 10 Harley Street, Westminster W1G 9PF.
Harley Street Skin Clinic
Specialized in skin rejuvenation and stretch marks treatments. 48 Harley Street, Westminster, W1G 9PU.
The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic
Provide skin, hair and nails treatments. OpenMon-10:00-19:00, Tue:9:00-19:00, Wed:9:00-17:00, Thur-9:00-18:00, Fri-8:20-18:00, Sat: 9:00-13:00.  35 Devonshire Place, London, W1G 6.JP
Walk In Clinic
Provide psoriasis, eczema, shingles, moles, acne, warts, allergic reactions, cysts, lumps and bumps treatments. Opening Times: Monday to Friday 07:30-18:30. Renown House, 33–34 Bury Street, City of London, EC3A 5AR.
London Ethnic Skin Limited
Provide skin and hair treatments. 2 Royal College Street, Camden, NW1 0TU.
Chelsea Bridge Clinic
Medical dermatology and cosmetic dermatology. Ground Floor, Riverfront, Chelsea Bridge Wharf, 368 Queenstown Rd, Wandsworth, SW8 4NN.
The Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic
Provide chemical skin peel, wrinkle and filler wrinkle treatments. Opening Times: Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00. Pond Street, Camden, NW3 2QG.
Highgate Hospital
Specialized in acne, excessive sweating, mole checks, skin allergy and cancers, seborrhoeic warts and vulval dermatology treatments. 17-19 View Road Highgate, Haringey, N6 4DJ.
Dr David Harris FRCP
Dermatologic surgery, scar improvements, laser therapy and aesthetic services. 152 Harley Street, Westminster, W1G 7LH.
Beacon Face & Dermatology
Provide treatments for acne, dermatofibroma, viral warts, lunula laser, rosacea, atopic and eczema. 34 Hans Road, Kensington and Chelsea, SW3 1RW.
The Portland Hospital
Provide dermatology treatment. 212 Great Portland Street, Westminster, W1W 5QN.
The MOLE Clinic Ltd
Skin cancer detection and teledermatology services. 9 Argyll Street, Westminster W1F 7TG.
sk:n Clinics
Specialists in dermatology and non-surgical skin treatments. Locations all over London.
Barnet Hospital
Provide skin cancers and dermatology treatments. Wellhouse Lane, Herts, Barnet, EN5 3DJ.
Surgical and non surgical treatment. Connaught Street, Westminster, W2 2AZ.
The Marylebone Clinic
Provide Eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, lines and wrinkles, melasma, scars and keloids treatments. 144 Harley Street, Westminster, W1G 7LE.