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Bank Instrument for project funding 0 Financial & Legal
Dear Sir/MadamWe are offering a project funding program for clients seeking project funding as non-recourse for qua
started by: Lincoln-Saunders-919519 · last update: 1516018541 · posted: 1516018541
Please let me know if this price is acceptable. 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I am interested in buying a car when i move to Cyprus. Can you please let me know if the price for this car is over
started by: John-Ioannides-919285 · last update: 1515754207 · posted: 1515754207
Direct financial services Bg, Sblc 0 Financial & Legal
We are DirectProviders of Fresh cut BG - SBLC - MTN and other financial services to enhancebusinesses and companies
started by: Michael-Goldberg-919100 · last update: 1515591845 · posted: 1515591845
Advice on Internet and phone connections... 0 Home & Garden
Please can anyone offer advice / share their experiences about the best way to have an internet, phone connection i
started by: John -white-917514 · last update: 1513681181 · posted: 1513681181
Long Term Rental Loule 2 General
Does anyone know of long term rentals in the Loule area, we are looking to rent a villa every year through the wint
started by: Rob-Taylor-Brown-917274 · last update: 1513445872 · posted: 1513359325
Help needed with wood worm problem in beams 1 Home & Garden
We have a house in the northern tip of the Maremma in Tuscany about 1 hours south of Siena. We have a problem with
started by: Jenny -Hunt -915426 · last update: 1511640401 · posted: 1511373520
Holiday rental websites 0 General
Hi, I own 3 apartments in Benidorm, Spain and am looking to rent them out - either short term or long term.What are
started by: Southern Guy · last update: 1510409011 · posted: 1510409011
Looking to move to Herault/Occitanie in March... 0 General
Hi all, just found this forum online and thought first of all I would say hello, second of all I am looking to move
started by: Mike-Butcher-914034 · last update: 1510107007 · posted: 1510107007
What is the important to know about Portugal... 1 General
Hi I am Filipino British citizens currently living here in London  planing to move to Lisbon next year. But be
started by: Rose-Ann-912361 · last update: 1508515988 · posted: 1508410667
Wants to participate in Research for the... 0 General
Hello everyone,We are doing a legitimate research for the GovernmentAnd we are looking for participants who are mor
started by: Elodie-Bocquet-912084 · last update: 1508143182 · posted: 1508143182
work 3 AngloINFO Support
Anyone with any information in relation to how best to secure work ? The area of work required is catering, experie
started by: CAROL-BUSBY-911181 · last update: 1507930956 · posted: 1507281238
Work certificates 1 General
Hello.I am currently living in England ,but me and my girl planing to move in to Cuprys in 1 of December.So my ques
started by: Plamen-Dulev-911316 · last update: 1507494001 · posted: 1507416601
"yellow slip" holder in Cyprus 2 Financial & Legal
I am an Asian married to a Brit and holder of the "yellow slip" paper (residency permit) in Cyprus which runs out i
started by: ruth-williams-910755 · last update: 1507021416 · posted: 1506892210
public transport 2 General
looking to move to Domeno Spain, near Lliria. What urban buses serve that area please?
started by: robin-arrow-909949 · last update: 1507019097 · posted: 1506870575
Looking for someone with mini digger to remove... 2 Home & Garden
We are landscaping our garden and need somebody to dig out existing hedging anytime between 7th and 12th October. &
started by: Jon-Travers-901342 · last update: 1505587431 · posted: 1505387895
How to find a local lawyer for a holiday... 1 Financial & Legal
Hi allehen we were on holiday in Brittany recently, my teenage daughter had her nose broken while we were cycling w
started by: Steve -Everton -909159 · last update: 1505315834 · posted: 1505075207
moving to France 0 AngloINFO Support
General advice and specific as am somewhat disabled
started by: marisa-mann-908514 · last update: 1504217221 · posted: 1504217221
Brittany Ferries Code 0 General
Hi does anyone have a Brittany Ferries code that we could use to get a discount please. Very much appreciated and t
started by: Sandra-Holdsworth-897574 · last update: 1503437041 · posted: 1503437041
Looking or House with Gite for the permanent... 0 Home & Garden
So far we have seen two properties that were within budget but missed on one or other of the Must have points in th
started by: Don-Baker-905359 · last update: 1500648934 · posted: 1500648934
Looking for Chris Deards artist Avignon 0 General
Just wondering if anyone has heard from Chris Deards (my Uncle) in recent years. He was living and working in Avign
started by: Nicola-Deards-904930 · last update: 1500237237 · posted: 1500237235