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Fresh cut bank instrument for lease/sale... 0 Financial & Legal
We have a direct provider of fresh cut bank instrument for lease/sale, such as BG,SBLC, MTN, Bank Bonds,specific...
started by: Graham-John-900789 · last update: 1495740570 · posted: 1495740570
Medical History 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
When moving to France can you transfer your medical history?
started by: Geoffrey-Tidy-890774 · last update: 1495643431 · posted: 1484080414
French national living in UK wanting to ... 1 Financial & Legal
My wife is French and I'm British and she would like to change her surname to to include both her maiden name an...
started by: Neil-Fernandez-887177 · last update: 1495643372 · posted: 1483648819
Question about visas 0 Financial & Legal
Hello,I'm British but my partner is Italian. Does he need to apply for this EEA Permanent Residence docum...
started by: RebeccaHarperIAS · last update: 1495643239 · posted: 1495643239
Moving to France 1 Home & Garden
We are moving to France - South West - in late July/August.  I would really appreciate some impartial recom...
started by: Frank-Higgins-900144 · last update: 1495556240 · posted: 1494971777
Air Con Units 0 Home & Garden
Aircon engineer required to install 2 split units in the confolens area i have all the equipment
started by: eamon-crawley-869401 · last update: 1491987669 · posted: 1491987669
South of France-London Flat trade 0 General
Hello, we are a self-employed professional couple with a lovely two bedroom flat on Nice Port in the South of Fr...
started by: Jillyville · last update: 1491647487 · posted: 1491647487
BBC i Player New TV Shows 1 Entertainment
Hey is there any entertainment freak.. i am looking for a list of new upcoming shows on bbc i player, Netflix an...
started by: sara-sharrock-895200 · last update: 1489405743 · posted: 1489148951
move some furniture from Brittany (renne... 0 AngloINFO Support
Hello I am looking for a van to transport some furniture from Rennes to London.  I would need the van anyti...
started by: olivia-allen-roche-895207 · last update: 1489159144 · posted: 1489159144
Hedge trimming 0 Home & Garden
Hi, I have a large leylandi hedge that needs pruning, probably around 100 meters of it in all. Does anyone know ...
started by: Georgina-Slater -894283 · last update: 1488206486 · posted: 1488206486
British TV Dating Show Looking to Find B... 0 Entertainment
A new British TV dating series is looking for British singletons living abroad in stunning remote places.  ...
started by: Dean-Palmer-894068 · last update: 1487937434 · posted: 1487937434
FRAUD 0 AngloINFO Support
Hello.   I see that is advertising on yopur site.  Would you kindly warn your u...
started by: Smokey-Mar-893929 · last update: 1487780621 · posted: 1487780621
auto entrepreneur status in France 0 Financial & Legal
I am resident in UK and from French Nationality. Can i set up a limited company in UK and at the same time be au...
started by: Jean-Patou-893904 · last update: 1487761022 · posted: 1487761022
English speaking builders 0 Home & Garden
He I have recently bought a house in St paul en-foret (var), and it is need of some renovation works to be carri...
started by: vincenzo-fortunato-893394 · last update: 1487171705 · posted: 1487171705
Visit to Collioure and Canine Leishmania... 0 Pets & Animals
We will be visiting Collioure at the end of June for 10 days from the UK with our toy poodle and our vet this si...
started by: Caroline-Lander-893379 · last update: 1487154829 · posted: 1487154829
Help Wanted 0 AngloINFO Support
looking to move to Hellean would appreciate any help with local contacts and village local knowledge
started by: ROBERT-WIGGINTON-891510 · last update: 1485023200 · posted: 1485023200
Urgent - recommendation for a dog kennel... 0 Home & Garden
Hi , I am new to this site so helloCan anyone recommend a good kennel outside of Calais, ...
started by: tom-wesolowski-891037 · last update: 1484409779 · posted: 1484409779
Looking for some help with my horse ridi... 0 AngloINFO Support
started by: Christine-Greener-890844 · last update: 1484158887 · posted: 1484158887
School 0 Families & Kids
We are hoping to move to Aix with our 13 year old son.  Has anyone got any experience of IBS please, the revie...
started by: Ky-Puech-881370 · last update: 1482919742 · posted: 1482919742
Monaco GP 2017 Access to Red Bull Energ... 0 Sport & Leisure
Hello Friends , I am just about to start making arrangements for my annual visit to Monaco for the F1 Grand Prix...
started by: [email protected] · last update: 1481931493 · posted: 1481931493
Music and Festivals 0 Entertainment
I'm heading to Albufeira for the period mid January to mid March. Does anyone know of any good classical or Fado...
started by: Mark-Rigby-854990 · last update: 1479646209 · posted: 1479646209
Turkey price 0 General
Hi, We will be coming over to our holiday home in the Deux Sevres for the christmas holidays and we are t...
started by: Fran-Healy-878339 · last update: 1479474169 · posted: 1479474169
Moving to Singapore 0 Non-local
Hi all,My name is Jekil and I am currently planning to move to Singapore from London. I have s...
started by: Jekil-Parsotam-873967 · last update: 1478551773 · posted: 1478551773
Anyone know some who can promote my holi... 1 General
I have a Holiday home in France and dont want to pay expensive rates to get bookings.  Anyone know anyone?
started by: Poppydoo · last update: 1478205866 · posted: 1478204875
Electric Cars in Singapore 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
In April of this year I read a Singapore government paper that stated that the registration and taxes associated...
started by: Dan-Stover-871772 · last update: 1477052828 · posted: 1476037493
English Speaking Motor Mechanic in Madri... 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
does anyone know of a reliable English motor mechanic in Madrid as I have two vehicles that need to be recovered...
started by: Graeme -King-871140 · last update: 1475417769 · posted: 1475417769
static caravan 0 Home & Garden
I would like to buy a sited caravan; can anyone tell me how to go about it and what the pitfalls are?
started by: beverly-gallagher-868297 · last update: 1472571784 · posted: 1472571784
Young french couple seeking for accomoda... 0 General
We are a french young couple, Celine and Adrian, 20 and 2...
started by: Btise · last update: 1472390130 · posted: 1472390130
Dog on paphos motorway 0 Pets & Animals
started by: zoe-harford-866799 · last update: 1471011196 · posted: 1471011196
local rugby match 0 Sport & Leisure
Hello,I work for a TV company in the UK and I'm looking for a local rugby match to film in the eithe...
started by: Helen-Soothill-866537 · last update: 1470756475 · posted: 1470756475
NIE number 0 AngloINFO Support
Can anyone recommend a good company to help me apply for an NIE number?  I had a terrible experience recent...
started by: Mark-Griffith-865931 · last update: 1470073385 · posted: 1470073385
Searching a photography job in South Kor... 0 General
Hi, Im actively searching for a position in photography, creative field. Would any one know or could suggest web...
started by: Photographer Dmitrij Vasilenko · last update: 1469886011 · posted: 1469886011
Parking near Nice airport 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Does anyone know any long term parking near Nice airport that is good value? Thanks!
started by: Will-Finley-865291 · last update: 1469374314 · posted: 1469374314
English speaking vet required 0 Pets & Animals
Hello, could anyone recommend an English speaking vet that would be able to provide the required tapeworm treatm...
started by: Rachel-Collis-864382 · last update: 1468318771 · posted: 1468318771
My Companies Main Activity Takes Place i... 0 Financial & Legal
We are a UK based business offering fishing trips in France to UK consumers. We lease a lake and have set up ser...
started by: Kevin-Galtrey-864096 · last update: 1468314330 · posted: 1468314330
Established, forward thinking Estate Age... 0 General
We are interested to find an ambitious London based Estate agencywhich wants to join us to sell superb pr...
started by: pie in the sky · last update: 1467994772 · posted: 1467994772
Golf Courses near Ceret 0 Sport & Leisure
Hello,May be moving to Ceret to join family and I was hoping to get some further information from any gol...
started by: Simon-Knowles-863554 · last update: 1467380828 · posted: 1467380828
Cbt Therapy Psychologist Depression 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Mindfulness Therapy London  goal is to recognize how those ide...
started by: Cbt -Therapy-863514 · last update: 1467359205 · posted: 1467359205
"CONFORAMA" & "IKEA" Stores, Lisbon, Por... 0 Home & Garden
Can anybody pleased help me?  I need to contact  "Customer Services" for "CONFORAMA"  and for "IK...
started by: Carol-Howes-862538 · last update: 1466359928 · posted: 1466359928
John and Sally Farrell 0 Families & Kids
Hello, I am trying to get in touch with John and Sally Farrell who live/ lived in Nenec. Its a small commune clo...
started by: Pauline-Johnson-Bell-862289 · last update: 1466069788 · posted: 1466069788
living in russia but working overseas 0 Families & Kids
hi looking for any advice from people who have married a russian national, sought temporary residence in russia ...
started by: simon-fuller-862197 · last update: 1465989910 · posted: 1465989910
Where should we move to? 2 General
Hi There. Luiza and I would like to partially relocate from London to somewhere in the Balearics. The question i...
started by: stephen-kirk-861169 · last update: 1465551376 · posted: 1464891030
Slightly confused. 1 Financial & Legal
Hello,I lived in Cyprus for many years when I was a young woman now I am planning to return.  My pro...
started by: Kaliaclia Ann-Gills-861428 · last update: 1465550913 · posted: 1465234509
wi fi in Roquebrune cap martin . 0 General
Hi , I am currently staying in Roquebrune cap Martin , and I really need wi fi access , would anyone be willing ...
started by: [email protected] · last update: 1463566004 · posted: 1463566004
Translation & Localization 1 General
started by: Asian Absolute · last update: 1463042483 · posted: 1463042268
Looking for primary school - any advice ... 0 Families & Kids
We are moving to the area in September and looking at schools for our kids (aged 6 and 8). Does anyone have any ...
started by: Anne-B-857560 · last update: 1461659593 · posted: 1461659593
Baby-sitting in South of France 0 Families & Kids
Does anyone recommend a baby-sitting service in Bordeaux or Toulouse for this summer? Thank you in advanc...
started by: Andrew-Roberts-857501 · last update: 1461599209 · posted: 1461599209
Looking for the best Party Planner in Lo... 0 Entertainment
HiI was looking for the best party pl...
started by: Mahmed88 · last update: 1461539287 · posted: 1461539287
Man with a van 0 Home & Garden
I was wondering if the community can help? I am coming out in May to build a deck at my caravan. I need some dec...
started by: james -kenning-857274 · last update: 1461404741 · posted: 1461404741
Help 0 AngloINFO Support
Hi I would like to  change my email address on this site, The site does not inform you how to d...
started by: Asone · last update: 1460280414 · posted: 1460280414