Adorable Marmoset Monkeys

Posted by: Nathan-Bignell-1012095 · 1633625999

Baby Pygmy Marmoset Monkeys ready to go now, fed on normal 

everyday foods, i.e. potato, chips, greens etc as well as mealworms/crickets. 

can be kept inside (with UV lighting) or outdoors. 

About Primate:

17 and half weeks old

Gender: M/F

Eating real good Very good with children.

Comes with a DWA License Permit 

from the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources

which gives you the right to own and keep a

Pygmy Marmoset as a household pet.

Eating real good great with children and other household pets.

I need them gone into good homes and would like to start the 

re-homing process as soon as possible.