Healing and Transforming Retreat — Psychotherapy, Mindfulness and Yoga Combined with a Sunny Holiday in Lanzarote 14th-21st June 2020

Intensive Therapy and Yoga Retreats

Villa Amatista, Camino las Huertitas 11, La Vegueta-Tinajo, Lanzarote

DATE: 14th-21st June 2020

EARLY BOOKING: €2,100 Book before 31st March and get this discounted offer. There are other discounts for different rooms and sharing if you like this option — please ask for more details.

COST: €2,200 This includes a minimum of 9 hours of Therapy, 7 hours of mindfulness (which is mixed with therapy techniques) and 16 hours of yoga. There is also an open questions session about therapy and mindfulness — how to take the learning and experiences into your everyday life, as an extra session. There is a minimum of 32 led hours throughout the retreat.

TRAVEL: Flights direct from Luxembourg (4 hours — you need to book and pay for your flights and transfer)

LEADERS: Sharon Mills MA CBT, Jessica Janusz for Yoga and Esmee Chengapen therapist.

RETREAT DETAILS: 7 days at the retreat center, with 5 days of full intensive therapy, yoga and mindfulness with some optional meditation. This is proven way to `fast track` therapy. There are 2 free days. Wednesday afternoon is free for other activities and there will be 2 evening yoga activities and for those who prefer 2 mindfulness sessions. Full board, 3 meals a day which are vegetarian (gluten or dairy free). You have the use of the grounds with it`s secluded areas for contemplation and relaxation areas, swimming pool, the group room, and the individual therapy room.

AIMS: We aim to give you an experience that can help you change your life, with long lasting affects. Psychotherapy can help you heal yourself after difficult situations, difficult or complicated relationships and to achieve your goals and therefore helping you to live a deep, rich and fulfilling life. Also we aim to help you become more connected to yourself, move forward with confidence and full of love, energy and passion for yourself and life. 

We three therapists will give you total support going through the whole process.

THEME: Reconnecting to yourself and healing past difficulties which are hard to let go of. 

OBJECTIVES: To achieve your goals and not let the past hold you back. 

More information about the Retreat can be found here: https://medium.com/@sharon.mills/intensive-therapy-retreats-c61e31493ddf

More information about Sharon Mills can be found here: https://counselling-sharonmills-luxembourg.com/