Lyndsay Coaching

As a professional coach I have come to find my purpose in serving others. Liberating people from the mind-set and heart-set that limits their ability to heal their body, find authentic relationships and be content with who they are.

I believe as people we all have a story. A story created in childhood, which either hinders us or liberates us. I wish to help people discover their story, their reason for their lack of self-love and to help them take authorship of their own lives. 

We will reduce the inherent fear that may or may not be visible to you. We will integrate the parts of you that you have disliked for big parts of your life. We will discover how to remove regrets and better be with those painful moments that have shaped us yet no longer serve us.

In addition to me supporting you to find your story I will support you with your relationship with your child. When we develop a healthy relationship with ourselves, we can only but improve the relationship with our children. Additionally, I support children directly if you as a parent feel this is more suitable.