Analie Tax & Consulting

Specialisists in expatriate and personal tax.  Reliable cost efficient solutions to individuals (or companies with expatriates) who have UK, US and/or Luxembourg personal tax obligations including assignees, transfers, cross border or mobile workers.

Analie Tax & Consulting specialises in UK, US and Luxembourg personal taxes for expatriates.  Founded in 2013 by Laura Foulds, Analie aims to provide easy to understand personal tax advice in this complex area of taxation.  With over 15 years’ experience, we offer a customised service tailored to your needs.

We recognise that, for individuals, it’s not an easy task to get tax returns correct – they can be complicated, time consuming and even a little scary!  So, whether you have recently relocated to Luxembourg, have been here for years, work cross border, are looking for help with your tax returns or just some general advice, we are confident that we can help.  Some of our main services include:-

  • Annual Luxembourg tax returns (resident & non-resident)
  • Luxembourg non-resident proxy services
  • Annual UK tax returns
  • UK residence/domicile advice
  • Annual US tax returns (Federal & State)
  • US Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Plan assistance

For employers, we can help streamline the processes involved with relocating staff by drafting assignment/tax equalisation policies, structuring assignments, designing remuneration packages and managing the ongoing tax compliance obligations for your employees.  We also offer annual workshops for your staff to ensure they can understand and manage their taxes effectively.

For any questions, please visit our website or if you would like a quick call to discuss your situation, please contact Laura by phone / email/ Skype: