Sunflower Montessori Creche

Luxembourgs premium English Language creche. Sunflower also offers foyer de jour, after school and a Saturday school from 4 years old. At 13 route de Treves & 7 rue Lou Hemmer, Findel & 72 rue de Remich, Moutfort and 15 route de Remich, Ersange.

Where care and education go hand in hand!

Sunflower Montessori is Luxembourg’s leading English speaking Montessori crèche. Founded in 2001, Sunflower has built a solid reputation of providing the very best care and pre-school education available.

Sunflower is committed to the principles of Maria Montessori and to providing a safe, secure and happy environment for children from three months to four years. We offer a foyer de jour for children up to 4 years old and a Saturday school where we teach reading and writing to children from 4 years.

We have three beautiful locations in Findel route de Treves, Galileo building Findel, Moutfort and Ersange. Each location has a large garden with outside toys, activities, pets and space for the children to grow their own plants. 

The children are separated into groups. 
Each age group has a program and Montessori environment specifically designed to stimulate and encourage the children to achieve their developmental goals and meet their social and emotional needs.


Our bus pick-up service offers transport for your child from school to Sunflower. They can enjoy a hot lunch and a healthy afternoon snack, whilst talking part int he planned afternoon activities.


Sunflower is a perfect place to learn English. We welcome children of all nationalities. The children listen to stories, poetry and take part in singing and plays.


Sunflower recognizes the important of multilingualism in Luxembourg and int he Luxembourg educational system. We have children of many nationalities; therefore language and speech are extremely important. Twice a week the afternoons are conducted in French. We recognize that each child has a sensitive period for language. During this time children have an especially strong sensitivity to absorb another language.


All Sunflower facilities have very large, secure well-eqquiped sunny gardens with trees where we study natureand have picnincs int he summer. We have various equipment for outdoor play including large sandpits and small pools in the summer.



15, route de Remich L-5423 ERSANGE Luxembourg

Phone: +352 26 15 93 1


72, route de Remich L-5330 MOUTFORT Luxembourg


13, route de Trèves L-2632 FINDEL Luxembourg


7, rue Lou Hemmer L-1748 FINDEL Luxembourg

Plus our new creche in Brussels

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