Accountants, Auditors & Bookkeepers

English-speaking accountants in Luxembourg to help expats with tax and financial matters such as payroll, accounting, annual tax returns and company formation. Auditing and advisory services for companies can also be found here.

Fiduciaire Alpha
Accounting and auditing services including tax, domicile, company formation, legal . Located at 1A, route de Luxembourg, L-7240 Bereldange
Accounting firm offering accounting services such as Luxembourg and offshore company formation and administration, accounting, corporate, value added and personal tax services and salary calculations. At : 14, rue Edward Steichen L-2540 
Advensys Conseil
Advensys Conseil is an accounting firm located in Luxembourg and UK for 10 years. We provide our services to companies and to private persons.
Acumen Corporate Services SarlS
We create a cloud-based end-to-end service, ensuring your business is at your finger-tips anytime, anywhere. Coming from a big 4 background, we love doing your accounting, so you have time to do beautiful business and grow your enterprise.
Fiduciaire Reuter Jean
Accountant also providing tax advisory, auditing, payroll administration, creation and domiciliation of companies services. At 3 rue Thomas Edison, L-1445 Luxembourg.
beTax Advisory & Compliance Services
Corporate tax advisors. Located at 50, rue de Mühlenbach, L-2168 Luxembourg
BDO Luxembourg
Audit, tax advice, accountancy, investment funds and pension funds, financial engineering, human resources administration, IT engineering and operations. At 1 rue Jean Piret , L-2350 Luxembourg
Accounting and tax services for the self-employed, individuals and companies. At: 43 avenue John F. Kennedy, Luxembourg.
IF Group
Firm of accountants and tax advisers catering for national and international individuals and companies. Head office at: 45 Rue des Scillas, Howald, Luxembourg.
Luxembourg Unlimited
Accounting, Tax, Payroll, Consulting and Company Formation. Services for commercial and non-commercial companies. Low fees limited time offer for existing holding companies. Please contact us for details. At 9, A Kartzen, L-9157 Heiderscheid.
International audit and accounting services for small, medium and large companies, tax, legal and management advice, At 2, rue Gerhard Mercator, L-2182  Luxembourg
Fiduciaire Becker, Gales & Brunetti
Accounting services, tax consulting, annual tax return and payroll agent. At 296 rue de Neudorf, L-2222 Luxembourg.
Fiduciaire Hoogewerf & Cie
International tax planning, “Expert Comptable”, domiciliary agent and project advisor..  At 19 rue Aldringen, L-1118 Luxembourg.
Analie Tax & Consulting
Specialisists in expatriate and personal tax.  Reliable cost efficient solutions to individuals (or companies with expatriates) who have UK, US and/or Luxembourg personal tax obligations including assignees, transfers, cross border or mobile workers.
Professional analysis of individual tax situations and tax returns. Located at Bld Jules Salentiny, L-2511 Luxembourg
Worldwide accounting and audit practice providing full range of audit, tax and advisory services to major national and international clients active in the financial, insurance, commercial and industrial sector. At 39, Avenue John F. Kennedy Luxe...
Ernst & Young
Provides global business services to small, medium, large and multinational companies covering auditing, accounting, tax/legal, private equity insurance, business advice and financial management advice. At 35E avenue John F. Kennedy, L1855, Luxembour...
FCM Fiduciaire des Classes Moyennes
General statutory bookkeeping, tax and VAT returns, payroll, business start up. Specialised in small and medium companies and traders. At 282 route de Longwy, L-1940 Luxembourg.
Galux | Tax services - with a significant difference...
Accounting and tax services dedicated to individuals, self-employed and small businesses. Completion of tax returns, tax advice, accounting, administrative and legal assistance. At 68 rue de Hollerich, L-1740 Luxembourg.
Accounting, fiscal and administrative management for small - medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurs, self-employed, freelancers and private individuals. At 57 boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, L-1331 Luxembourg.
BML Group Expertises
Certified accounting and tax planning, company incorporation and administration, wealth management and real estate. At 33, Allée Scheffer L-2520 Luxembourg
ACSe - Audit Conseil Services
Audit firm specialising in specific legal audits (contribution in-kind reports, change in legal form, merger, liquidation audit). Duly authorised by the CSSF to act within the financial sector in Luxembourg. At  47 route dArlon, L-8011 Strassen.
Ecovis Luxembourg
Accounting, administration, taxation and management services including international issues. At 58 rue Charles Martel, L-2134 Luxembourg.
Zharol Luxembourg
Form of accountants offering tax advice, company formation, payroll services and financial advice.   At 1-3 Millewee, L-7257 Helmsange.
Global audit and accounting practise, tax and business consultants covering all aspects of corporate accounting, auditing and taxation. At 560 rue de Neudorf, L-2220 Luxembourg.
Ziffer Lu
Professional services in the areas of financial advice, accounting and audit in accordance with international and local standards as well as company registration, domiciliation and administration. Specialised in emerging markets and private clients.
Advensys Conseil
Accountants specialised in tax optimisation for private and professional in Luxembourg and assistance in launching new businesses.
Prisma Consulting
Accounting, business and tax advisory organisation that offers extensive range of services to SMEs, individuals and high net-worth clients. Luxembourg Tax return services for expats: fair, complete and optimal. At 41 Zone Industrielle, L-8287 Kehlen.