Agents Cross Border: Germany, France, Belgium

Immo B2
Sales and lettings agency, also providing estimates. Property developments in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. At 24 place Didier, B-6700 Arlon, Belgium.
General construction company and promoter in the French Moselle offering new properties for sale. At 9 allee des Noires Terres la Porte Verte, Essey-Pulnoy, France.
Estate agent at the Belgian border. Help to set up credit or mortgage application. Inurances service available. At 141 avenue du Xeme de Ligne, B-6700 Arlon, Belgium.
Double V Immobilière
Sale and rental agency in the region of Arlon. The agency is also presenting plots for sale and can provide assistance for new developments. At 53, rue Saint Jean, B-6700 Arlon, Belgium.
Estate agent presenting houses and appartments for sale or to let close to Luxembourg. Plots for sale and investment properties available. At 33, Grand Place, B-6700 Arlon, Belgium.
Eifel Haus
Property developments in Germany and Luxembourg offering many apartments for sale or to let. At 4 Gartenstrasse, D-54636 Dockendorf-Bitburg, Germany or call 48 51 77-1 for an appointment in Luxembourg.
IFA Immolilien
The specialists of new developments at the German border. At 6 Am Kirchgarten, D-54429 Schillingen, Germany.
Centre Foncier
Sales and lettings agency with management department presenting properties close to Belgian border. At 8 rue du Palais de Justice, B-6700 Arlon, Belgium.