Baby & Toddler Activities

Creche Le Temps dun Reve
Children care centre proposing a various recreational activities including picnics, visiting farms, play areas and swimming. Music workshop, crafts and cooking available. Situated at 11 rue Klengliller, L-8239 Mamer.
Nursery Aux Enfants Gates
Located in the quiet neighbourhood of Belair, this nursery with parking and landscaped garden is welcoming babies from 2 months to 2 years old. Montessori activities and specialized meals as well. Based at 34 rue Charlemagne, L-1328 Luxembourg.
Creche les petits gourmands
Private family home for children offering placements by age based on the psychomotor development of each child. Cooking, music, storytelling, crafts, fitness and zumba workshops available. Situated at 36 rue Pierre Martin, L-4622 Oberkorn.
Cannelle & Caramel
An environmentally friendly building in the heart of nature developed for children activities. Language workshops, paintings, music and different crafts available. Placed at 99 rue du Prince Henri, L-7230 Helmsange.
Ute Rock
Professional breastfeeding help in Luxembourg by an experienced, board certified lactation consultant. Home and hospital visits. Flexible working hours. Breast pump hire. At 58 rue de la Syre, L-5377 Uebersyren.
Zavanouille & Co
Supervised by a team of professionals, this nursery is presenting a stable, competent and attentive environment for the childrens intellectual developing. Disabled access, patio and parking available. Placed at 2 Reidenerwee, L-8552 Oberpallen.
Whats on for kids
Fun activities in and around Luxembourg.
Personal trainer club offering services of fitness for moms and babies. Nutritional advice and custom training as well. Located at 53 route dArlon, L-1140 Luxembourg.
Moo & Roo Soft Play hire Luxembourg
Soft Play hire for under 6s available for any party in Luxembourg. Services of teeming and parties bags available.
Initiativ Liewensufank
Established in 1986, this centre is specializing in pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and improving conditions of nursing. Activities for parents, babies and small children available. Based at 20 rue de Contern, L-5955 Itzig.
Luxmama Club and ParentPrep
A range of pre and post baby workshops as well as monthly Bellies and Booties events and monthly Positive Birth meet ups. Or come along and chat with the health team professionals.
La Creche Enchantee
Day nursery centre proposing educational activities, baby articles, extracurricular animations and different models of guards. Balanced meals, fresh and organic products are part of the centre. Situated at 33 rue Marie-Adelaide, L-4757 Petange.
Quintons Crafts (Ceramics)
Personalised pottery: Capturing your childs hand or foot print on pottery forever. At 17a, Rue DItzig, L-5852 Hesperange.
Les Kangourous
Founded in 2003, this nursery is presenting a family environment and secure centre based on the progressive adaptation of the child. Games, potty training and different activities as well. Positioned at 80 rue des Trevires, L-2628 Luxembourg.
Creche La Cigogne
Small structure centre is proposing activities centred on autonomy and socialization of children. Psychomotor given by the teacher mother, baby massage, waking activity and musical activities as well. Located at 115 route dArlon, L-8311 Capellen.
Year-round, indoor entertainment space featuring soft play and zones for different age groups.
Reidener Schwemm
Public pool centre presenting activities of aquafitness, aquapower, aquajogging and baby swimming. Sauna and fitness as well. Located at 28 rue de la Piscine, L-8508 Redange-sur-Attert.
KindyROO Luxembourg
Australian fun sensory motor program for children from six weeks through to the five years. Our mission is to help parents to understand the natural development of their children and to foster the learning potential and health of childr...
Baby Sensory Luxembourg
Offering baby development classes: language, physical, social and emotional development classes..
Sleep Like a Baby
Trouble putting your little one to sleep? Feeling exhausted? Sleep Like a Baby helps find a personalized, gentle way to teach baby to sleep. We offer extensive support so you flourish in personal, parenting, and professional life. Free evaluation.
Creche De Blummenhaff
Day nursery centre is focusing on childrens activities, healthy food and nature escape. Discovering of different cultures with songs, dancings and music as well. Based at 9 rue de la Liberation, L-4797 Linger.