Balloons, Paragliding & Flying Clubs

Non-profit organization based in Luxembourg, organising  events for all kinds of drones and other aircrafts.
M&M Ballooning
Ballooning experience in Luxembourg. At 26 um Stenkel, L-7652 Stenkel.
Cercle Luxembourgeois de lAerostation
Hot air balloon non-profit organisation with flight school. At 5 rue de Dippach, L-8055 Bertrange.
Ballooning 50 Nord
Hot air balloon flights for any occasion. At 15 Dikricherstrooss, L-9455 Fouhren.
Aeroplume Luxembourg
Microlighters club including flying school and sale of second-hand. At Kitzebuerhaff, L-7634 Medernach.
Skylines Balloons
Balloon flights in Luxembourg or abroad for any occasion. Organisation of balloons meets, night glows with fireworks out of the basket of the balloon. At zone artisanale et commerciale, L-6131 Junglinster.
Aviation club with 2 aircrafts organising fly-outs, training camps and a yearly air rallye. At route de Treves, L-1110 Luxembourg-Findel.
AĆ©ro-Sport Luxembourg
Non-profit-making organisation and the largest and most active aviation club in Luxembourg with more than 500 members and a fleet of 12 aircraft. At Aéroport de Luxembourg, route de Treves, L-1110 Luxembourg.
Paragliding school and club organizing travels and day adventure in Luxembourg or abroad. Accommodation facilities as well. At 7 A Am Eck, L-6830 Berbourg.