Books & Bookshops

Find English-language books in Luxembourg City as well as magazines, school text books and Sunday newspapers. Some of the bookshops also have books in other foreign languages.

Librairie Um Fieldgen
Bookshop close to Luxembourg station with a wide variety of books in various languages. Specialised in law and taxation. At 3 Rue Glesener, L-1631 Luxembourg.
Librairie des Lycees
Specialised booksellers for all school manuals including ELT (English Language Teaching). Selection of English-language books. At 30 avenue Victor Hugo, L-1750 Luxembourg.
Ars Libri
Toy shop selling games, books and gifts. For babies, toddlers and children. Based at 27 rue Jean-Baptiste Gelle, L-1620 Luxembourg.
The Book Loft
English language bookshop affiliated to Chapter 1 offering a wide range of children's and adult books in English. Open Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00, Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00 and Sunday from 09:30 to 13:00. At 40, rue des Bruy√®res, L-1274...
Chapter 1
English language book specialist in Luxembourg offering a wide variety of books, schoolbooks and magazines. Open on Sunday morning for English Sunday papers. At 42 rue Astrid, L-1143 Luxembourg.
Bookstore - philosophy & esotericism. Frequent conferences in various languages, including English. At 30 Rue de Hesperange, L-1731 Luxembourg.
Librairie Zimmer
Bookshop Zimmer offers a vast array of book choices, schoolbooks, cards, presents, souvenirs, etc. At 11 Rue Saint Antoine, L-9205 Diekirch (Dikrech)
Very large selection of books in several languages, all Luxembourg school books, e-books. At 2 rue Victor Hugo, L-4140 Esch-sur-Alzette.
Libreria Italiana
One of the only bookshops specialized in Italian books. childrens books, novels, dictionaries, CDs and DVDs, police, art books, travel guides, cookbooks, etc. At 11 rue Saint Ulric, L-2651 Luxembourg.
Large selection of books English-language books close to the Grand Ducale palace. At 4 rue de la Reine, L-2418 Luxembourg. Additional locations in City Center, Belle Etoile and City Concorde shopping centres and in Esch.
University bookstore specializing in Luxembourg law and European law. At 14 Rue Andre Duchscher, L-1424 Luxembourg.
Specialist in European and US comics. Manga and DVDs. At 140 avenue du X Septembre, L-2550 Luxembourg.
Specialized bookstore: aromatherapy, ayurveda, mineral stones, lifestyle, spirituality, alternative medicine, meditation and relaxation, personal growth. Regular seminars and conferences. At 11 rue de la Boucherie, L-1247 Luxembourg.
Bookshop in the city centre offering a selection of English language books (1st floor). Open Monday to Saturday from 09:00-18:30. At 5 rue Beaumont, L-1219 Luxembourg.
Libraire Francaise
Large bookshop in the city centre with a selection of books in English. At 2-4 rue Beck, L-1222 Luxembourg.