Charities, NGOs & Voluntary Work

Make-A-Wish Luxembourg
We grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength & joy. We are always looking for new volunteers, fundraisers and supporters to join our fabulous team.
Fondation Follereau Luxembourg
Association primarily involved in the fight against leprosy and any other forms of leprosy and screening and treatment of tuberculosis. At 151 avenue du X Septembre, L-2551 Luxembourg.
Fondation Kriibskrank Kanner
Foundation Kriibskrank Kanner helps families with children affected by cancer, supporting the sick child and his family administratively, financially, logistically and offering various services such as housing support near the hospital.
Stop Aids Now!
Stop Aids Now! is working towards a world without AIDS. It provides care, treatment and education and helps slowing down HIV and AIDS. At 94 Boulevard du Général Patton, L-2316 Luxembourg.
Handicap International
International NGO specialised in the field of disability, operating in all contexts alongside people with disabilities to assist them and support them in making their autonomy. At 140 rue Adolphe Fischer, L-1521 Luxembourg.
Unicef Luxembourg
Public awareness on the problems of children in developing countries and information about UNICEF programs in areas such as health, education and protection of children. At 99 route dArlon, L-1140 Luxembourg.
Agence du Benevolat
National public agency whose primary purpose is to put volunteers and organisations in contact. At 103 route dArlon, L-8009 Strassen.
Caritas Luxembourg
Association active in the field of solidarity and integration, in the emergency humanitarian assistance. At 29 rue Michel Welter, L-2730 Luxembourg.
The Pink Ladies
Fundraising for charitable causes, supporting the research and development of medical treatments for various cancers.
ECPAT Luxembourg
ECPAT (End Child Prostitution in Asian, African and American Tourism) mission is to combat, by all legal means possible, the sexual exploitation of children which claims its victims both in the South and in Europe. At 3 rue des Bains, L-1212 Luxembourg.
Médecins Sans Frontieres - MSF
An international humanitarian aid organisation that provides emergency medical assistance to populations in danger in more than 60 countries. At 68 rue de Gasperich, L-1617 Luxembourg.
Waacalux Asbl
World and Africa Cultural Ambassadors Luxembourg . Multicultural centre organising events, workshops and happenings to unite people of different cultures through, sport, music, and social activities. At 50, rue Michel Welter, L-2730 Luxembourg
ADA Microfinance
NGO specialised in microfinance to fight against particularly widespread poverty in developing countries. At 2 rue Sainte Zithe, L-2763 Luxembourg.
Amnesty International Luxembourg
Information and education about human rights for a better world through public action. At 23 rue des Etats-Unis, L-1477 Luxembourg.
Greenpeace Luxembourg
Independent global campaigning organization that aims to protect and conserve environment and to promote peace by changing attitudes and behavior. At 34 avenue de la Gare, L-4130 Esch-sur-Alzette.
Croix-Rouge Luxembourgeoise - International Section
The Red Cross - International Section is run by a group of volunteers from different nationalities. Their main goal is to work together on several projects aimed at developing and strengthening links between the various communities living in Luxembourg.
Dragons for Breakfast
Dragons for Breakfast is a small group of enthusiatic artists that raise money by making and selling Dragons at markets and holding childrens activity days twice a year. All the money we raise goes to support street children in Medellin, Colombia.