Energy Efficiency Consultants - DPE

Health and safety assistance, inspections and training (elevators, hoisting equipment, electrical safety, fire protection, pressure equipment, asbestos, occupational health). Energy consultants. 
Energy performance certificates, blower door and thermal dynamic tests and assistance in obtaining subsidies. At 5 z.a.e. Krakelshaff, L-3290 Bettembourg.
Energy passes and energy consulting. A division of Glober & Partners Consulting. At 1 rue des Lilas, L-8084 Bertrange.
Energipark Reiden
Energy management. At 6 Jos Seyler Strooss, L-8522 Beckerich.
New building, solar heating advisors. Energy Passport, thermography, power analysis and feasibility studies. At 28 rue Michel Rodange, L-2430 Luxembourg.
Construction Engineering
Project management including consulting, conception, planning and tendering, realisation and approval, as well as project support and documentation. Service available in English, German or French. At 62, rue Baudouin. L-1218 Luxembourg.
Architects and project managers. Energy advisor and consultant. At 20 Rue de l'Industrie, 8399 Koerich, Capellen.
Security control for the building industry. Performance analysis and diagnostics. At 77 route dArlon, L-8310 Capellen.
Energie et Environnement
Engineers in the domains of electromechanics, electricity, energy and environment. Energy performance diagnosis. At 99 rue Andethana, L-6970 Hostert.
Energy Passport (Energiepass, Energy Efficiency Certification), energy consulting and energy efficiency analysis for residential and non residential buildings.
Provider of energy solutions, focusing on the combined heat and power plant. Energy costing for electricity, gas, oil, water; maintenance, inspection and operating the facility. At 23 avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luxembourg.