Estate Agents: Luxembourg Suburbs

English-speaking estate agents to help with finding a property in Strassen, Mersch, Bereldange and other towns in the Luxembourg suburbs. 

Estate agents with sales and lettings department. Also handle and carry out all renovation and refurbishment works. At 98 route dArlon, L-8008 Strassen.
Imperial Luxembourg S.A.
Sales and letting of properties in Luxembourg as well as condominium management. At 16 Rue Beichel L-8283 Kehlen.
Immo Perfect
A-Z ervices for all estate transactions. Selection of properties and new developments in Luxembourg and in nearby cities. At 11 rue des Bois, L-7322 Steinsel.
Home Invest
HomeInvest is an estate agency specialised in sales and letting of properties and offices, also assisting in property investments and new developments. At 9 place St Michel, L-7556 Mersch.
SL Immo
Estate agent active in Luxembourg. Sales, lettings and property management. At 22 rue du Dix Octobre, L-7243 Bereldange.
Domus Concept
Domus Concept is helping buyer and/or individual developers to build their dream property. At 223 route dArlon, L-8011 Strassen.
Alain Hoffstetter
Sales and lettings agency for villas, houses, appartments, businesses. Partner in various new developments. At 31 rue Edouard Oster, L-2272 Howald.
Agence Immobiliere Seidel
Agent specialised in property management and lettings. Insurance services available. At 132 route de Luxembourg, L-7241 Bereldange.
Estate agents for sales and rentals. Large expertise in investment properties and development procedures. At 88 rue de Luxembourg, L-8140 Bridel.
Agence Immobiliere Jet Set Immo
Estate agent specialised in properties in and around Luxembourg. Advice and assistance to investment buyers. At 5 rue Jean-Pierre Sauvage, L-2514 Luxembourg.
Agence Immobiliere Abby Toussaint
Sales and lettings agency also specialised in property management and syndic. A family company established in Mersch since 1979 and nowadays run in 2nd generation by Abby Toussaint. At 23 rue Nicolas Welter, L-7570 Mersch.
Guidance Immobiliere
Estate agency specialising in apartments and commercial properties in Luxembourg. Located at 196 Route dArlon, Strassen.
Immobiliere Joubine
Real estate sales and rentals in the city of Luxembourg as well as in the suburbs and the Grand Duchy. All types of properties: houses, parcels, apartments and offices. At 14 Route de Diekirch, L-7220 Walferdange.
Estate agency and property manager. Specialist of property investments and portfolio management. At 315 route dArlon, L-8011 Strassen.