Estate Agents: Mullerthal

Immo Leo
Sales, rental and advisory services offered.
Immo Konnen
Specialist of transaction in the Luxembourg Little Switzerland region.
Immobilière Ferreira
Duplex, apartments, twin houses and individual houses among others offered for sale and rent.
Wiesenbach Immobilière
Services include sale and renting of properties, evaluation, insurance and more.
Immobiliere Denter
Estate agency specialized in transactions and lettings. private advice and house hunting services.
Immobiliere Gaby Biewer
Sales and lettings in the Mullerthal and in Luxembourg.
Properties offered for purchase, rent and sales.
Livinghome Real Estate
Apartments, warehouses, houses and commercial properties offered.
Airimmo sàrl
Specializes in duplex, houses, land, apartments and ground among others.
Immobilière Bingen & Associés
Sales and rental services offered for new and existing properties.