Florists & Flowers

Petales de Rose
Florist is offering personalised bouquets, decorative objects, plants, candles, flowerpots and Christmas decorations Parking and home delivery available. Based at 13 avenue Lou Hemmer, L-5627 Mondorf-les-Bains.
Fleurs Putz
Revival since 2012, this shop is specializing in the flower compositions for baptisms, communions, weddings and anniversary. Parking and home delivery available. Positioned at 12 route dEchternach, L-6114 Junglinster.
Fleurs Karblum
Florist selling flowers, plants, scented candles, bouquets, decorations for weddings, birthdays, births and communions. Parking and home delivery possible. Based at 8 rue des Pres, L-3744 Rumelange.
Danielle Grun
Florist shop presenting flowers and gift items for any occasion. Also weddings, communions, anniversaries and funerals. At 40 route de Luxembourg, L-8440 Steinfort.
Fleurs Passion
Florist specialist presenting designs for all occasions and events including St. Nicolas / Christmas celebrations, weddings, christenings, funerals and communions. Delivery as well. Placed at 12 rue de Bettembourg, L-3378 Livange.
Trendy mix of retro and recycled style decoration. Jewellery, table decorations, toys. Located close to the Palace, at 1 rue de la Reine, L-2418 Luxembourg.
Merlino Fleurs
Large variety of flowers for all occasions. Home delivery as well. Based at 104 rue De Hollerich, L-1740 Luxembourg.
Shop selling floral arrangements for different occasions like communions, marriages and bereavements. Christmas decorations as well. Situated at 12 route de Luxembourg, L-3253 Bettembourg.
Rue des Fleurs
Florist presenting a large choice of flowers for all occasions and for companies. Parking and worldwide delivery service available. Situated at 345 route dArlon, L-8011 Strassen.
Fleurs Albus
Gifts and flowers for St. Nicolas, Christmas, birthdays, births, marriages and funerals. Parking, dogs allowed and home delivery available. Positioned at 5 rue Leopold Sedar Senghor, L-2567 Luxembourg.
Established in 1992, this gift shop is presenting a large choice of interior decoration items, curtains and jewellery. Disabled access, dogs allowed and parking available. Positioned at 46 rue de la Gare, L-6440 Echternach.
Settled in 2002, this store is presenting a various range of gift ideas. Different brands from all over the world. Situated at 22 rue de Treves, L-6793 Grevenmacher.
Plantes Tropicales Services
Specialist in tropical flowers and florist designer is offering services for companies offices, restaurant, hotels and reception rooms. Plant rental and maintenance service available. At 10 rue Robert Krieps, L-4702 Petange.
Store selling handmade ceramics, jewellery and artworks elaborated and designed in South Africa. Online shop available. Based at 19 op Feileschter, L-3931 Mondercange.
Espace Interieur
Founded in 1976, this store is presenting high-end home decoration items and exclusive gifts. Situated in the historical narrow shopping street of Remich at 37 rue de Macher, L-5550 Remich.
Fleurs Klopp
Founded in 1887, this shop is selling flowers, table decorations and floral decorations. Weddings and exhibitions plant rentals available. Based at 5 avenue de la Faiencerie, L-1510 Luxembourg.
Roger Klein
Flowers, plants, arrangements for weddings and ceremonies. Home delivery as well. Situated at 46 avenue Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, L-3440 Dudelange.
All flowers with direct delivery across the country. Flower nursery as well. Positioned at 11-13 Munnereferstrooss, L-3337 Hellange.
Shop selling a large choice of flowers and selected gifts for any occasion. Indoor and outdoor plants as well. Located at 16 rue Beaumont, L-1219 Luxembourg.
Florist specialist is selling a various range of bouquets, floral arrangements, table decorations, fragrances and scented candles. Christmas and St. Sylvester gift ideas as well. Positioned at 24 rue Philippe II, L-2340 Luxembourg.
Maison Platz
Funeral directors providing a full range of services. Flowers, Burials, cremation and offshore. All formalities. At 1, rue de la Boucherie, L-1247 Luxembourg.
Arlette Creations
Gift shop is offering sales of soft toys, crazy cups, funny objects, fabrics and accessories. Courses and centre patchwork available. Based at 78 avenue Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, L-3440 Dudelange.
Flower shop is offering arrangements and bouquets for any occasions. Designs for individuals or company events. Placed at 35 Allee Scheffer, L-2520 Luxembourg.
A Fleur de Peau
Shop selling flowers and large selection of gifts for any occasion including St. Nicolas and Christmas. Flower arrangements for weddings, receptions and baptisms as well. Located at 83 rue De Hollerich, L-1741 Luxembourg.