Funeral Homes & Undertakers

Funeral companies with English-speaking staff to help with organising a cremation, burial or repatriation in Luxembourg. Assistance for foreigners in Luxembourg who don't speak the local language with all formalities following the death of a family member.

Pompes Funèbres Bous Guy
Cremation without membership to an association, national & international transport, administrative assistance, cremations & coffins. At 20 Esplanade, L-9227 Diekirch.
Nilles & Arens, Stn. Joel Scheilz Sàrl
Funeral and cremation services with day and night service across the country. Showroom. Located at 34 Rue des Champs, L-7713 Colmar-Berg.
Erasmy Pompes Fun├Ębres
Family-run funeral home in Luxembourg established in 1927. We take pride in providing a funeral service respecting the wishes of the deceased and those of their loved ones. The bespoke, compassionate and dignified services cover all aspects...
Pompes funèbres A. Stranen
Funeral Director arranging all aspects of funerals and cremations. located at 52-54 Grand-Rue L-9905 Troisvierges.
Pompes Funèbres Walentiny-Sandt
Cremations and associated service supplied. Located at 33 rue DAnvers L-1130 Luxembourg.
Pompes Funèbres Brandenburger Paul
Cremations without being a member of a cremation society. Arrangement of all formalities. 24/7 service. At 1 Rue de lEau, L-3232 Bettembourg and also in Esch-sur-Alzette.
Pompes Funèbres Jacoby
Funeral and cremations services along with repatriation and all associated administration. Located at 11 Rue de Kautenbach, L-9831 Consthum
Serge Bonenberger
Completion of all formalities for home, and abroad, burials and cremations. Located at 19, ZA Triangle Vert, L5691 Ellange.
Maison Platz
Funeral directors providing a full range of services. Flowers, Burials, cremation and offshore. All formalities. At 1 rue de la Boucherie, L-1247 Luxembourg.
Menuiserie Calmes
Family-run funeral company providing burial and cremation services. At 5 rue de Bettange, L-4998 Sprinkange.
Ruhl-Barthels Jean
Funeral and cremations planned from start to finish. Located at 59 Route de Zoufftgen, L-3598 Dudelange.
Erasmy Pompes Fun├Ębres
Family-run funeral company for burials, cremations, monuments, headstones and full international repatriation service. All paperwork dealt with by the company. At 21 rue des Peupliers, L-2328 Luxembourg-Hamm.
Pompes Funèbres de lAttert
Undertakers & florists. At 1 Rue dEttelbruck, L-9154 Grosbous.
Menuiserie Guy Morheng
Funeral directors and carpenters taking care of all formalities for burial and cremation. Transport to all international destinations. At zone dActivite ZARE, Ilot Ouest, L-4384 Ehlerange.