Funeral Homes & Undertakers

Funeral companies with English-speaking staff to help with organising a cremation, burial or repatriation in Luxembourg. Assistance for foreigners in Luxembourg who don't speak the local language with all formalities following the death of a family member.

Pompes Funèbres Walentiny-Sandt
Cremations and associated service supplied. Located at 33 rue DAnvers L-1130 Luxembourg.
Serge Bonenberger
Completion of all formalities for home, and abroad, burials and cremations. Located at 19, ZA Triangle Vert, L5691 Ellange.
Pompes Funèbres de lAttert
Undertakers & florists. At 1 Rue dEttelbruck, L-9154 Grosbous.
Nilles & Arens, Stn. Joel Scheilz Sàrl
Funeral and cremation services with day and night service across the country. Showroom. Located at 34 Rue des Champs, L-7713 Colmar-Berg.
Pompes funèbres A. Stranen
Funeral Director arranging all aspects of funerals and cremations. located at 52-54 Grand-Rue L-9905 Troisvierges.
Pompes Funèbres Brandenburger Paul
Cremations without being a member of a cremation society. Arrangement of all formalities. 24/7 service. At 1 Rue de lEau, L-3232 Bettembourg and also in Esch-sur-Alzette.
Pompes Funèbres Bous Guy
Cremation without membership to an association, national & international transport, administrative assistance, cremations & coffins. At 20 Esplanade, L-9227 Diekirch.
Pompes Funèbres Jacoby
Funeral and cremations services along with repatriation and all associated administration. Located at 11 Rue de Kautenbach, L-9831 Consthum
Ruhl-Barthels Jean
Funeral and cremations planned from start to finish. Located at 59 Route de Zoufftgen, L-3598 Dudelange.
Menuiserie Calmes
Family-run funeral company providing burial and cremation services. At 5 rue de Bettange, L-4998 Sprinkange.
Menuiserie Guy Morheng
Funeral directors and carpenters taking care of all formalities for burial and cremation. Transport to all international destinations. At zone dActivite ZARE, Ilot Ouest, L-4384 Ehlerange.
Erasmy Pompes Funèbres
Family-run funeral home in Luxembourg established in 1927. We take pride in providing a funeral service respecting the wishes of the deceased and those of their loved ones. The bespoke, compassionate and dignified services cover all aspects...
Maison Platz
Funeral directors providing a full range of services. Flowers, Burials, cremation and offshore. All formalities. At 1 rue de la Boucherie, L-1247 Luxembourg.
Erasmy Pompes Funèbres
Family-run funeral company for burials, cremations, monuments, headstones and full international repatriation service. All paperwork dealt with by the company. At 21 rue des Peupliers, L-2328 Luxembourg-Hamm.