Shop selling flowers, home decor and large selection of gifts for any occasion including St. Nicolas and Christmas. Flower arrangements for weddings, receptions and baptisms as well.
High-end home decoration items and exclusive gifts. Situated in the historical narrow shopping street of Remich: 37, rue de Macher, L-5550 Remich
Home, offices and stores decoration from conception and renovation to final execution. At 5 rue de lAvenir, L-3895 Foetz.
Handmade vintage carpets, patchworks and kilim. At rue des Sources, L-2542 Luxembourg.
Store offering a range of eclectic accent furniture and home accessories. At 21 avenue de la Liberte, L-1931 Luxembourg.
Simple Danish design home accessories on the border of Luxembourg. Accessories for a comfortable, happy, natural lifestyle. Selling Bloomingville, House Doctor, Nordal, Hubsch, House of Rym products.
Home furnishing and decoration. Also selling paint adapted to the furniture. Open Monday to Saturday from 10:00-19:00. At 203 route d’Esch, L-1471 Luxembourg-Gasperich.
This store, located in a manor, presents a unique combination of interior decoration together with fashion clothing. At 35 rue du Commerce, L-3450 Dudelange.
Top of the range furniture and luxury furnishing, combining the choice of the best materials with a representative and characteristic style. Showroom at 87 route de Longwy, L-8080 Bertrange.
Home decoration & furniture store. At 70 route dEsch, L-1470 Luxembourg.
Very large selection of all types of furniture, accessories and decor items. Restaurant and Bar as well as large play area for kids. In Konz: 7 Am Moselufer D-54329 Konz, and in Saarbrücken:2 Eschberger Weg D-66121 Saarbrücken.
Furniture restorations and repairs. Assembly and disassembly of furniture. General home handiworks and house painting.
Design furniture, lighting and accessories. Interior designer. At 119 rue de Hollerich, L-1741 Luxembourg.
A blend of modern and salvaged furniture. Unique shapes, modern colours, steel and patina of reclaimed wood. At 43 Rue de Pulvermuehl, L-2356 Luxembourg.
Everything for crafts, haberdashery and creative leisure. At 17-19 rue du Fort Elisabeth, L-1463 Luxembourg.
Specialist in flooring, oriental carpets, wooden and laminated floors and curtains. At 46-48 route de Luxembourg, L-7240 Bereldange.
Decorative accessories from cooking utensils to dressing gowns and bedding. A full choice of colourful decor items. At 60 Grand-Rue, L-9050 Ettelbruck.
Oriental carpets, rugs and and flooring. At 10 avenue du Bois, L-1251 Luxembourg.
Sales and purchase of oriental carpets and rugs. Cleaning and repair service for all kind of carpets. Open Monday to Friday from 10:00-18:30 and Saturday from 10:00-16:00. At 11 cote dEich, L-1450 Luxembourg.
Selection of handmade unique Balinese/Indonesian furniture. Buddha statues and home decor. At 50 rue Centrale L-4978 Fingig.
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