Kitchens & Bathrooms

Large showroom with more than 25 kitchens on display. Free simulation in 3D and estimate. At 16 Parc Commercial de lHydrion, B-6700 Arlon, Belgium.
Acrealux SA
Large choice of kitchen. Exhibition center at 70C, route dArlon, L-8008 Strassen.
RJF Bathrooms and Kitchens
Bathrooms and kitchen installations and completion by English craft and tradesmen.
Furniture and home equipment. At 100 rue de Grass, B-6700 Arlon-Sterpenich, Belgium. Delivery to Luxembourg. Other store in Metz, France.
Modern or traditional custom kitchens made to measure, kitchen accessories, appliances, chairs, tables, stools. At 2 rue de la Moselle, L-6757 Grevenmacher.
Home Center Willy Putz
Kitchen, bathrooms design. Tiling and design services. A unique place for all house equipment. At rue de la Gare, L-9122 Schieren.
Furniture, hifi, TV and video, bedrooms, kitchen and accessories. At 296 route dArlon, L-8010 Strassen.
Harmonie Cuisines
Specialist of equipped kitchen, bathroom and dressing. Three addresses in Luxembourg including 102 route dArlon, L-8210 Mamer.
Interior designer: kitchens designed in clear shapes and fully equipped. At 32 route dArlon, L-8008 Strassen.
Large superstore for all types of furniture and accessories and decor items. Specialised in kitchens. At 69 parc dactivite Capellen, L-8308 Capellen.
Mowo La Cuisine
All the top of the range branded kitchen can be adjusted to customers needs in this designers store. At 68 rue de lAlzette, L-7305 Steinsel.
Kitchens and furniture on more than 4000 m2. Areas to live, eat, cook, sleep, work; decoration and lighting. At 1-3 Eurenerstrasse, D-54294 Trier, Germany.
Kiche Concept
Kitchen designer and creator. At 74 Route de Longwy, L-8080 Bertrange.
A.B.C. Cuisines Equipées
Contemporary and classic kitchen, appliances and accessories. At 155 rue de Luxembourg, L-4222 Esch-sur-Alzette.
Unikat Interior
A specialist designer not only for kitchens, but also bathrooms, living furniture and interior. All items can be tailored to ones needs. At 7 Op der Ahlkërrech, L-6776 Grevenmacher
Décors Cuisines
Specialist of Italian brand Tomassi equipped kitchens. Free estimates. At 15 Avenue Dr Gaasch, L-4818 Rodange.
Kitchen equipment specialist selling pots and pans, crockery, cutlery and gift items. At City Concorde, 80 Route de Longwy, L-8060 Bertrange.
Arthur Bonnet Cuisines et Rangements
Specialist offering a large range of kitchen. At 226 Route dArlon, L-8010 Strassen.
Intérieur Bauwens
Large choice of designers high-end bathrooms, kitchen and living room furniture with a showroom dedicated to Italian brand Boffi. Accessories, small furniture and lamps. At 130 route dArlon, L-8008 Strassen.
Le Couturier de la Cuisine
Modern custom made kitchens, accessories, appliances, chairs, tables, stools. Own teams for installing new kitchens. At 204 route de Luxembourg, L-7241 Bereldange.
A large choice of interior furniture, kitchens and bedrooms. At 274 route dEsch, L-1471 Luxembourg.
Küchen Galerie Trier
Large choice of kitchens and accessories. Specialist team. At 116-118 Saarstrasse, D-54290 Trier, Germany.
House of Renovum
Your partner in renovating and modernizing your house or apartment. Offering the best quality at the competitive price. The company employs exclusively Polish expert workers. Offers help and advice to English speakers in Luxembourg.
Ytter Design
Luxury kitchens and individual planning - custom made by an international designer. Appointments recommended. At 183 Rue de Luxembourg, L-8077 Bertrange.