Hypnotherapy & Psychoanalysis

Vanessa Peardon
Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy helps you to change your thought patterns to more positive and constructive ones. This will help you lead a more relaxed lifestyle and combat everyday stress and anxiety.
Stress management and personal resilience in everyday life, professional and personal processes of change and reorientation. 
Michèle Spriet
Counsellor, hypnotherapy, individual therapy, medical relaxation, stress management. 
Institute for Psychotherapy, Supervision and Coaching. 
Hypnotherapist: weight loss, stress management, self-awareness strengthening, smoking cessation, conflict resolution. At 45 Cité Charles de Gaulle, L-4951 Bascharage.
Robert Schuster
Hypnotherapist and radiologist. At 89 Route dEchternach, L-6550 Berdorf.
Hentzen Nicole
Psychologist and certified hypnosis therapist. By appointment only. 
Camélia Demange
Couple therapy, hypnotherapy, intergenerationality sex therapy, stress management. At 53 avenue Pasteur, L-2311 Luxembourg.
Luxembourg Counselling & Therapy
Combination of Person Centred Therapy, CBT and DBT to help clients deal with issues such as anxiety, depression, work stress and relationship issues.
Geny Hypnose & Thérapies
National Guilt of Hypnotists certified counsellor. At 251 Route de Burange, L-3429 Dudelange.