Septic Tank Installation & Services

Unblocking, emptying and cleaning septic tanks. WC and portercabin rental. At 82 Haaptstrooss, L-9753 Heinerscheid.
Jean-Michel Assainissement
Installation of and emergency cleaning service for septic tanks and canalisations. 24/7. At 1b Hamawe, B-6760 Ethe (Virton), Belgium.
Sewage inspection, unblocking and cleaning and septic tank emptying service throughout Luxembourg. Preventive work and leak detection. At 298 val Ste Croix, L-1370 Luxembourg.
Wester Wassertechnik
Installation of septic tanks and canalisation. At 7 rue des Alouettes, L-1121 Luxembourg.
Waste collection and recycling. Unblocking, emptying and cleaning of septic tanks, mobile toilets rental. 24/7 service. At 12, Zone Industrielle Wolser 2, L-3225 Bettembourg. Emergency tel after 20:00: 51 80 68.