Tourist Offices & Information

Esch City Tourist Office
Tourist Office at: 25, rue Boitgen, L-4038, Esch-sur-Alzette. Open Monday to Saturday 9:00-17:00
Syndicat dInitiative et de Tourisme - Reisdorf
Tourist information office
Office National du Tourisme
National tourist office website with suggestions on what to do, where to go and a travel guide.
Syndicat dInitiative - Steinfort
Tourist information office. At 16, route de Luxembourg, L-8440 Steinfort.
Syndicat dInitiative Preizerdaul - Bettborn
Tourist information. At 21, rue Stressel, L-8606 Bettborn.
Syndicat dInitiative - Munshausen
Tourist information for the North of the Ardennes. Also organising guided visits and tours on request. At 1, Frummeschgaass, L-9766 Munshausen.
Syndicat dInitiative et de Tourisme - Larochette
Tourist information. At 33, chemin J-A Zinnen, L-7626 Larochette.
Syndicat dInitiative et de tourisme - Ettelbruck
Tourist Information. At 1A, rue de Bastogne, L-9010 Ettelbruck.
Syndicat dInitiative - Liefrange
Tourist information. At 6, Stengige Besch, L-9665 Liefrange.
Luxembourg City Tourist Office
Luxembourg main tourist office at place Guillaume II, L-1648 Luxembourg
D Miselerland
Luxembourgs Moselle region tourist office presenting events and information around the region. Wine tasting, tours, walks. Based at 115 route du Vin, L-5416 Ehnen.
Syndicat dInitiative Harlange
Tourist information of Harlange, a small town near the Lac de la Haute-Sûre, in north-western Luxembourg.
Syndicat dInitiative - Vianden
Tourist information office. At 14, rue du vieux Marche, L-9420 Vianden.
Syndicat dInitiative - Kayl
Tourist information. At gare de Kayl, L-3601 Kayl.
Syndicat dInitiative et de Tourisme - Wiltz
Tourist information office. At Chateau de Wiltz, L-9516 Wiltz.
Syndicat dInitiative - Hosingen
Tourist Information. At 3, Weescheed, L-9809, Hosingen.
Syndicat dInitiative - Schifflange
Tourist information office. At 14, avenue de la Liberation, L-3850 Schifflange.
Syndicat dInitiative - Diekirch
Tourist information. At 3, place de la Liberation, L-9255 Diekirch
Huus Tinkeltuten
Tourist information. At 6, rue du Baerendall, L-8212 Mamer.
Syndicat dInitiative et de Tourisme - Waldbillig
Tourist information office. At an der Gassel, L-7681 Waldbillig.
Syndicat dInitiative - Niederanven
Tourist information. At 145, route de Treves, L-6940 Niederanven.
Syndicat dInitiative - Mondorf
Tourist information. At 26, avenue des Bains, L-5610 Mondorf-les-Bains.
Syndicat dInitiative et de Tourisme - Rosport
Tourist information office. At 7A, rue de la Sure, L-6581 Rosport.
Syndicat dInitiative - Hersberg
Tourist information. At Maison 35, L-6225 Hersberg.
Syndicat dInitiative et de Tourisme - Troisvierges
Tourist information office. At 26, rue Joseph Conrad, L-9908 Troisvierges.
Syndicat dInitiative de Schengen
Tourist information office. At 2 Hemmeberreg, L-5444 Schengen.