Translators & Interpreters

Translations and interpreting services, sworn and official translators for English to French, German or Luxembourgish translations in Luxembourg. Court-certified translations for official documents in Luxembourg. Translations to other languages such as Dutch, Chinese, Italian and Spanish can also be found here.

Caroline Lam
English to French professional translator. At 4 rue de Bonnevoie, L-1260 Luxembourg
The Translator Group
Professional translation service certified according both European EN-15038 as well as North American CAN/CGSB-131.10 standards. With over 5,000 professional translators and specialists on hand, we are one of the TOP100 translation agencies WW.
Weitzel Martine
Specialised in sworn translations: diplomas, certificates, contracts etc. English, French, German, Dutch, Luxembourgish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese. Marketing, legal and financial translations. At 26 rue Antoine Meyer, L-2153 Luxembourg.
Luxembourg Translators and Interpreters Association (ALTI)
Over 60 professional translators and interpreters based in Luxembourg and the Greater Region providing translation and interpreting services for 25 languages and a wide range of fields. Certified translators for administrative purposes in Luxembourg
Precis Translations
Translation company based in Luxembourg. Offering sworn translations, editing, document drafting, localisation Russian, English, German and French, other languages on request. At 25C Bd Royal, L-2449, Luxembourg.
Phi Logos
General and specialised translators. Agriculture, technical, legal, social tax and corporate translations. At 20 Duarrefstrooss, L-9755 Hupperdange.
More Than Just Words
Specialist in French, German and Luxembourgish translations. At 94 Saarlouiser Strasse, D-66802 Uberherrn, Germany.
Translations from English and French into Dutch and vice versa. Specialised in fiancial sector, real estate and travel industry. At 1 rue de la Tuilerie, F-57570 Basse-Rentgen, France.
Translation agency specialised in financial, legal and technical translation. Free and immediate quote. Sworn translators. At 7 rue du Fort Rheinsheim, L-2419 Luxembourg.
Ferrer Lopez & Associates
Legal and financial translation and interpreting services. Sworn/certified translations for any language combination involving English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. At 3 rue Jean-Baptiste Esch, L-1473 Luxembourg.
Legal, corporate and technical translation services in most EC languages, Russian and Arabic. Sworn translators. At 30, boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, L-1330 Luxembourg.
peter & clark
Professional multilingual services for financial, legal and corporate clients. Peter & Clark offers a solution for the complexe text and message for a targeted audience through cultural sensitive translations. Plain language consulting, desktop publis...
Steinhagen Vera
Sworn translations of various legal and educational documents for Luxembourgish and German authorities. Working languages: German, Russian, French and English. At 51 rue des Champs, L-7218 Helmsange.
Christine Schmit
Sworn translations from German, Spanish and English into French and Luxembourgish. At 55 rue de Wormeldange, L-6180 Gonderange.
Communication, copywriting and translation services - English, French, Italian. Communication trainings. At 30 rue Adolphe Weis, L-7260 Bereldange.
Certified and sworn translations of various legal and educational documents in most European languages. Provision of professional conference interpreters, and audiovisual equipment. At 52 rue de Koerich, L-8437 Steinfort.
Company providing various translation services (English - French) for companies and individuals and assistance to companies for their incorporation in Luxembourg (contacts to banks, administrations, notaries etc). At 79 route dArlon, L-1140 Luxembourg.
TALK Finance
Specialised in financial translations: asset management, insurance, banking products and services, capital markets, etc. At 83 parc dactivités, L-8308 Capellen.
Sworn (certified) translator. English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Conference and business interpreter. In Bonnevoie, Luxembourg.
Target Language Translation
French to English translation by a native British citizen.
Amplexor Luxembourg
Translators providing B2B customers with global solutions in content lifecycle management. At 55 rue de Luxembourg, L-8077 Bertrange.
Translation from English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Modern Greek. At 1 rue Schetzel, L-6997 Oberanven.
Interpreters and sworn translators agency. Simultaneous or consecutive interpreting. At 29 rue Alphonse Munchen, L-2172 Luxembourg.
Gisele Rocchio
English and Italian into Spanish translator; specialized in legal and audiovisual translations. 
why vanilla?
Translations and proof-reading of Luxembourgish, German, English, French and Italian texts. At 37 rue de Luxembourg, L-4220 Esch-sur-Alzette.
Cara V. Bland
English-language editing, copywriting, ghostwriting, creative translating (DE-EN), creative writing classes, manuscript assessments.
RR Donnelley Luxembourg
Translation services to the financial and corporate marketplace in all European languages, as well as Asian and Middle-Eastern. Worldwide presence - 24/7 service . Open Monday to Friday from 08:00-18:30. At 11 boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg.
Alinéa Traductions
Translations from and into French, English and Spanish. Free estimate. At 2 Boulevard Henri Becquerel, F-57970 Yutz, France.
Team Translation International Network
Offers all languages express translation service. At 11 avenue de la Gare, L-1611 Luxembourg.
Professional language translations from certificates and contracts from the civil and commercial law over manuals for all product segments up to medical and financial documents. Translation services in more than 120 languages.