Vets & Veterinary Services

Small Animal Hospital Bereldange
Vet clinic without appointment from 07:30 to 19:00. Monday - Friday, Saturday 09:00 - 12:30 and 24/7 hotline. At 29 am Becheler, L-7213 Bereldange.
Cabinet Vétérinaire Debue et Zeimes
General veterinary practice. Open Monday - Saturday 09:00 - 19:00 with half day Wednesday and Saturday. By appointment. Located at 115, rue du Cimetière, L-1338 Bonnevoie. Also in Bertrange
Vanessa Swiontek
Vet specialised in dogs, cats and rodents. At 193 Rue du Clopp, L-4810 Rodange.
Vet in the city centre also using homeopathy, bach flowers and general alternative medicines. At 52 Boulevard Grand Duchesse Charlotte, L-1331 Luxembourg.
Homeopath, nutritionist and behavioural therapist for dogs, cats and horses in Pontpierre.
Krack-Weber Marie-Claire
Veterinary surgeons. Consultations by appointment: general medicine and surgery. Dogs, cats and small pets. At 2 rue De Frombourg, L-6572 Osweiler.
Déierenklinik Krakelshaff
A team of 9 vets, 4 assistants and secretaries and a physiotherapist for animals. Open Monday to Friday from 09:00-19:00 and Saturday from 09:00-15:00. 24/7 service. At 59 Montée Krakelshaff, L-3235 Bettembourg.
Homeopath, nutritionist and behavioral therapist for dogs, cats and horses. 56a rue de l'Europe, L-4394 Pontpierre.
Veterinary clinic with 24/7 emergency service for registered clients. Consultations Monday to Saturday. At 241 Route de Longwy, L-1941 Luxembourg.
Cabinet Vétérinaire Debue & Zeimes
Veterinary clinic based in Luxembourg with two locations, Bertrange and Bonnevoie. Modern facility and trained veterinarians specialised in four-legged pets. At 9 Rue de Leudelange L-8079 Bertrange.
Cabinet Vétérinaire Jaeger
Veterinary practice offering full services for small pets. Open monday to Friday 08:00 - 18;30 and Saturday 09:00 - 12:00. Located at: 10 Rue Auguste Charles, L-1326 Luxembourg.
Cabinet Vétérinaire Keispelt
Consultations and home visits by appointment Monday through Friday from 08:30 to 19:00 and Saturday from 10:00-12:00. Small animals and NAC. Internal medicine, surgery, medical imaging. At 2 Rue de Kehlen, L-8295 Keispelt.
Sandy Hauer - Cabinet Veterinaire Equin
Equine veterinary practice dealing with horses only. By appointment only. Located at 40, rue Boland, L-6715 Grevenmacher
Pets in Motion
Physiotherapy services for dogs, cats, horses. Daily and long term boarding/dog sitting service. At 22 Rue Principale, L-8838 Wahl.
Olivia Shoenfeld
House-call practice for most pets. Royal College of Veterinary Medicine in Edinburgh,Member of American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.
Tierklinik - Animal Clinic Müllerthal
Veterinary surgeons and animal physiotherapists. Consultations (on appointment) from Mon-Sat Emergencies: 24/7 service. At 11 Biirkelterstrooss, L-6552 Berdorf.
Cabinet Vétérinaire de lIris
Veterinary practice treating all small pets. By appointment only. Located at 51 rue Caspar-Mathias Spoo - L-4323 Esch-sur-Alzette
Vet A Domicile
Vet who does home visits throughout Luxembourg. By appointment only. Located at 22 Rue de lindustrie, L-8399 Windhof.
Cabinet Vétérinaire de la Pétrusse
General veterinarian. Surgery, nutrition and behavioral issues for small animals. Located at 5, rue Adolphe Fischer, L-1520 Luxembourg.
Physiotherapy and acupuncture for pets (dods, cats and horses). On appointment only. At 19 rue de la Montagne, L-7238 Walferdange.
Cabinet Vétérinaire AnimaVet
General veterinary practice with 24/7 emergency. Normal hours Monday to Friday 09: 00-12: 00 and 14 h 00 to 19 h 00, Saturday 09: 00-12: 00. Located at 58 Rue de Mamer, L-8081 Bertrange
Cabinet Vétérinaire de Howald
Consultations, emergencies and home visits. Open from Monday to Saturday by appointment. 24/7 emergency service. Dermatology specialist. At 16 Rue Eugène Welter, L-2723 Howald.
Déierenklinik Alzéng - Animal
Veterinary hospital with 3 vets - dog, cat, rabbit, rodents, reptiles. At 28 rue de Syren, L-5870 Alzingen.
Dr. Marcus Riemer
Consultations for pets. Orthopedic surgery and neurology. At 1 rue Marie-Louise Tidick Ulveling, Luxembourg.
Veternaire Praxis Marc Diederich
General Veterinary practice for all your pets needs. Located at 3 A Neiewee, L-8279 Holzem.