Wheels, Tyres & Tyre Fitters

Pneus Center
Founded in 2004, this shop is presenting a wide choice of tyres for new and used cars. Wheel plates, summer/ winter tyres, fitting and balancing as well. Situated at 21 Letzebuergerstrooss, L-5752 Frisange.
Janitorial auto mobile centre is offering mechanical services, maintenance, pneumatics, washings, registration and technical inspection. Parking and internet access as well. Placed at 1 route du Vin, L-6688 Mertert.
Den Pneuenhandler Lux-Pneus
Tyres and wheels shop presenting all major brands and sizes. Storage, cleaning and mounting available. Situated at 60 Grand-Rue, L-8510 Redange-sur-Attert.
Frontlines Pneus & Autos Services
With more then 35 years experience, this mechanical garage is proposing services for new and used cars. Inspections related to maintenance and security as well. Positioned at rue Langenberg, F-57330 Volmerange-les-Mines, France.
Pneus Mreches
Tyre supply, mounting and balancing. Wheels, accessories and pick-up service available. Located at 26 rue dArlon, L-8399 Windhof.
CDP - Comptoir du pneu
Auto shop and car wash centre - repairs and servicing: all makes and models - Also mounting and balancing tyres. At 77 Rue des Martyrs, L-3739 Rumelange.
JLP Auto & Pneu Service
Various tyre brands for cars, motorcycles, light commercial, quad, 4X4 tires and light trucks. Mounting, balancing, repairs and vehicle cleaning as well. Located at 12 rue de la Chapelle, L-3378 Livange.
Garage-Carrosserie Grondhaff
Pneumatic centre offers services of bodywork, repairs and mechanical maintenance for all car brands. Sales of used vehicles and emergency road assistance as well. Placed at 3 route de Beaufort, L-6360 Grundhof.
Muller Pneus
Tyre store offering services of mounting, balancing, valve, wheel and removals. Storage and online service available. Situated at 8 rue Edmond Reuter - Zone Industrielle Weiergewan, L-5326 Contern.
Rodighiero Pneus
Pneumatic store selling summer/winter tyres, services of fitting and balancing. Car Accessories as well. Positioned at 47 rue De Hollerich, L-1741 Luxembourg.
R.C. Pneus
Mechanical garage is offering car services of tyres, controls, rims, sewage, dampers and brakes. Technical supervision and polish service as well. Placed at 4 allee de la Jeunesse Sacrifiee 1940-1945, L-5863 Hesperange.
Delta - Pneus Luxembourg
Founded in 1988, this tyre specialist is offering services for cars, 4x4, SUV, lorries. Wifi, parking and dogs accepted available. Situated at 494 route de Longwy, L-1940 Luxembourg.
Autocenter Goedert
Market centre presenting services of tyres, wheels, repairs, washing and maintenance products for all types of vehicles. Wifi available as well. Positioned at 140 route dEsch, L-1471 Luxembourg.
Pneus Service Hoffmann
Vehicle tyre shop is offering services for new/ used cars, repair and maintenance. Summer and winter tyre fitter as well. Based at 59 rue de Wasserbillig, L-6686 Mertert.
Garage Schmit & Fils
Ford authorized distributor is presenting services of mechanical repairs, baked paintings, accessories and maintenance for new and used cars of all brands. Windshield service and air conditioning as well. Based at 93 route de Treves, L-6793 Grevenmacher.
Destock Pneus
Settled in 2013, this fitting centre is proposing mechanical services for new and used cars. Online chat and fast delivery as well. Placed at 60 rue du Parc, L-3542 Dudelange.
Created in 2002, this vehicle centre is presenting services of repairs, restorations, auto body, control and maintenance. Emergency road assistance available. Placed at 41 zone dActivite Economique le Triangle Vert, L-5691 Ellange.
Tyre and wheels shop is offering services for new and used automobile cars. Technical inspection body, vehicle washing, parking and disabled access available. Based at 1 rue Geespelt, L-3378 Livange.
Inter-Central Pneu
Specialist of tyres and wheels offering a various range of models. Also selling a wide range of trailers. At 6 Um Mierscherbierg, L-7526 Mersch.
D.M. Services
Supply of tires, wheels for all types of vehicles and all brands. Mounting service as well. Located at 48-50 Rue Joseph Kieffer, L-4176 Esch-sur-Alzette.
Marc Feltes
Peugeot mechanical workshop offering repairs and bodywork for all brands. Sales of second hand cars, guarding tyres and car rentals available. Situated at 24 rue de lIndustrie, L-8069 Bertrange.
Mechanical centre is offering services for all brands of new and used cars. Non stop emergency road assistance, disabled access, wifi and dogs allowed available. Placed at 19 route de Thionville, L-2611 Luxembourg.
Pneus Othmar Gloden
Specialist in tyres, wheels, mounting, balancing, batteries and air conditioning control. Parking, WiFi, dogs allowed and disabled access available. Based at 2-8 Waistrooss, L-5445 Schengen.
Pneus Interpneu
Tyre sale, mounting and balancing. All major brands and storage facility as well. Situated at 5 route de Thionville, L-2611 Luxembourg.
Large integrated industrial complex which is one of the biggest suppliers in Luxembourg. Tyres, wheels and parking available. Based at avenue Gordon Smith, L-7750 Colmar-Berg.