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Renovation 6 Home & Garden
Anyone had experience with a good reliable renovation company? Replies gratefully received.
started by: malawi-5535 · last update: 1472400318 · posted: 1464789693
Delete account 1 AngloINFO Support
How can I delete my account??
started by: Cristina-García Berenguer-867763 · last update: 1472120536 · posted: 1472048369
Social Security for newly arrived unempl... 1 Financial & Legal
Hello,I am a non-EU mother of a Luxembourger child (whose nationality obtained from his deceased father)...
started by: Crimson-Rouge-866366 · last update: 1471866407 · posted: 1470564093
Looking for an experienced cleaning lady 1 Home & Garden
Hi everyone,i am looking for an experienced cleaning lady that is able to clean an apartment o...
started by: violet_9 · last update: 1471864755 · posted: 1469020758
Luxembourgish Language - test 1 General
started by: MuhammadSalmanFarooqui · last update: 1471864538 · posted: 1468500144
Horse riding lessons in English 0 Sport & Leisure
I can recommend horse riding lessons in English at My Other Riding School in Capellen.  Lovely atmosph...
started by: Mallyan · last update: 1471428501 · posted: 1471428501
What Happened 4 General
HiIt seems after the new look on angloinfo the there are not much classifields are posted
started by: luxsale · last update: 1470044508 · posted: 1463735600
British Girlguiding in Luxembourg – sp... 0 Families & Kids
started by: Nicky-Whittall-864556 · last update: 1468485130 · posted: 1468485130
Citruspresser & juice/Vegetable centrifu... 0 General
Moulinex 2 in 1 citruspresser and vegetables presser, only used 1 time, still with warranty, selling for 20 euro...
started by: Bertrange · last update: 1468228823 · posted: 1468228823
Petition for second Brexit referendum - ... 0 General
started by: malawi-5535 · last update: 1467894346 · posted: 1466968327
Looking for dyslexia tutor 0 Families & Kids
Hi,I'm looking for a tutor specialized in working with dyslexic children (preferably a native o...
started by: Nathalie-Grignard-863758 · last update: 1467708010 · posted: 1467708010
Afternoon childcare for 2 children 0 Families & Kids
started by: Traxler-Katerina-861353 · last update: 1467634322 · posted: 1467634322
Moving to Luxembourg in September - when... 0 Home & Garden
Hi,I'm moving to Luxembourg in mid September and before that date I plan to visit Luxembourg t...
started by: Michal-Banach-862791 · last update: 1466597899 · posted: 1466597899
Homeschooling in Luxembourg 0 Families & Kids
We would like to start homeschooling in Luxembourg and we would like to hear from you are in this system.  ...
started by: Quatro23 · last update: 1466454819 · posted: 1466454819
Native American Friends Of Luxemburg, AS... 0 General
started by: william-jervis-862302 · last update: 1466075043 · posted: 1466075043
Afterschool babysitter with own car 0 Families & Kids
I am looking for a responsible English speaking babysitter (native or with a very good level of English), with...
started by: gisabadi · last update: 1465985169 · posted: 1465985169
reporting a lawyer 2 Financial & Legal
Hello,I hope someone can help.I instructed a Luxembourg lawyer in writing. S...
started by: AminaT · last update: 1465523118 · posted: 1464859687
UK to Luxembourg driving? 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
anyone driving from the UK to Luxembourg this month with space for 1 or 2 suitcases or a keyboard? Student stuff...
started by: jaime-940317 · last update: 1465397449 · posted: 1465397449
Cat Sitting 3 Pets & Animals
Hello everyone,
started by: Sara-Tavares-858583 · last update: 1465237507 · posted: 1463586408
Children's school carer 0 General
started by: Judith-Long-861377 · last update: 1465199725 · posted: 1465199725
Selling a very nice, almost new, couch ... 0 Home & Garden
Hello everyone,I am moving out and need to sell urgently my almost new couch (only 4 months used) bec...
started by: Neli-Karatsanova-858654 · last update: 1464710518 · posted: 1464710518
Room for rent in Hollerich 0 Home & Garden
Room for ...
started by: MelGag · last update: 1464166333 · posted: 1464166333
2 Reduced Hans Zimmer Tickets for tonigh... 0 Entertainment
Hello,Unfortunately, I have 2 tickets for the Hans Zimmer show of tonight in the Rockhall but I cannot at...
started by: Fabio-Tizzoni-859898 · last update: 1463818115 · posted: 1463818115
SIGN PETITION - FREE WATER IN RESTAURANT... 0 Food & Drink . Very few restaura...
started by: malawi-5535 · last update: 1463657856 · posted: 1463657856
German language - Däitsch - langue alle... 0 Families & Kids
Do you want to learn or improve German? Do you need a German tutor for your kids? Don't look further. I a...
started by: ulrike67 · last update: 1463397760 · posted: 1463397760
Cleaning houses 0 Home & Garden
Dear all,I am offering cleaning services in the area of Luxembourg. If you need help for house work, iron...
started by: Sandro-998306 · last update: 1463338489 · posted: 1463338489
A hardworking lady is here for babysitting, cleaning, ironing and any domestic jobs any time any day. With refer...
started by: Angel77-10065135 · last update: 1463227416 · posted: 1463227416
Cloth Diapers 0 Families & Kids
We are moving to LUX this summer and will be enrolling out toddler in a daycare (creche?) - does anyone know the po...
started by: Samantha-Taraskiewicz-859310 · last update: 1463166892 · posted: 1463166892
EU Referendum, register by 16/05 0 General
A survey carried out by the UK Electoral Commission has recently found that half of British expat responde...
started by: malawi-5535 · last update: 1463051882 · posted: 1463051882
Labor law: suing your ex-employer 0 Financial & Legal
Hello everyone,On the 14th of April 2015 I was, in my opinion, unfairly dismissed by my employer seated i...
started by: Gabor-988809 · last update: 1462544986 · posted: 1462544986
Maternity benefits for NON-working mom 0 Families & Kids
Hi all!I recently moved to Lux and as local maternity benefits system totally differs from the system of ...
started by: julia-brylova-857847 · last update: 1461884273 · posted: 1461884273
Where to report tax already paid in "Pro... 0 Financial & Legal
Hi everyone,In mid-2015 I changed from being a salaried employee to being a full-time freelancer. As such...
started by: TomHowald · last update: 1461760408 · posted: 1461760408
Underground parking for rent in Limperts... 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Eur 160 per month
started by: Grixtch · last update: 1461594014 · posted: 1461594014
Job 0 AngloINFO Support
zdravomože you please explain to me how l can make my ad for a job...
started by: Amra-Civic-854705 · last update: 1460363134 · posted: 1460363134
A representative of Luxemburg wanted for... 0 Sport & Leisure
Hi!I'm studying Tourism Mangement in Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences in Finland. I'm working on m...
started by: Lilli-Luoma-aho · last update: 1460125549 · posted: 1460125549
Classified 2 AngloINFO Support
Hello,Since you change the look of your page it is impossible for me to click in any classified to see the pic...
started by: Vm2 · last update: 1460100603 · posted: 1459279677
Football / Futsal 1 Sport & Leisure
Anyone knows of a futsal team where english speaking players are welcome?
started by: sodapls · last update: 1459238224 · posted: 1456238955
Conversation exchange French and English 0 General
started by: Donnadieu-Laurent-853841 · last update: 1458811443 · posted: 1458811443
Looking for a guitar player, singer or s... 0 Entertainment
Hello, I'm getting married on Saturday, June 4th.  We will have a small cocktail and dinner party for aroun...
started by: jesly · last update: 1458736325 · posted: 1458736325
Importing a Japanese Car 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi   Does anyone have any experience of the above? I have a Nissan 350z Fairlady that was las...
started by: Richardjohnmarch · last update: 1458564492 · posted: 1456053060
Vacines 1 Families & Kids
Hello everyone:-) I have one small question. Me and my son (2years) arrived here before 2 months. ...
started by: jasnichka · last update: 1458127698 · posted: 1454341814
Leather sofa repair 0 Home & Garden
I wanted to get my leather sofa repaired. there are few cracked on the sofa. Does anyone knows about any person,...
started by: sophia aurora · last update: 1456086694 · posted: 1456086694
French native speaker looking for discus... 0 General
Hello All, I am Olivia, and I would like to improve my conversational english specially in the Legal regi...
started by: Olivia-10068769 · last update: 1455789801 · posted: 1455789801
off road bike trails in luxembourg 1 Sport & Leisure
Hello, I just moved to Luxembourg a couple of months ago and brought my mountain bike with me so i can en...
started by: agold · last update: 1455578821 · posted: 1454958666
Working in Luxembourg, living in Germany 2 Financial & Legal
Hi everyone,  I know this question has been asked several times, I've read the posts but their situa...
started by: Luria · last update: 1455485042 · posted: 1455175588
Tax card 2 Financial & Legal
Hello, I want to ask you something about tax card.My husband is working from June 2015 in Lux.We are marr...
started by: jasnichka · last update: 1455405011 · posted: 1455300476
Returning mail to sender - how to do it ... 4 General
Hello, Does anyone know the procedure in Luxembourg for returning mail to sender? I mean, when you receiv...
started by: TomHowald · last update: 1455104984 · posted: 1455018826
Engagement ring 2 General
Hello, I need to purchase an engagement ring on Monday; could anybody please offer me any advice regardin...
started by: Moriati · last update: 1455003105 · posted: 1454815126
sewing machine shop luxembourg 3 Sport & Leisure
Hi everyone, does someone know if there is a Bernina shop in Luxembourg? I urgently need to by a foot con...
started by: Keira-6265 · last update: 1454794106 · posted: 1454688828
Bose home cinema 2 Entertainment
Hello, I'd like to sell my Bose Cinemate GS series home cinema including Bose original stands. (275EUR)
started by: junlux · last update: 1453812517 · posted: 1453640135