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Classified 5 AngloINFO Support
Hello,Since you change the look of your page it is impossible for me to click in any classified to see the pictures
started by: Vm2 · last update: 1515696529 · posted: 1459279677
Welcome for friendship 0 AngloINFO Support
Hi everyone. Good day. I am searching new friends in Luxembourg. Feel free and easy to grow happiness and joy of fr
started by: Yub Raj-Khadka-916377 · last update: 1512401393 · posted: 1512401393
Practice speaking French 4 General
Hello, I am studying French and I would like to practice. So if you want to meet some one to practice together, or
started by: tranhaiyen · last update: 1511995149 · posted: 1452993730
Rent a place pet-friendly 1 General
Hello friends,   I have received a job offer for Luxembourg and I will be moving hopefully in December. I
started by: Andreea-Chirilov-913888 · last update: 1511112554 · posted: 1509978183
Hello,Am giving my Beagle Litters for Adoption 4 Pets & Animals
Am moving to U.S.A and am not able to take them along..Fantastic litter with outstanding pedigree - Dad and mum are
started by: Tracy-Beaker-913455 · last update: 1509980214 · posted: 1509530911
Dog sitting / walking needed 9 Pets & Animals
Hi, I just moved to Luxembourg and I will also bring my dog soon. She's a 2.5 years old Beagle female. She is a hap
started by: LauraZ-990991 · last update: 1509963431 · posted: 1420933327
Family Care - Aupair 0 Families & Kids
My partner and I will be moving to Lux and we're debating on whether to bring her mother along to look after our da
started by: shawno · last update: 1509662450 · posted: 1509662450
Luxembourg Internet service providers (ISP)... 3 General
There are couple of topics with bits of info on internet connections at home but I thought I will share the results
started by: Eri-Polm-892922 · last update: 1509662062 · posted: 1490045905
English trainers in Luxemburg? 1 General
Hello ! As a language training company, we are looking for english trainers ! If you are native, qualifie
started by: Aurélie-BLOT-910430 · last update: 1509661673 · posted: 1506438862
HARRY POTTER and the Philosopher's Stone™... 0 Sport & Leisure
Hello, I have an extra ticket for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone™ - IN CONCERT on Saturaday 28th at the
started by: paola-manzoni-911191 · last update: 1509087036 · posted: 1509087036
2017 Luxembourg Comedy Festival 0 Entertainment
Welcome to Luxembourg Comedy Festival 2017(Oct 28; Nov 17, 18, 19)The festival welcomes professional stand-up comed
started by: joestandupdotcom · last update: 1508843337 · posted: 1508843337
Transport the stuff 0 General
I need to deliver 6-7 boxes of clothes and other stuff (shoes, household things, paintings, etc), different sizes,
started by: LuxemB · last update: 1506599725 · posted: 1506599725
Clothing alterations 1 Home & Garden
Can someone please recommend a seamstress who can alter some trousers which need taking in at the waist?
started by: Dave W-839 · last update: 1506249871 · posted: 1506079156
Sports Clubs 2 Sport & Leisure
Are there any English speaking sports clubs, in particular rugby and swimming for teenagers to join? 
started by: Sarah CW · last update: 1506247804 · posted: 1504549825
Schwabisch Hall - Review 0 Financial & Legal
Hello all!I'm strongly evaluating the option of opening a "Schwabisch Hall - Scheme - Home Savings Plan" in BGL. &n
started by: duarte.enio · last update: 1506150765 · posted: 1506150765
Folk clubs? 1 Entertainment
Are there any folk clubs in Luxembourg, or regular open mike sessions?
started by: Victoria-Quinn-853779 · last update: 1505566024 · posted: 1505470646
Dog walking and home boarding in Junglinster 0 Pets & Animals
Dear all, we offer our professional services of dog walking and/or dog boarding in the area of Junglinster. Interes
started by: Cecilia-Tarrio-906964 · last update: 1504770360 · posted: 1504770360
Child care before school - Luxembourg City 0 Families & Kids
Hi,Recent arrivals (French/English) looking for crèche/nanny/baby sitter who can look after our daughter (3 years
started by: Neil-Whitesmith-908478 · last update: 1504175335 · posted: 1504175335
Where can I donate food items? 1 Food & Drink
Hello, Our friends just moved from Luxembourg today and left us with lots and lots of unopened pantry food tha
started by: kimberlyclemons · last update: 1503725356 · posted: 1503054849
Autism/Special Needs Schooling 1 Families & Kids
Hi there - I have two children on the ASD spectrum - one is a non-verbal four year old and the other is verbal and
started by: mierman1 · last update: 1503345817 · posted: 1495471080