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Autism/Special Needs Schooling 1 Families & Kids
Hi there - I have two children on the ASD spectrum - one is a non-verbal four year old and the other is verbal and
started by: mierman1 · last update: 1503345817 · posted: 1495471080
Where can I donate food items? 0 Food & Drink
Hello, Our friends just moved from Luxembourg today and left us with lots and lots of unopened pantry food tha
started by: kimberlyclemons · last update: 1503054849 · posted: 1503054849
Lawyer specialized in lease contract/tenant... 2 Financial & Legal
Hello, Could someone recommend a lawyer specialized in lease contract/tenant law? I'm having problems with my apart
started by: Rita-6192 · last update: 1501080712 · posted: 1500836771
Private mechanic/ garage 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hello All,Does any one knows any private individual/ garage who can fix a dent on my car. Please contact with me.Th
started by: MuhammadSalmanFarooqui · last update: 1497706780 · posted: 1497706779
Experienced Primary teacher for English lesssons,... 0 Families & Kids
Hello,Please contact me if you would like help and support with learning or improving English or success with Engli
started by: tomla · last update: 1497423879 · posted: 1497423878
Speed camera and driving restrictions 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi there, I have a question regarding a speeding ticket. Recently my car was flashed doing around 110 kph wher
started by: j-van de klok-902077 · last update: 1497275708 · posted: 1497275707
Lots of questions! 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi everyone!  First time poster and I found this forum via a search for information about an upcoming move.&nb
started by: Wes-Pierce-902007 · last update: 1497224531 · posted: 1497224530
Nanny 0 Families & Kids
If you are searching for a dedicated and compassionate nanny for permanent full-time job with an immaculate track r
started by: Mirna-10062624 · last update: 1496246918 · posted: 1496246918
Cleaning lady 0 Home & Garden
Hello, I'm looking for cleaning houses for two more days to fulfill my whole week. No less than 4 hours and more. Y
started by: Mirna-10062624 · last update: 1495774815 · posted: 1495774814
Suggestions for cat travel to USA? 0 Pets & Animals
Hello! It has recently come to our attention that the airline with whom we’ve already purchased our tickets does
started by: Michelle-Glorieux-898530 · last update: 1494443768 · posted: 1494443767
Passion for beauty? 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I need a little help with my small business. I work in the beauty industry and need an occasional help. So if anybo
started by: perlab-905046 · last update: 1493984873 · posted: 1486573572
Legal advise Needed pls : Buying Property... 1 Financial & Legal
Hello,I am in the process of buying a property, and we gave an offer. Since the owner didnt have any other offer, s
started by: vikramjaiswal1979 · last update: 1493984770 · posted: 1491468392
Form a band 0 Entertainment
Hello,I sing, and I would like to form a band. Or if you play guitar and would like to practice or record some song
started by: tranhaiyen · last update: 1493984624 · posted: 1493984623
Adoptions 0 Financial & Legal
Is this live
started by: Marin-Marinov-868068 · last update: 1493888037 · posted: 1493888036
Can't post classifieds 2 AngloINFO Support
I've been trying to post a classified for two days now. The system shows no error message, every box is green, yet
started by: Gergely -Tuskai-898301 · last update: 1493192868 · posted: 1493047946
clining 0 Home & Garden
I search for job to clean houses and ironing.  for price we will make a dealI have 47 years and i live in Luxe
started by: Sneza-993933 · last update: 1493022007 · posted: 1493022006
UK Pension Presentation - Brexit and Article... 0 Financial & Legal
If you have a UK Pension and want to know more about therecent UK Budget changes and how Brexit and the triggering
started by: David-O'Donoghue-897722 · last update: 1492499616 · posted: 1492499615
Interest only mortgages 0 Financial & Legal
Hi , are interest only mortgages available when buying a home in Luxembourg? Thanks.
started by: Charlie-Back-897960 · last update: 1492440629 · posted: 1492440628
English speaking summer camps for kids 0 Families & Kids
Anybody knows any English speaking (not English learning) summer camp for kids (12 year old) in Luxembourg or surro
started by: Andreja-Neral Lamza-896750 · last update: 1491307599 · posted: 1491307599
Luxembourg Internet service providers (ISP)... 1 General
There are couple of topics with bits of info on internet connections at home but I thought I will share the results
started by: Eri-Polm-892922 · last update: 1490348439 · posted: 1490045905