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Autism/Special Needs Schooling 0 Families & Kids
Hi there - I have two children on the ASD spectrum - one is a non-verbal four year old and the other is verbal a...
started by: mierman1 · last update: 1495471080 · posted: 1495471080
Suggestions for cat travel to USA? 0 Pets & Animals
Hello! It has recently come to our attenti...
started by: Michelle-Glorieux-898530 · last update: 1494443767 · posted: 1494443767
Passion for beauty? 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I need a little help with my small business. I work in the beauty industry and need an occasional help. So if an...
started by: perlab-905046 · last update: 1493984873 · posted: 1486573572
Legal advise Needed pls : Buying Propert... 1 Financial & Legal
Hello,I am in the process of buying a property, and we gave an offer. Since the owner didnt have any othe...
started by: vikramjaiswal1979 · last update: 1493984770 · posted: 1491468392
Form a band 0 Entertainment
Hello,I sing, and I would like to form a band. Or if you play guitar and would like to practice or record...
started by: tranhaiyen · last update: 1493984623 · posted: 1493984623
Adoptions 0 Financial & Legal
Is this live
started by: Marin-Marinov-868068 · last update: 1493888036 · posted: 1493888036
Can't post classifieds 2 AngloINFO Support
I've been trying to post a classified for two days now. The system shows no error message, every box is green, y...
started by: Gergely -Tuskai-898301 · last update: 1493192868 · posted: 1493047946
clining 0 Home & Garden
I search for job to clean houses and ironing.  for price we will make a dealI have 47 years a...
started by: Sneza-993933 · last update: 1493022006 · posted: 1493022006
UK Pension Presentation - Brexit and Art... 0 Financial & Legal
If you have a UK Pension and want to know more about therecent UK Budget changes and how...
started by: David-O'Donoghue-897722 · last update: 1492499615 · posted: 1492499615
Interest only mortgages 0 Financial & Legal
Hi , are interest only mortgages available when buying a home in Luxembourg? Thanks.
started by: Charlie-Back-897960 · last update: 1492440628 · posted: 1492440628
English speaking summer camps for kids 0 Families & Kids
Anybody knows any English speaking (not English learning) summer camp for kids (12 year old) in Luxembourg or su...
started by: Andreja-Neral Lamza-896750 · last update: 1491307599 · posted: 1491307599
Luxembourg Internet service providers (I... 1 General
There are couple of topics with bits of info on internet connections at home but I thought I will share the resu...
started by: Eri-Polm-892922 · last update: 1490348439 · posted: 1490045905
Dog sitter for gentle old dog over Easte... 0 Pets & Animals
We need someone to feed and look after our old dog, Lola. Needs to be let out into garden but no long walks...
started by: Fiona-Urquhart-895069 · last update: 1490348412 · posted: 1489009920
cleaning ,ironing and babysitter 0 Home & Garden
Hi ..I am Bojana . I Need a  job (cleaning,ironing or babysitter ) . If u interested please contact me an p...
started by: Bojana-Denic-874386 · last update: 1488841701 · posted: 1488841701
* Work required * 0 General
Looking work, Happy to do any task required (within reason), Please contact if you have anything, much appreciat...
started by: Lux-Tech · last update: 1486227869 · posted: 1486227869
cleaning,babysitter and ironing 0 Home & Garden
hello everybody  .i am Bojana and i wanted extra work cleaning,ironing or babysitter . i needed any work ....
started by: Bojana-Denic-874386 · last update: 1486158563 · posted: 1486158563
I need certified electrician that speaks... 0 Home & Garden
Hello,I need a certified electrician who speaks English. I need electricity installation for a...
started by: [email protected] · last update: 1486120286 · posted: 1486120286
Looking for someone to clean our house 0 Home & Garden
Hi there,we're looking sor a serious, hard worker, trustworthy person, who can come to our appartment (Lu...
started by: Lied-Rodriguez-883753 · last update: 1484914440 · posted: 1484914440
Private crech opening hours 0 Families & Kids
Hi everybody,My son goes to private crèche Luciole. I was surprised that crèche was closed for entire 2...
started by: OlgaS-980952 · last update: 1483970478 · posted: 1483970478
Luxembourg to Birmingham 0 General
Long shot, but is anyone flying or know someone who's flying tomorrow (Jan 5th) from LUX to Birmingham with FlyB...
started by: Chetan-Arora-883830 · last update: 1483554636 · posted: 1483554636
Van modification 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I would like to buy a van and install some solar panels on the roof and a bed and a tv inside, maybe some insula...
started by: Ievgenii-Kuzmenko-878620 · last update: 1479828758 · posted: 1479828758
I cllining hause 0 Home & Garden
I wanted job to clining and maintenance haouse691920180email : [email protected]..
started by: Sneza-993933 · last update: 1479318743 · posted: 1479318743
Space for a stress reduction program 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello, I am looking for a space to rent (or for free), a quiet one, preferably with a carpet on a floor or a wooden...
started by: Lucia-Dinga Supova-873904 · last update: 1478513574 · posted: 1478513574
Pension Fund Documentation 0 Financial & Legal
Could someone please tell what type of certification or proof of education documents after age of 18 presented t...
started by: Ralph-Mcclelland-873647 · last update: 1478174113 · posted: 1478174113
Contributions paid in Luxembourg 0 Financial & Legal
Hi all,I have a question for you as after living four years in Luxembourg, I left it more than one year a...
started by: michele.soavi · last update: 1478011828 · posted: 1478011828
Moving Companies in Lux City? 0 Home & Garden
Hi Everyone,Can anyone recommend a reputable moving company I could use to help my husband and I m...
started by: AdeleG · last update: 1477560925 · posted: 1477560925
Full furnish apartment for temporary per... 1 Home & Garden
Hi guys. do you have any suggestion to find an apartment for temporary period? Apart AIRBNB.Thanks
started by: valentina-maiore-872540 · last update: 1477423295 · posted: 1476874647
Activities for mid-term school break, or... 0 Families & Kids
Any suggestions?  Mid term break next week and we need to find something to occupy the kids for Wedn...
started by: Derek-Jones-863201 · last update: 1477302356 · posted: 1477302356
Energy certificate 2 Home & Garden
Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced company that will provide a energy...
started by: luxembourgshopper-890683 · last update: 1476644254 · posted: 1475647819
Energy certicate 0 Financial & Legal
Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced company that will provide a energy certificate in order to sell ...
started by: luxembourgshopper-890683 · last update: 1475647565 · posted: 1475647565
Academic Coaching sessions 0 Families & Kids
If you are looking for a professional academic coach to unlock your child's talent, contact me. Certified...
started by: Sophie-Le Dorner-871350 · last update: 1475596773 · posted: 1475596773
Looking for an experienced cleaning lady 1 Home & Garden
Hi everyone,i am looking for an experienced cleaning lady that is able to clean an apartment o...
started by: violet_9 · last update: 1475416641 · posted: 1469020758
Dyslexia Teacher 0 Families & Kids
I am a teacher of Dyslexic kids and have been doing the work for about 10 years.I hold a Orton -Gillingham tutor...
started by: Nan-Gilsous-871075 · last update: 1475319763 · posted: 1475319763
Important business i smissing form direc... 1 AngloINFO Support
The directory for used and antique furniture is missing one of the best stores and there is no way to contact An...
started by: gabrielaN · last update: 1475138073 · posted: 1475053958
In your education directorym why is the ... 1 AngloINFO Support
There is a publicly funded International school in Differdange. I am surprised to see that it is missing form th...
started by: gabrielaN · last update: 1475137872 · posted: 1475054433
Ecole Internationale de Differdange 1 Families & Kids
I noticed that this school is missing from the directory. There is a new International school in Differdange. It...
started by: gabrielaN · last update: 1475137785 · posted: 1475054645
Running clubs 0 Sport & Leisure
Hi there,Recently moved to Lux and looking for a daytime running club for beginners. Ideally something fo...
started by: ClaireShivs · last update: 1474979250 · posted: 1474979250
Gym / fitness club with a creche? 0 Families & Kids
Hello,We just moved to Luxembourg City and are looking for a gym / fitness club with a creche, i.e., a pl...
started by: Henry-M.-869872 · last update: 1474145433 · posted: 1474145433
Domestic jobs 0 Home & Garden
An hardworking man searching  for domestic jobs,this include cleaning,gardening, ironing jobs etc
started by: Angel77-10065135 · last update: 1474118297 · posted: 1474118297
Physiotherapist 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello, Could anyone recommend a good physiotherapist for back pain? Thank you
started by: Rita-6192 · last update: 1473695195 · posted: 1473695195
School Tutor 1 Families & Kids
started by: Instructor Nancy · last update: 1473676213 · posted: 1473675696
Bathroom renovation 1 Home & Garden
Hello everybody,
started by: Flavio-Ferri-868224 · last update: 1472851848 · posted: 1472501902
Architect in Luxembourg 0 Financial & Legal
Hi everyone, 
started by: rosa-aparici-868496 · last update: 1472740697 · posted: 1472740697
Fresh Coriander 1 Food & Drink
started by: Char2ie-887347 · last update: 1472564203 · posted: 1472564070
Delete account 1 AngloINFO Support
How can I delete my account??
started by: Cristina-García Berenguer-867763 · last update: 1472120536 · posted: 1472048369
Social Security for newly arrived unempl... 1 Financial & Legal
Hello,I am a non-EU mother of a Luxembourger child (whose nationality obtained from his deceased father)...
started by: Crimson-Rouge-866366 · last update: 1471866407 · posted: 1470564093
Luxembourgish Language - test 1 General
started by: MuhammadSalmanFarooqui · last update: 1471864538 · posted: 1468500144
Horse riding lessons in English 0 Sport & Leisure
I can recommend horse riding lessons in English at My Other Riding School in Capellen.  Lovely atmosph...
started by: Mallyan · last update: 1471428501 · posted: 1471428501
British Girlguiding in Luxembourg – sp... 0 Families & Kids
started by: Nicky-Whittall-864556 · last update: 1468485130 · posted: 1468485130
Citruspresser & juice/Vegetable centrifu... 0 General
Moulinex 2 in 1 citruspresser and vegetables presser, only used 1 time, still with warranty, selling for 20 euro...
started by: Bertrange · last update: 1468228823 · posted: 1468228823