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How can we help those homeless kids 0 General Started by: Freddie-Lyagoda-992970 · Updated: 1620050618 · Created: 1620050618
Please give your suggestion
Sole proprietorship - Pet Walker 0 Pets & Animals Started by: Pradeep-Narumi · Updated: 1619004678 · Created: 1619004678
Hi,I am a pet walker (sole proprietor) from Japan. I am seeking advice on how to transfer my business from Japan to Luxe
LOST DOG IN STRASSEN AREA 1 Pets & Animals Started by: Julia-Dz-991806 · Updated: 1618746535 · Created: 1618746380
Badminton courts and facilities to play 6 Sport & Leisure Started by: joshishant · Updated: 1618140140 · Created: 1392543671
Hello all, I have recently started working in Luxembourg and am a badminton enthusiast. I play moderate club level Badmi
Book Club / Meeting people 3 General Started by: ldeas · Updated: 1599664880 · Created: 1374225630
Hi I've just moved to Luxembourg from Edinburgh andI was wondering if any of you knew of a Book Club in Lux? Also, any r
advanced Modern Greek lessons 1 General Started by: RN13-5657 · Updated: 1599664802 · Created: 1287380164
Is there any place in Luxembourg offering tuition in Modern Greek at a relatively advanced level? Thanks.
Who can recomends a good hotel for families... 0 Families & Kids Started by: Auberge de l'Our-Vianden-968993 · Updated: 1598375503 · Created: 1598375416
Soon we will make a trip from Paris to Luxembourg, specifically to Vianden, we want to visit the castle, and they have r
looking for part time job. 0 Families & Kids Started by: friday · Updated: 1550962917 · Created: 1515696022
Dear all.If anyone need a baby sitting, cleaning and ironing then contact me. i speak english and french.i am looking fo
Looking for any type of work. 0 General Started by: sailendra · Updated: 1519282488 · Created: 1519282488
Hi,I am looking for any type of work. I am hard worker, always like to be busy and I am a quick learner. I am physically
How the healthy system works in Luxembourg,... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: ming-liu-921259 · Updated: 1517504094 · Created: 1517504094
Hi All, we just moved to Luxembourg, before we came, we have been stayed in Denmark for 4 years. I still do not know how
Rent a place pet-friendly 2 General Started by: Andreea-Chirilov-913888 · Updated: 1516386760 · Created: 1509978183
Hello friends, I have received a job offer for Luxembourg and I will be moving hopefully in December. I will be travelin
Classified 5 AngloINFO Support Started by: Vm2 · Updated: 1515696529 · Created: 1459279677
Hello,Since you change the look of your page it is impossible for me to click in any classified to see the pictures or r
Welcome for friendship 0 AngloINFO Support Started by: Yub Raj-Khadka-916377 · Updated: 1512401393 · Created: 1512401393
Hi everyone. Good day. I am searching new friends in Luxembourg. Feel free and easy to grow happiness and joy of friends
Practice speaking French 4 General Started by: tranhaiyen · Updated: 1511995149 · Created: 1452993730
Hello, I am studying French and I would like to practice. So if you want to meet some one to practice together, or if yo
Hello,Am giving my Beagle Litters for Adoption 4 Pets & Animals Started by: Tracy-Beaker-913455 · Updated: 1509980214 · Created: 1509530911
Am moving to U.S.A and am not able to take them along..Fantastic litter with outstanding pedigree - Dad and mum are both
Family Care - Aupair 0 Families & Kids Started by: shawno · Updated: 1509662450 · Created: 1509662450
My partner and I will be moving to Lux and we're debating on whether to bring her mother along to look after our daughte
English trainers in Luxemburg? 1 General Started by: Aurélie-BLOT-910430 · Updated: 1509661673 · Created: 1506438862
Hello !As a language training company, we are looking for english trainers !If you are native, qualified and motivated,
HARRY POTTER and the Philosopher's Stone™... 0 Sport & Leisure Started by: paola-manzoni-911191 · Updated: 1509087036 · Created: 1509087036
Hello, I have an extra ticket for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone™ - IN CONCERT on Saturaday 28th at the Rock
Transport the stuff 0 General Started by: LuxemB · Updated: 1506599725 · Created: 1506599725
I need to deliver 6-7 boxes of clothes and other stuff (shoes, household things, paintings, etc), different sizes, but u
Sports Clubs 2 Sport & Leisure Started by: Sarah CW · Updated: 1506247804 · Created: 1504549825
Are there any English speaking sports clubs, in particular rugby and swimming for teenagers to join?