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RIFF Festival 2018 0 Entertainment
RIFF is back with some exciting news! RIFF Festival 2018!!! is coming your way! Book your agendas: November 17
started by: riffteam · last update: 1535812380 · posted: 1535812380
Baby sitting 0 Families & Kids
Anahita.Je m’appelle anahita. j’ai 23 ans. J’adore les enfants. J’ai beaucoup d’expérience avec les enfa
started by: anahita22 · last update: 1535455674 · posted: 1535455674
Driving school in Schifflange 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hey Folks,There’s finally a driving school in the south of Luxembourg that offers theory lessons in english:AUTO-
started by: Bruno-Pinho-930361 · last update: 1534922158 · posted: 1534922158
RIFF World Village Vol.3 0 Entertainment
RIFF World Village Vol.329.06.2018@ RotondesThe time has come, RIFFos! Let's celebrate world cultures, food, sports
started by: riffteam · last update: 1528278341 · posted: 1528278341
RIFF World Village Vol.3 0 Entertainment
RIFF World Village Vol.329.06.2018 from 5pm@Rotondes The time has come, RIFFos! Let's celebrate world cultures
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RIFF World Village Vol.3 0 Entertainment
RIFF World Village Vol.329.06.2018from 17.00 @ RotondesThe time has come, RIFFos! Let's celebrate world cultures, f
started by: riffteam · last update: 1528276535 · posted: 1528276535
Bent u op zoek naar een legale en beveiligde... 0 Financial & Legal
Bent u op zoek naar een contante lening ?, Ons bedrijf werkt volgens duidelijke, flexibele, transparante en gemakke
started by: Rose-Anderson-925486 · last update: 1521529610 · posted: 1521529610
heb je een dringende lening nodig? 1 Financial & Legal
Bent u op zoek naar een snelle lening voor uw bedrijf of voor uw persoonlijke behoefte. Wilt u een auto kopen of mi
started by: Standard -Chartered-919975 · last update: 1521529509 · posted: 1516386851
Open an Company 0 General
Opening anOffice in Luxemburg CityI plan to move to Luxemburg City in May and like to know how I can setup anoffice
started by: Vincent-Steffanini-923966 · last update: 1520108781 · posted: 1520108781
Looking for any type of work. 0 General
Hi,I am looking for any type of work. I am hard worker, always like to be busy and I am a quick learner. I am physi
started by: sailendra · last update: 1519282488 · posted: 1519282488
How the healthy system works in Luxembourg,... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi All, we just moved to Luxembourg, before we came, we have been stayed in Denmark for 4 years. I still do not kno
started by: ming-liu-921259 · last update: 1517504094 · posted: 1517504094
Garden Fencing 0 Home & Garden
Hi we are in the middle of purchasing a house in Luxembourg relocating from GB . Its a new build so will have no fe
started by: Janet-Sawyers-921202 · last update: 1517478720 · posted: 1517478720
Dog sitting / walking needed 10 Pets & Animals
Hi, I just moved to Luxembourg and I will also bring my dog soon. She's a 2.5 years old Beagle female. She is a hap
started by: LauraZ-990991 · last update: 1516444223 · posted: 1420933327
Rent a place pet-friendly 2 General
Hello friends,   I have received a job offer for Luxembourg and I will be moving hopefully in December. I
started by: Andreea-Chirilov-913888 · last update: 1516386760 · posted: 1509978183
Classified 5 AngloINFO Support
Hello,Since you change the look of your page it is impossible for me to click in any classified to see the pictures
started by: Vm2 · last update: 1515696529 · posted: 1459279677
Welcome for friendship 0 AngloINFO Support
Hi everyone. Good day. I am searching new friends in Luxembourg. Feel free and easy to grow happiness and joy of fr
started by: Yub Raj-Khadka-916377 · last update: 1512401393 · posted: 1512401393
Practice speaking French 4 General
Hello, I am studying French and I would like to practice. So if you want to meet some one to practice together, or
started by: tranhaiyen · last update: 1511995149 · posted: 1452993730
Hello,Am giving my Beagle Litters for Adoption 4 Pets & Animals
Am moving to U.S.A and am not able to take them along..Fantastic litter with outstanding pedigree - Dad and mum are
started by: Tracy-Beaker-913455 · last update: 1509980214 · posted: 1509530911
Family Care - Aupair 0 Families & Kids
My partner and I will be moving to Lux and we're debating on whether to bring her mother along to look after our da
started by: shawno · last update: 1509662450 · posted: 1509662450
Luxembourg Internet service providers (ISP)... 3 General
There are couple of topics with bits of info on internet connections at home but I thought I will share the results
started by: Eri-Polm-892922 · last update: 1509662062 · posted: 1490045905