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Hello,Since you change the look of your page it is impossible for me to click in any classified to see the pictures or replay to the add.I normally check the adds from my Ipad.Do you know why is not working now? Thanks

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Hi everyone. Good day. I am searching new friends in Luxembourg. Feel free and easy to grow happiness and joy of friendship.

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I've been trying to post a classified for two days now. The system shows no error message, every box is green, yet when I click on Continue button at the bottom does nothing. It says it is validating the captcha, then that it is submitting, then it goes back to Continue button. No error message, it just does not post.

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The directory for used and antique furniture is missing one of the best stores and there is no way to contact Anglinfo to tell them. The store is: http://www.okkasiounsbuttik.lu/

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There is a publicly funded International school in Differdange. I am surprised to see that it is missing form the Angloinfo directory. http://portal.education.lu/eid/

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How can I delete my account??

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This area is for resolving any technical issues you may have with the operation of AngloINFO.-----Classifieds & Discussions Administration

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zdravomože you please explain to me how l can make my ad for a job.Hvala

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