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Hello All,Does any one knows any private individual/ garage who can fix a dent on my car. Please contact with me.ThanksSalman

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Hi there, I have a question regarding a speeding ticket. Recently my car was flashed doing around 110 kph where 70 is allowed. Does anyone know what will be the consequences if the actual measured speed is above 108 kph (50% of allowed speed + 3kph correction)? I understand from various sites, that the court will decide on the matter in this case.Most importantly: Can the police take my license or restrict me from driving in Luxembourg though a flash from a speed camera? I am pretty sure they will put some points (4?) on my license. I am a non-resident with a dutch driving license and I never had a traffic offence in the 3 years that I work in Luxembourg.thanks in advance for your answers,J

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I would like to buy a van and install some solar panels on the roof and a bed and a tv inside, maybe some insulation.Is there any way to do that legally in Luxembourg?

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anyone driving from the UK to Luxembourg this month with space for 1 or 2 suitcases or a keyboard? Student stuff from Cambridge. pls call 661-486316.

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Eur 160 per month

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Hi   Does anyone have any experience of the above? I have a Nissan 350z Fairlady that was last registered in Guernsey in the Channel Islands. I have cleared customs and need to visit SNCT. I see I need a COC or similar which I don't have, but I have all other paperwork .   Any tips?   Best regards   Richard 

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I'm planning to import a RHD car from the UK to Luxembourg. What should I adjust for the local technical control (MOT)? Lights, else? Any experience? Are they inspecting in more detail if if it's a RHD? And what about insurance? Is there a difference if it's a RHD?

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Hi all,  I'm going to have a practical exam next week, I have my licence (not Luxembourg) for 15 years but snca ask me take exam before give me luxembourg licence. I have my driving classes already but.....my teacher.......he is too aggressive, once I make mistake he scold me very strong, and make me very nervous and cannot drive good. I have discuss with my husband, he suggest me change another teacher........ but myself not really want because 1. The exam is,next week, I just yelled to him 2-3 hrs more. 2. I'm worry the next teacher the same. 3. The point he scold me is right, but his tone and attitude make me very frustrated.......    FRANKLY now I'm not so confident I Can passed the exam (but I still drive everyday with my car and international licence).   Please give me some advice.

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Hi all! I just relocated to Switzerland from Luxembourg and for some time I wanted to keep my luxembourg plate as the car is quite old and it does not make sense to put a Swiss one. Swiss government allows me to keep the plate for 2 years but when it comes to Luxembourg as I do not have anymore the residency here the did not send me la vignette for the "tax sur le vehicules autoroutiers" and I cannot do the control technique here. Does anybody has some piece of advice? would you advice me to stay without control techique and the tax sur le vehicules autoroutiers? Anyway I am not living in Luxembourg... Thanks a lot in advance! Michele

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For the first time ever since coming to live here I have had my first experience of being terrifed  by another driver, I was tailgated for several miles and unable to get my phone to call for help they would not overtake and kept pushing me to go faster, finally I saw a petrol station - at which point the car that had been following me sped off.  I don't think I have ever been so scared in my life.  Has anyone else experienced this?  It is the last time I take a country road back from anywhere.

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hi, Does anyone know any workshop here in luxembourg where they can change manual transmission of a car to automatic? Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Any suggestions where to wash my car, mainly interior? I want to polish the dashboard and the plastic parts and then clean the seats. I'd be also interested for a bio cleaning of the seats if it's not very expensive. For exterior, I've heard good opinions for Auto Center Goedert, in Hollericj.http://www.autocentergoedert.lu/metiers_carwash.php Thanks!

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I would like to need some information. I would like to export my  own car  from Luxembourg. Has somebody some information about this ? What kind of documents need ? Where can I arrange it ? (Sandweiler ? ) Thanks in advance for your replies !  

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I'm booked to travel tomorrow. Has anyone come through today? What's the situation?

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So the revenue from fuel sales in Luxembourg dropped significantly between the first half of 2015 and the same period last year, What did they expect?  prices throughout Europe have dropped and anyway, has anyone stopped at the motorway services for fuel and fags lately?  The staff all need a damn good training course in customer service - it s diabolical.  Much rather go to the local supermarket if I was a person passing through and livng in Belgium I do frequently.

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Hi Anyone returning to the UK with an empty car trailer and who could pick up a small car near Strasburg around the end of the month? If so, please PM me.. Thanks

started by: Julian-875636 · last update: 1427754174 · posted: 1427729609

Hi Could anyone recommend a car transporter that could pick up / deliver a small, classic car from Forbach (57600) to near Reading? Perhaps a private person might be returning to the UK with an empty car trailer / dolly? I live in the UK and just bought a nice old Lancia which needs to be restored. The car is small, weighs 1070 kgs and is drivable. Any tips most welcomed and greatly appreciated!.

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Hi does anyone know if it is possible to check a car registered in Luxembourg online from its number plate or chassis number? I am thinking of buying a car registered in Luxembourg, but would like to check it out, when the MOT is due, insurance history etc.   Thanks in advance

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Hello all,   I'm transfer my Hong Kong licence to Luxembourg one, finally the snca asked me to take the practical exam again.   It's very strange but I must do it, have anyone has same experience, How many hours I must take again? ( but I'm already have licence 17 years!)   I know I must go to auto l'ecole, anyone Can recommend a good one to me I don't need to waste my time I need to drive my daughter to school. Thanks

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It's that time of year and since we've driven here from a city whee it never snows, we now have to buy snow tyres. We were wondering where is the cheapest country to get them, Lux, France, Belgium or Germany? If you know which country is cheaper or have a specific place that has great deals, please let me know. Thanks.

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