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Hi all! I just relocated to Switzerland from Luxembourg and for some time I wanted to keep my luxembourg plate as the car is quite old and it does not make sense to put a Swiss one. Swiss government allows me to keep the plate for 2 years but when it comes to Luxembourg as I do not have anymore the residency here the did not send me la vignette for the "tax sur le vehicules autoroutiers" and I cannot do the control technique here. Does anybody has some piece of advice? would you advice me to stay without control techique and the tax sur le vehicules autoroutiers? Anyway I am not living in Luxembourg... Thanks a lot in advance! Michele


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The Lux authorities will certainly notice that you have not renewed your vignette and CT. They may eventually attempt to issue a fine at the vehicles registered address. You can just inform snca that the vehicle has been exported but then they may expect you to return the yellow/grey cards.

Your insurance may be more of an issue if the vehicle is still insured in Luxembourg at an address where you no longer live. In case of a claim, they may use that as a reason to declare the insurance invalid.

Secondly, since you're not legally allowed to drive a vehicle without a valid CT certificate, the insurance may be invalid without it. That said, no insurer has ever asked me for the CT certificate but I don't know if they can otherwise see the snct database.

If you can obtain Swiss insurance for the car, then you're probably in the clear for a while.

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Thanks very much Lux Interior.

I was not thinking about the fact that the car insurance may not be valid without control technique. So far even though I was communicating that I was living in a different country they did not make me any kind of problem.

On the other hand the car is actually not imported into Switzerland as I have a 2 years permit to stay there with Luxembourgish plate. As definitely it would not be worth to import the car there as it is expensive even though it is an old car and for some time I cannot allow myself to buy a new one...



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Hi Michele 


Definiteley go and change plates to CH as soon as possible. Import of your own car in case of official relocation will not cost you much. 

Out of Luxembourg no one will ask you for road tax paper but here in Lux you will have overdue amount to pay, they will probably chase you and at some point it may end up not worth of your eventual savings that you are planning to do on not paying this. 

Driving with no CT will end up wth trouble at first police control in CH.

Insurance - well, they say now "no problem" but when situation will come they can change their mind and believe they will not be the part that loose - it will be you. 


If you insist on keeping LU plates for 2 years then plan a visit once a year in Luxembourg, pay your road tax, insurance and do CT at Sandweiler - this is the only legal and "trouble free in case of" way.

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