Road Rage

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For the first time ever since coming to live here I have had my first experience of being terrifed  by another driver, I was tailgated for several miles and unable to get my phone to call for help they would not overtake and kept pushing me to go faster, finally I saw a petrol station - at which point the car that had been following me sped off.  I don't think I have ever been so scared in my life.  Has anyone else experienced this?  It is the last time I take a country road back from anywhere.


j-y 1438732282

It's the first time I'm hearing about road rage in Lux. But it's an interesting subject. Have you noticed if it was a Lux reg plate? (which doesn't mean it was a Lux driver)

I always considered Lux drivers are very courteous. So I'm surprised.

If other people have a similar experience, we'll publish a page on AngloINFO on Luxembourg driving habits.


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Think the worst nationalities are the Swiss and the Belgiums, Swiss drive like lunatics outside their own country and the Belgiums just think they own the road.  

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Tailgaters are everywhere in Lux. Both my husband and I always leave a normal gap (like in the UK). However, almost all drivers here they don't have any sense of distance watsoever. We got out of the car several times (Cents, Merl and Sandweiler areas) to warn the drivers who tailgated us. We got really scared several times too and we had to stop or to deviate. We also decided not to drive anywhere but to work and to take public transports if we want to venture out of the city. 

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