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It's that time of year and since we've driven here from a city whee it never snows, we now have to buy snow tyres. We were wondering where is the cheapest country to get them, Lux, France, Belgium or Germany? If you know which country is cheaper or have a specific place that has great deals, please let me know. Thanks.

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Hi I move to Luxembourg for work in 6 weeks. I currently own a UK car, and lease another. As part of our move, we're considering our car options and have a plethora of questions I'd appreciate people's views on 1. Whats the rules around bringing a UK car A) Are you only allowed 6 months and how is this policed.... B) What modificiations do you really have to do whilst your in your first 'british' 6 months as a visitor without it being registered C) Is a Mazda 6, 61 plate likely to fly through the inspection should we choose to import this? D) Do you know any garages that would take a RH UK trade in against a LH local car?   3. How does lease car tax for company cars work vs just taking the cash....

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Hello, We are buying a new car and need to find a good insurance deal.  Any recommendations?  Also, should we go for fully comprehensive or do you think thrid party, fire, theft is enough (the car will be parked in an indoor garage) Thanks for any advice! Caroline

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Hello,  Currently i am selling my Car audio player SONY CDX-R6550, has very good conditions. Price 50EUR Who is interested, please contact me via email giedrik @ yahoo.com  

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Hi All,   Can anyone recommend a decent, not overly expensive car mechanic, I need to have a service done on my car and would like to take it to someone who speaks english.   Any advice welcome...

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Hi,   I ahve my summer tyres and I don't need them anymore. Not sure where I should throw/resycle them.   Any ideas?

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Greetings, I will be relocating from USA to LU for work in a few weeks. I have Toyota Prius that was bought a few months ago. My understanding is that if a car is imported as a part of relocation, then neither import tax nor VAT are applied. Per info stated on http://luxembourg.angloinfo.com/information/transport/vehicle-ownership/customs-clearance/, customs clearance and technical check require quite some foot work. Has anyone ever imported a car from the USA? I am pondering my options as well as trying to find a local company that would be able to help with import and paperwork.  Thank you in advance! Max

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Can anyone recommend a garage near Luxembourg ville that services cars for a reasonable price?

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On Friday i had ocasion to visit Brussels on business and thought that we would drive up and on the way back spend the weekend in Luxembourg - what a mistake that was.  First was the drive into the City - we got stopped by the police who said that we had been speeding (positive I had not been but could not argue and issued us with an 'on the spot fine;.   Then we get to the hotel to be greeted by the most miserable receptionist I have ever come across,  the room when we ventually got to it had not been cleaned and looked like the bed had been made up rather than changed from the previous occupant.  We asked for the room to be changed and got told they were full which I doubt was true, so said that we would go out for dinner and that would give them time to sort it out - this was a well know hotel and not some cheap hotel by the way.  We asked for a restaurant recommendation and got no response.  The restaurant we picked seemed OK until we got the bill and noticed an extra bottle of wine on the bill which we queried, the attitude changed and had an almost stand up argument with the waiter over it.  On our return to the hotel, the room was in the same state and by now the night porter was on duty and no housekeeping staff so we had to ask hime to get clean sheets and towels and make the bed up ourselves.  Next morning having rdered, from the night porter breakfast in our room - nothing turned up so we called and were told that we would have to go down to the dining room if we wanted breakfast - at which this point my wife had had enough and wanted to leave so I went down to reception to complain and tell them that we were leaving, only to be told that we would be charged for both nights - no apology, no nothing.  We left anyway and drove home and shall not bother exploring Luxembourg or plan to stop there again - shame as it obviously from what we saw of it is a lovely city, just shame about the Luxembourg people who we had to deal with!

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Hi - Does anyone know of a membership for Roadside Assistance (similar to AAA in the US?)   Thank you.

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Hi All I've just mopved to Lux and would like to know if it is legal to drive a moped on a standard English drivers license. I've never done any specialist motorbike/moped training but have a full UK car drivers license. Does anyone know if this is possible? James

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Hi there, I have a questions related to driving a scooter/Vespa in Lux... I have heard that it is LEGAL to drive a Vespa/Scooter WITHOUT a motorcycle license in Luxembourg IF you have a (car) driver's license AND the scooter is LESS THAN 50 cc.  Can anyone confirm this? I have looked on the mInistry of Transport website and their different classes in the Lux driver's licenses does not offer a solution. My husband wants to buy a scooter but can't do the motorcycle test in french. He is in his 50s. K

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It looks like I need a new clutch on my car (10 year old Ford). Can anyone recommend me a reliable and not too expensive garage in Luxembour, preferably with English speaking personel? Accross the border close to Luxembourg is fine too...

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Hi,  Moving to lux in 6 weeks for work - need to sort out car. Anyone an expert on the value of taking a company car against buying and running it on your own.  In the UK, the tax is based on teh P11d (value) and the emissions to determine teh taxable benefit. This is then simply taxed as income - how does it work in LUX? Cheers

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Hi, moving to Lux in 6 weeks from UK for work. Car prices seem pretty high compared to the UK. I am benchmarking on a VW TIguan for now to test prices but a 61 plate 50,000 km, 2.0 TDi seems to come up about 24k Euros.... In the UK, this benchmarks about 15k. Whilst I appreciate there are currency differences, the price seems much higher. Any views on what people have done moving from UK to Lux ?  What are your views in terms of pricing & most efficient way to get a decent family sized car for less than 15k Eur

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Yesterday I had a problem with my car and took it into the only dealer here in Luxembourg to get it checked over.  The attitude towards me and my car was awful, I felt like crying,  My car is 10 years old and has always been looked after by the local dealer back in the UK where I bought it from, has low mileage and has always been maintained.  to be honest I was treated like a pauper because of its age and the snotty nosed person who dealt with me was so obnoxious I left.  I am now going to take it to the dealer in Metz who, when I phoned was so nice about it all.  I have noticed the atitude over here in other places too towards ex-pats and wondered if I was the only one to experience this? 

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Hello, My partner is an English speaking car/ bus/ truck mechanic who will be moving to Luxembourg soon. Does anyone have any advice or info on where to look for such employment? Or do you kow of any English garages he might be able to approach about work?  Any info will be greatly appreicated! Thank you!

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Opel car key found yesterday in between the European school and the University of Lux, on the passageway going towards the Coque.  The key is attached to a metal angel key ring.  I think it's been there for a few days since the key ring has started to rust and it's difficult to open the key. Many thanks ! Mary        

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Hi everyboy, I am interested in buying a car in Luxembourg and trying to figure out what are the best ways to do it. They say that German prices are the best and buying a car there (dealer or private) is safe and easy procedure or Luxembourg prices are also competitive? I will arrive in Luxembourg in January with my family so any information about it would be nice. Thanks in advance Andrey

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Hi there I purchased a brand new car back in March this year and paid VAT as expected. I'm now relocating overseas and will sell the car in the 2nd hand market.  I noticed some dealers mention "VAT Recoverable" on their adds. Does anyone know how to recover the VAT paid if you sell a car less than 1 year old? Thanks! Martin    

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