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I'm interested to join a tandem club in Luxembourg or around Luxembourg and practise. Do you know by any chance if is such a club already exist in Luxembourg?

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Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows (or is) a mobile mechanic who could do something as straightforward as change a car battery. Or even someone with a decent toolbox and a bit of know-how. I thought this was me. It may still be, but at the moment is unlikely. The car is a vw beetle, which is stuck under the appartment in the garage in bonnevoie, and is going nowhere unless I either (a) get very good at bizarre engine layout manipulation, or (b) someone helps me out. Any advice would be much appreciated. Matt matt.gambrill@gmail.com

started by: karmaK-7593 · last update: 1331210220 · posted: 1331138689

Hi I'm coming to the city by car for a weekend visit and I'm not sure what to do about parking. Can you park a car at the P&R overnight? Are they open 24/7 or do they close at a certain time and you have to have your car out? I can't find this info anywhere and when I called the tourist office they said call the buses and the buses said call the city and the city doesn't speak enlglish, so.... I'm really hoping one of the fvery helpful-looking people here can suggest something. many thanaks

started by: gm-7562 · last update: 1330637457 · posted: 1330637457

Hi, could anyone advise what the regulations are regarding parking mopeds? I know there are several dedicated bays for free parking in Lux city centre but outside the centre I have found nothing. Is it ok to leave the moped on the sidewalk (as long as it is not disturbing pedestrians)? Thanks!

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I have bought a caravan (registered) in the Netherlands and I would like to bring it to Luxembourg and put a registration on it. Meaning I have to apply for a vehicle registration document (Carte Grise?) and probably to take it to SNCT to complete a technical inspection before I can stick a number plate on it.I'm getting pretty desperate by now, because my regular garage / car dealer is not able to take care of this. Is there someone who can help me or even better, take care of this process? If so, please drop me a line and let me know what it will cost me in terms of money and time.The caravan is still located in the Netherlands, but can be brought to Luxembourg as soon as needed.Thanks a lot!Alex

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I have to move some furniture over a small distance. Does anybody know what firm offers the most competitive prices for renting a small van? Thanks for the info.

started by: SweetyCri · last update: 1319725545 · posted: 1319655065

Hi everybody, We are moving from USA to Luxembourg, and we were thinking to bring our car with us. Does anybody know how to register a used car in Luxembourg and how much it does cost? Thanks.

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Does anyone know if anyone offers classes in bicycle repair/maintenance? Language doesn't matter . . . I would muddle through.

started by: Ann-5798 · last update: 1315381017 · posted: 1315381017

Since I'm here, I realised there are much less bikes in town than in other cities or capital cities such as London, Paris or Rome. Are there any particular reason? It's convenient especially at peak time. Are there restrictions?

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Hi, would someone know how much I can expect to pay for a taxi from city centre (bd de Petrusse) to Findel airport on a Sunday? Probably a fortune :-( Or any alternative to get there by bus on a Sunday early morning (flight to Munich @ 7.15 am)?

started by: mcasals · last update: 1312132841 · posted: 1312132841

Hi all, I would like to buy a second hand mountain bike. My phone number is 691912495 Thanks.

started by: Belgo · last update: 1308665225 · posted: 1308665225

I think I was a caught by a speed camera in Esch.I'm driving a lease car. Is the ticket going to be sent to the bank or to me? The bank is on the carte grise, but I'm the insurance policy (carte verte) holder.

started by: Tom&Mel · last update: 1296923985 · posted: 1296923985

We are planning to buy a second hand caravan to tour Europe this summer. It just came to our mind that we don't have a space to park it - not easy in Limpersberg, is it? Does anyone know if there is such a place where we can park it for a few months or when unused?Thanks.

started by: milako · last update: 1293639450 · posted: 1292429085

I'm looking for a second-hand ski rack to fit a Peugeot 207. Anyone got one for sale?

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Would someone know how long it takes to transfer a US driving licence into a Luxembourg one? Approximately.

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Looks like I wasn't the only one to go and get winter tyres this morning. Any idea where I could go.

started by: Davor-5151 · last update: 1288538699 · posted: 1287792328

Is there an oldtimer or vintage car club in Luxembourg?

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WE are 2 retirees considering relocating to Luxembourg. Our point of departure could be the port of Venice whence one could arrive in Lxmbg with 3 train changes via Switzerland which, in normal circumsances, woud be fine. However, owing to an unexpected health problem, it might not be feasible to undertake such a train journey. We would instead need to be driven all the way whch I imagine would cost a fortune. An alternativ point of arrival might be Marseilles but again the same problem would apply. Any sggestions as to how to solve this one at a non-silly cost would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Just a reminder that Tunnel Howald will be closed in both directions this weekend from 20:00 on Friday 10 September till 06:00 on Monday 13 September. The tunnel renovation is still expected to be completed by early November.

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Anybody got any idea where I could leave my car for some 3 weeks in Luxembourg if I have to take a flight from here?(I drive in from Trier.) There is only one hotel that I could find which offers the service but the rates are even higher than leaving the car at the airport long term... Would the Park and Ride be an option?

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